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Found 25 results

  1. WJKK WJKF I have a question. Is it only till recent maryada that Peshi has been introduced? (Where you commit one of the 4 kurehits and you have to retake amrit)? Has it been written in any rehatnama or has it been written down historically in any book? WJKK WJKF
  2. Guest


    I was given tankah by panj piare , but i was not able to complete it due to my foolishness . what should i do now .plz suggest
  3. I took amrit as a kid and trimmed my hair due because I was stupid. Now im older and want to go to pesh but im scared of what the punj payare will say.
  4. Guest

    REALLY SCARED to go pesh

    I committed a bujjar kurheit. I took Amrit when I was young (no excuse) and had oral sex before marriage. I read a post just now on Akj Peshi and how there have been instances where you have to admit it to the Sangat. Considering I’m going to an amrit sanchar and singhs doing seva will be akj I’m so scared to go to them and admit my mistake. I will deffo go but I’m so scared I can’t even tell you up to the point I’m shaking whenever I think about it. How can I present my self to the Panj Singhs? And how can I explain my mistake?
  5. I have heard that at AKJ Amrit Sanchaars if someone goes for pesh they blacken their face and take them in front of Sangat and make them confess their sin. Is this true? Never of heard of anyone else doing this, so is it an AKJ thing? Or just some bs?
  6. the first time I took Amrit, I was 5 years old. After plenty of mistakes and growing I had taken it again at the age of 12 from pressure (not all of it was bad but some auntiyan were really urging me to just do it even though my family was warning me of all my responsibilities) and just pure desire to want it. It was at a camp and they really motivate you well. I kept it up for a while and ended up doing many wrongful things afterwards. I’ve plucked my eyebrows because I started getting insecure and ashamed, and just some of my facial hair in general after I got judgemental comments even from my own mother who is Amritdhari, I’ve removed a small amount from legs a couple times where my leg was exposed, once even because I childishly wanted to see what a razor feels like (not sure if this was before or after I took it again). But I’ve had my fair share of mess ups. I kissed a boy and once he took Amrit we never did again and are on a better path now where we don’t even see each other in real life. I feel like I have to confess to that and I’m not sure how. The worst one for me is confession removing pubic hair a few times for comfort purposes especially during period a few times. I just can’t find any way to do that so simply. I know I have to confess everything I can remember because if I don’t then I will be punished after I leave this world so I might as confess now and take the tankha especially because I do very much feel guilty for it all. I don’t know what I was thinking. But I’m terrified of how to say all this. Like wording-wise and just bringing it up in general.
  7. Guest

    Knee injury pulling hair

    I feel and scraped the skin of my leg with the kesh being scraped aswell with full bleeding with the skin being scrapped, after when applying band and etc and doing first aid I felt many many kesh around my leg where the wound is getting scraped etc, will I have to pesh etc the first aid guy put tape over to make sure the band aid doesn't come of, but when I slowly tried pulling of the first aid tape I most likely accidentally broke kesh.
  8. I was sitting with folded legs, I strained my hamstring and it pulled a kesh it really hurted, I then did it with the other legs and as soon as I felt pain that kesh is being pulled I stopped straining, with out even touching my kesh broke and do I have to pesh?
  9. Guest


    I unkownly flicked the khanga to my other hand like threw it across, but then I did it again purposly thinking that is it considered a kakar coming off in the time the khanga reaches my other hand, after doing so I felt great regret and did japji sahib path and ardass, do I have to pesh because it kind of seems like I purposly flicked the khanha to my other hand.
  10. Guest

    Beard oil

    I was using beard oil, apparently the one that I was using was a buccaneer scent which is infused from bay rum which is somehow added with rum, I'm unsure whether it is just a scent or does it actually have rum in it? Do I need to pesh ive been using it if it doesn't end up have rum in it l?
  11. Guest

    Watch pulling hair

    I recently got a watch which is a leather fabric one, but when ever I wear the watch I get that feeling that my kesh are getting oulled from my wrist knowinh that my kesh get pulled when I wear the watch, will I have to pesh for wearing the watch and for future reference should I ever wear a watch?
  12. Guest


    I recently got new watches as gifts and I always have that thing in my mind that my kesh should not be damaged or broken, but when I wear the watch at once I tried tieing it tight so that the watch doesn't move around and pull hair, but I saw broken kesh would I have to pesh for this? and when I wear i watch i always feel like my kesh are getting pulled?
  13. Guest

