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  1. Satbachan, I don’t need to go pesh I just heard singhs mentioning this at the gurdwara yesterday, wanted to clear my doubts
  2. I have heard that at AKJ Amrit Sanchaars if someone goes for pesh they blacken their face and take them in front of Sangat and make them confess their sin. Is this true? Never of heard of anyone else doing this, so is it an AKJ thing? Or just some bs?
  3. Start off by listening to japji sahib, go on YouTube and search japji sahib by Bhai Jarnail Singh that’s the shud uchaaran, DON’T JUST LISTEN TO IT, the video has the gurmukhi on the screen and go through each word with Bhai sahib. Look at the screen to remain alert and if you want to at another time read the English translation which is under the gurmukhi script on the same video. But when you want to listen to paath, go through each word with Bhai sahib on the video. The optimum and most beneficial time to receive the most fruits from bani is at amritvela 2am to 6am. Start off by getting up a little later such as 5, have a shower and listen to paath, after listen or recite the Ardas, and pray to maharaj from your heart to bless you with the ability to wake up amritvela again. GO AND LEARN SANTHIYA at a gurdwara. Don’t learn Punjabi at a school or something, learn Gurmukhi santhiya from a gurdwara, are you from the uk? I can send you Gurdwaras where Damdami taksal teach santhiya. When you feel depressed listen to chaupai sahib, this is a very powerful bani, and it’s only 5-7 mins long. Listen to the bani and remember the words, you’ll soon remember them however you must pay attention to the paath and look at the shabads on screen. Whenever depressed, lonely, low on sikhi or in times of happiness recite this beautiful bani. I would suggest to listen to japji sahib and chaupai sahib in the morning. Japji sahib is a long bani for any beginner so don’t feel let down if you can’t listen to all of it, however do an Ardas to maharaj that they give you the strength to complete the paath. Start to listen to the paath with the intention to complete it all. Smaller banis to listen to if you can’t listen to japji sahib or banis you can add to once listening to japji sahib (even better): - Chaupai Sahib - Shabad Hajaare - Shabad Hajaare P10 - twai prasaad svaiye (sraavag sudh) - twai prasaad svaiye (dinan ki pratipal) And many more!!! The most powerful thing you can do is a Ardas. Either in english or Punjabi pray to maharaj to help you and give protection. Dukh Daaru Sukh rogh bheyaa (Pain is a medicine which will ultimately give you peace). You are in pain, but now you are receiving your medicine (bani/naam) and you will ultimately have peace. Don’t give up on maharaj, they will never give up on you. when you take one step towards guru ji, he will run a thousand steps towards you. The first is listening to bani, then learning bani, then reciting bani daily and ultimately becoming bani (implementing all of the gurus teaching within your life). Begin your spiritual journey to guru ji, this is why you were given this human life. bhul chuk maafi Gurfateh ji.
  4. I think I watched a video from basics of sikhi and they were going through a pangati, a similar line came up to maharaj referring to a guru and they explained that maharaj is referring to the guru before them basically their guru. So in this case Dhan Guru Ramdas ji is referring to Dhan Guru Amardas ji. Think logically, it can only really be either Akaal Purakh or previous gurus before Guru Ramdas ji. Who else could Jagat Pooran Gur Avatar Akaal Purakh jyot be referring to as their guru?
  5. Basically a close family friend has asked my grandad (mona) to take them to a mandir in Walsall for whatever reason as they don’t have a car. My dada ji has agreed to take them but it a bit unsure about the route and doesn’t have enough confidence to use the Tom Tom as it’s broken and faulty. I said I will go will with him and put the google maps satnav on my phone. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with going as long as I don’t do namaskar to the moortiyan and take their parshad, I was just going to go in and sit down at the back and once they’re done come back. However when I told my other relatives (all are non amritdhari) they were like why are you going there? You’re not allowed to go in there! That’s wrong. I don’t think as a amritdhari I am doing anything wrong to go to a mandir if I just go to sit down and not worship. The only reason I am going is so that my grandad knows the route, if I was going to pray and seek advice from a pandit or do pooja would be different. Am I committing a sin? Would like to know sangats view (I know there has been a recent “Hindu Sikh” thread, this has got nothing to do with that).
  6. 10 mins into simran I get a sensation in my chest, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like something moving round in circles or a slight force pushing down. Sometimes after a while it stops but then 30 mins in it carries on, especially when I get dhiyaan. What is this? It doesn’t really distract me, I’m just curious.
  7. After amritvela baniyan I like to just straight my back, close my eyes and just focus on my breathing. It’s no calming and peaceful. However if I don’t jap ‘vaheguru’ will it not count as meditation if so is it pointless to do it?
  8. Of course it has importance, I’m not denoting that. However, what is the need for the pause and is there any sakhi where guru ji states why they have added it in bani?
  9. Just to sum up and close the thread... I met the girl twice yesterday: 1st time was with her mum, turns out her mums a radha soami but her dads a sikh. She and her family are vaishnu, she doesn’t drink and she does japji sahib every morning. Her mum was annoying tbh she complimented my cousins eyes 10 times even the girl was looking at her and giving looks. Then her, me and my cousin were together. She seems like a nice person and they do look good together but SHES NOT AMRITDHARI No matter if she is pretty, veggie or doesn’t drink she’s not an amritdhari and I really felt like saying it in front of them but they looked so loved up together, the way they were looking at each other I couldn’t take up the guts and burst their bubble I don’t think my cousin will leave Amrit, he’s learnt santhiya or Guru Granth Sahib and Dasam Granth and regularly does Prakash in the local gurdwara. He keeps his amritvela as his mum always states. I dunno guys... I’ve just left it to maharaaj.....
  10. All I’m saying is I always thought an amritdhari has to marry a amritdhari and from the majority of posts here clearly Sangat does agree. I did confront him about it the other day, he used the Nihang argument that women were never administrated Khande ki pahul in the past. He showed me a rehatnama where it said that if a women is given Amrit then that person is a tankhaiya. Budha dal and hazur sahib give Kirpan da amrit to bibiyan and he said that if you look in puratan granths there is no evidence to state that women were given Amrit the only women stated in 1699 is mata sahib deva, he then said that kaur is not stated anywhere in the granths and women are referred to as devi. Im meeting her today, I’ll make a post in the evening about her - I don’t know what to believe but being an amritdhari girl myself I found his argument completely offensive and it really pissed me off.
  11. No, I can’t think on anything I have done throughout the past few days associated with a snake
  12. This happened to me a long time before but just last night again, i was dreaming about a snake who I had to keep my eye on however when I would look away it would go off. Then I came near to it and it stood up and I felt threatened. i suddenly woke up and it was amritvela, thanking guru I went to have a ishnan and came back to my room. But when I started doing my medidation my dhiyaan was going to a snake. When I focused all I could see was that snake standing up. Is this just me being superstitious as I think it may just be because of the dream it was in my head and then when I did dhiyaan it came up or does it mean something else? Please put my mind to rest!!
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