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  1. Well it’s all over now lol. We apologised to each other. She told me that she hasn’t got anything against sant ji as he did right to fight back the government. It’s because when my mum was small she has seen what was happening in Punjab with her own eyes as is still a bit traumatised by it. I found out today that one of my close relatives who was about my age was picked up by police and never seen again, she’s seen Sikh getting tortured with her own eyes which is why she felt like this. She was just scared of what happened to jaggi with also happen to me as well. She told me I can keep the pic on lol. Tbh I’m happy this happened today as now her misconceptions have been cleared. It’s a shame she was taught that sant ji was the problem by the Sikhs in her village, as we know not every Sikh was with sant ji.
  2. Both are equally as important. Bani and bana. Maharaj described them both as wings. Yes maybe more influence is given to outward appearance than simran but that doesn’t mean that you take the stress off rehat and put it more on bani as you just did. You should be encouraging OP to keep rehat of Dastaar and naam simran not taking the stress of Dastaar and putting more emphasis on simran. They are both equal. Rehat keeps the simran going, you can’t have one without the other. You should have encouraged op to tie Dastaar and tell her to do naam simran as well not just outwardly appearance. bhul chuk maaf
  3. I think dumalla suits everyone’s head as there’s so many ways you can tie it . Big, small, round, and you can end it anywhere. Just tie loads of styles, don’t give up on the dastaar. Maharaj has given his Khalsa a dastaar with a keski not a patka. Once you start tying a dastaar you’ll go through loads of styles then you’ll find your one, this happened to me and almost all dastardhari people. I think most styles do probably suit you, it’s mostly your mind getting used to tying a dastaar for the first time.
  4. I’ve also heard that the 4 jugs are a mental thing. Satjug being the time when you are doing simran or bani with dhiyaan, then slowly getting into treta when coming to the end of your nitnem, dwapur is once you’ve finished your nitnem and now doing other things but you are still in a little way connecting to bani, kalyug is when you’re constantly ingrained in thoughts and attacked by 5 chor. Those that have ajapa jaap simran happening in their body 24/7 through immense jaap and gurprsaad are constantly in satyug. Which is how we can all be living in the same time frame, however mentally living in different jugs. bhul chuk maaf.
  5. Karni Nama about Khalsa Raj gurprataap suraj Granth I remember it from a Katha I heard of Giani sheer Singh bhai Rama Singh Ji’s vision of Khalsa Raj in their book “manmukh to Gurmukh” is where most of the info is from. also just various kathas and speaking to singhs. sorry I can’t give exact sources just what I can remember from the top of my head
  6. I think we are still in the early stages of kaljug, maharaj has written in nehkalank Avtar what will happen in kaljug, some of it is happening now but more will come in the later years. Plus I’m sure Khalsa Raj will come in kalyug, I think it will last 14,000 years and be a mini satyug within kalyug. Then it’ll go back to kalyug again. Then Kalika will change the time back to satyug. Didn’t kaljug come to guru Nanak dev ji and explained it’s his raaj. I doubt kalyug is already over within 400 years.
  7. Yh, Ears popping or thumping, throat pain and headaches. I’ve been through these when I started my abhiyaas not that long ago. You’ll soon go past them. a gursikh told me it’s just your body adjusting to the naam or jot which is beginning to manifest. some people see lights or get some pains in their stomach; some even have toilet problems. It’s just your body adjusting it’s self.
  8. Satbachan, after speaking to them I know they were just going through dharam khand as they described as they were walking on their path they could hear screams of people in hell. As per what they hear or see he wouldn’t tell me more.
  9. Akalifauj, could you share some light on people of other faiths and paths experiencing stuff in simran which is described in Gurbani. My extended family members haven’t had gurmantar from Panj Pyare, however they have experienced stuff very similar to sikhi if not the same.
  10. This reminds me of Bhai Rama Singh who used to jap raam as a kid and he spent the whole day and night in the forest, he searched everywhere for a path of Simran and then he found sikhi.
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