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  1. Basically a close family friend has asked my grandad (mona) to take them to a mandir in Walsall for whatever reason as they don’t have a car. My dada ji has agreed to take them but it a bit unsure about the route and doesn’t have enough confidence to use the Tom Tom as it’s broken and faulty. I said I will go will with him and put the google maps satnav on my phone. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with going as long as I don’t do namaskar to the moortiyan and take their parshad, I was just going to go in and sit down at the back and once they’re done come back. However when I told my other relatives (all are non amritdhari) they were like why are you going there? You’re not allowed to go in there! That’s wrong. I don’t think as a amritdhari I am doing anything wrong to go to a mandir if I just go to sit down and not worship. The only reason I am going is so that my grandad knows the route, if I was going to pray and seek advice from a pandit or do pooja would be different. Am I committing a sin? Would like to know sangats view (I know there has been a recent “Hindu Sikh” thread, this has got nothing to do with that).
  2. 10 mins into simran I get a sensation in my chest, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like something moving round in circles or a slight force pushing down. Sometimes after a while it stops but then 30 mins in it carries on, especially when I get dhiyaan. What is this? It doesn’t really distract me, I’m just curious.
  3. After amritvela baniyan I like to just straight my back, close my eyes and just focus on my breathing. It’s no calming and peaceful. However if I don’t jap ‘vaheguru’ will it not count as meditation if so is it pointless to do it?
  4. Of course it has importance, I’m not denoting that. However, what is the need for the pause and is there any sakhi where guru ji states why they have added it in bani?
  5. Just to sum up and close the thread... I met the girl twice yesterday: 1st time was with her mum, turns out her mums a radha soami but her dads a sikh. She and her family are vaishnu, she doesn’t drink and she does japji sahib every morning. Her mum was annoying tbh she complimented my cousins eyes 10 times even the girl was looking at her and giving looks. Then her, me and my cousin were together. She seems like a nice person and they do look good together but SHES NOT AMRITDHARI No matter if she is pretty, veggie or doesn’t drink she’s not an amritdhari and I really felt like saying it in front of them but they looked so loved up together, the way they were looking at each other I couldn’t take up the guts and burst their bubble I don’t think my cousin will leave Amrit, he’s learnt santhiya or Guru Granth Sahib and Dasam Granth and regularly does Prakash in the local gurdwara. He keeps his amritvela as his mum always states. I dunno guys... I’ve just left it to maharaaj.....
  6. All I’m saying is I always thought an amritdhari has to marry a amritdhari and from the majority of posts here clearly Sangat does agree. I did confront him about it the other day, he used the Nihang argument that women were never administrated Khande ki pahul in the past. He showed me a rehatnama where it said that if a women is given Amrit then that person is a tankhaiya. Budha dal and hazur sahib give Kirpan da amrit to bibiyan and he said that if you look in puratan granths there is no evidence to state that women were given Amrit the only women stated in 1699 is mata sahib deva, he then said that kaur is not stated anywhere in the granths and women are referred to as devi. Im meeting her today, I’ll make a post in the evening about her - I don’t know what to believe but being an amritdhari girl myself I found his argument completely offensive and it really pissed me off.
  7. No, I can’t think on anything I have done throughout the past few days associated with a snake
  8. This happened to me a long time before but just last night again, i was dreaming about a snake who I had to keep my eye on however when I would look away it would go off. Then I came near to it and it stood up and I felt threatened. i suddenly woke up and it was amritvela, thanking guru I went to have a ishnan and came back to my room. But when I started doing my medidation my dhiyaan was going to a snake. When I focused all I could see was that snake standing up. Is this just me being superstitious as I think it may just be because of the dream it was in my head and then when I did dhiyaan it came up or does it mean something else? Please put my mind to rest!!
  9. Sorry long post but please read!!!!!!! Bit of a background of my cousin: He’s 23 and just qualified as a solicitor, he took Amrit when he was younger (19) he went to hazur sahib and came back as a Singh, never told us what really changed him he kept it gupt. I must admit we were all shocked as before that he was always going out late partying and getting into trouble. He is a very smart Singh - Him and his father have gone to our grandmother (her mother was a gori lol) and they are very fair skinned with hazel eyes, basically look Greek as they have that facial structure/ jawline as well. I was very shocked when he told me about his to be fiancé as he was very religious and ties a gol dastar. Now to the point Through the duration of uni and on insta I saw him with girls and when I confronted him he said they were just friends and I believed him. Now it turns out the latest girl I saw him with (he’s only been with 2 I know of through uni) he’s about to get engaged to her!!! she’s not amrit nor sehajdhari she doesn’t cover her hair and wears make up. Imagine this, when he showed the family her pic they were all very happy and said she was very pretty all ignoring the fact that she’s not amritdhari. Our family isn’t reallly religious only 4 women including me are amritdhari (his mum and dad aren’t amritdhari), she may be very pretty but I’m sure this goes against rehat. I talked to my mum about this and she said that it don’t matter as there are couples where only one partner is amritdhari and the other isn’t and they still last. She said that she’s very pretty and he’s very good looking as well and they look good together, I told her that there are pretty amritdhari girls out there as well and I said LOOKS ARENT EVERYTHING she then got angry and told me to drop it as I’m going to cause trouble in the family - classic desi answer to shut someone up. My dad basically said the same thing - linking it to Jagmeet Singh saying they got married so what’s wrong with it. Is this going against rehat - I’m so confused I always thought it was. She’s coming down next week to meet his mum and dad so it looks serious, I don’t want to look like a trouble causer please help! I want to confront him with facts so please give me points I can say. The looks point everyone in my family is making is so stupid, basically saying that good looking people can sin and get away with it it’s so annoying!!!!!!

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