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Found 4 results

  1. For a start I think gurdwara's will be empty for a while and weddings may have to be called off. Funerals will however will have to go on.
  2. Guest

    Home Quarantine Playlist

    While we r stuck at our homes and trying to perfect the art of social distancing.....and everyone is going around sharing song or movie or web series playllist ................ heres a kirtan playlist for all us Sikhs. Feel free to add ur own favorite renderations of kirtan/katha/bani/paath by posting them on this thread.....here are some of my favourites: Here Aarti - Aarta from syf camp 2017. aarti - aarta is one of my favourite bani/paath thisis a very beautiful video .....also there is a thal with jot and agarbatti but i myself dont endorse that kind of aarti with jot , dhup,agarbatti,etc but this video is beautiful regardless This one is Asa Di Vaar by Bhai Rajan Singh ji and it is such a soulful and beautiful renderation of Asa Di Vaar.i just love it. this is bhai gurpreet singh ji shimlawaales read along gurbani video....he has a really soothing voice.he has even done other paaths heres the whole playlist of gurbani and paath read along by bhai gurpreet singh ji.....this is a must listen to playlist cos his voice is just amaazing. dukh bhanjni sahib by the same guy (this is in the playlist but i also posted individually) this is asa di vaar by chardikala jatha.the chardikala jatha also do pretty good kirtan. this is Asa di Vaar katha by Bhai Harman Singh ji Basics of Sikhi this is a great series of kathas .this again is a must watch. Another beautiful Chardikala Jatha kirtan video. this is a raag kirtan playlist from Soorma Singhs ( @TheSoormaSingh) channel he just made the playlist and it has some great selections of raag kirtan (disclaimer :he hasnt sung the kirtaan in the playlist) Thats all for this post ,anyways post ur selections of bani/paaths/kathas for the bashing of boredom during home quarantine on this thread.It will be much appreciated. And yes i do sometimes create meaningful thread .... Surprised,eh? Thanks. Fateh
  3. Guest

    Corona - Corona

    Just watch this extremely desi,hilarious ,corona and panic shopping/panic buying related video. Also do check out his channel , he does very funny,relatable videos with a lot of desi stuff in them
  4. https://www.ccn.com/dow-futures-crash-520-points-as-china-makes-shocking-coronavirus-confession/ Chinese President Xi Jinping makes a shocking admission that his country failed to contain the coronavirus outbreak. The confession is a clear sign that the Communist Party can no longer control the narrative around the infectious disease. | Image: Liu Bin/Xinhua via AP, File The Dow suffered a devastating crash amid an indiscriminate sell-off in the U.S. stock market. Xi Jinping wobbled stocks after admitting China made mistakes as the coronavirus spreads rapidly in Italy, South Korea, and the Middle East. Further problems for the Dow Jones emerged after Bernie Sanders comfortably won the Democratic primary in Nevada. The Dow crashed as much as 1,000 points on Monday as the spread of coronavirus in Italy and South Korea heightened concerns about a global pandemic. Adding to the worries, a surprising admission of guilt from Chinese premier Xi Jinping suggested the coronavirus is far from being under control in China. Xi Jinping Confirms Coronavirus Not Under Control All three major U.S. equity indexes dove sharply when exchanges opened on Monday and only managed to mount paltry recoveries from their session lows. The Dow slid 2.76% after crashing more than 1,000 points at its lows. As of 3:11 pm ET, the DJIA had endured a cumulative loss of 799.22 points to settle at 28,193.19. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) crashed as much as 1,000 points on Monday. The index was down around 800 points roughly 45 minutes before the closing bell. | Source: Yahoo Finance The S&P 500 lurched 2.78% lower to 3,244.96, while the Nasdaq’s 3.14% nosedive battered the tech-heavy index all the way down to 9,276.35 In the commodity sector, the price of gold surged to fresh multi-year highs above $1,680 – though it later retraced to $1,655. WTI crude oil plummeted with the stock market, down 3.4% at $51.56. Dow bulls may finally be forced to accept the economic reality of the coronavirus outbreak, as Chinese Premier Xi Jinping made an (exceptionally rare) admission that the virus has exposed several shortcomings in his government. Advertisement
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