    Beadbi of kesh at school

    We were playing handball and school and this boy after I got him out he I assumed pulled my beard, im a over thinker and felt very bad, would I have to pesh?
  14. Guest

    Done beadbi of dead hair

    Sangat ji I have don't beadbi of my dead hair, so I grabbed a kesh from the dead hair pile box and I was testing how strong a kesh can be until it breaks in half, is this a kureit as I am very self conscious about this, after hair broke in half as I was just seeing how strong the hair can be I put it back in the dead hair pile.
  15. Guest


    My pyjama was inside out and I was day dreaming almost whole I put the pyjama on my arm and when I was pinching the pyjama to straighten it I felt a hair getting pulled, I've down path and ardass.
  16. VJKK VJKF, Sangat ji, I have a question. I won't lie, I'm quite scared of the answer. I had a dream and I don't believe what happened in my dream was a coincidence. I think God is giving me a sign. Does God give signs? Anyway, so I had a dream or was it a nightmare, I'm not sure what it was but it freaked me out, like big time. In my dream/nightmare I went for peshi. But the messed up part is when I went for peshi in my dream/nightmare, I was there because I had lied when I last when peshi (in my dream/nightmare). My questions are as follows: What does Sikhism say about dreams/nightmares? Are our Gods angry at me for lying at peshi in my peshi dream/nightmare? Do I have to go peshi in real life? Is it a sign from one of our 10 Gods? How will I explain at peshi in real ife that I am pesh there because I had a peshi dream/nightmare in which I was pesh for lying at my previous peshi which was also a (peshi) dream sequence? When and where is the next peshi? Please help me Sangat Ji.
  17. Guest


    I was putting saban (soap) with saban di tiki, when I was rubbing the soap on my chest, the hair got stuck between the soap (saban di tiki) and my hand in which I have pulled hair accidentally.
  18. Guest

    Khanga arm

    While I was sleeping I was holding a big kanga in my hand and I was trying to move around to find a comfortable positions , but while I was moving I accidentally put the khanga up against my Kara (bent wrist, same hand) and while I was trying to move around the kangha pressed hard against the Kara and I felt some hair breaking I felt very bad about this happening, will this require peshi or am I fine, I am 100% confident that I didn't have any intention but I still feel bad about myself.
  19. Guest


    I know this maybe really weird, but I was taking of my kurta and my Kara/sleeve got stuck because I didn't open the button, I pulled very hard to get the kurta of my arm/hand and I think I may have broken some hair. This sounds stupid but then again as a sikh you are not allowed to kill hair.
  20. Guest


    I had done kuret by pulling and cutting my hair hair. I went for peshi and told the 5 Pyare that I had pulled my hair and forge/didn't mention that I cut my hair, but I was blessed with Amrit again, but now I feel like that I didn't mention that I cut and pulled my hair, but only said that I pulled my hair. Should I go for peshi or just do Ardass and Japji sahib ji path?
  21. Guest

    Rehat maryada

    I am a amrithari 21 yr old sikh girl.I have taken amrit 6 years ago.Initially i was upto my sikh rehat doing path ,simran and all that.But when i came to college gradually i stopped doing nitnem and found myself surrounded by manmukh people.As I am amrithari so i need to keep my facial hair.But one day my friend teased me for my upper lip hair i felt very offended that i end up removing them.So i did beadbi of my rom.I know I have commited a sin and i really wants to make things right.Do I need to have peshi in front of panj pyare? Will Guru Sahib forgive me?
  22. Guest


    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh i had a question to the sangat, I got a cut on my arm and put a bandage on it, but yesterday when I was removing it some kesh came out because of the bandage. Do I need peshi? Any replys would be appreciated thanks waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  23. Guest


  24. Guest


    When you get peshi at 5 singhs. Do you tell them that u did peshi previously as well or u just tell them the kurehat and ask for maafi
  25. WJKK WJKF Sangat ji, yesterday I was bleeding from my upper thigh and band-aid would not stick on the wound. So, I took a paper towel and used it as a gauze, and taped it in place around my thigh. Later on during the night when I tried to remove it. Some of my hair came off due to the tape. Do I need to get pesh in front of the panj pyare? Or asking maharaj for forgiveness because i didn't see any other option at the time is enough? All responses are much appreciated.
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