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  1. I was just curious on the third eye when I stumbled upon this post. This guy was a Sikh and explains he felt the vibrations in naam simran and how it’s wrong, lol. He’s obviously very mistaken but it’s quite weird to think someone who he explains “felt bliss” during simran seemed it to be a bad thing and changed to Islam. it’s the first post that’s the ex Sikh. Read the whole topic posts as he goes deeper into what he experienced. He’s mistaken about yoga and side effects. https://www.ummah.com/forum/forum/misc/comparative-religion/420788-third-eye-pineal-gland?410838-Third-eye-Pineal-gland=
  2. Gursikha man har preet hai, har naam har teri raam raaje dhan Guru dhan Guru pyaare!
  3. Yes, at the end of the amrit sanchar panj Singh will ask if their is anyone who hasn’t had a gurmukh naam karan or Anand karaj. Then those like you who haven’t had that sanscar will be blessed with a name from guru sahib. A couple from another religion that hasn’t had laavan can even have them done there and then.
  4. Sgpc are chatting sh!t. During all of the commotion, a guy (can’t remember his name) stabbed a barsha into dasam maharaj saroop and they threw the Saroop out of the window of akaal takhat. Sgpc said it was a nihang Singh which is obviously bs, they’re the only ones who have kept the puratan maryada of parkash alive, they give the most respect to Dasam Granth. They got bibian to take the singhs out.
  5. Actually Bhai sahib in puratan birs manglacharan always came first: 1749 and 1801 saroop show mangal first then anand sahib. If you look at other puratan saroops for other banis, manglacharan always came first ji.
  6. The jathedars all agree with Dasam bani. However, there are some prasid kirtanis who refuse recite the bani. Lol so ironic as they always go on about bhai sahib bhai randhir Singh when he has quoted Dasam bani in almost all of their pustaks. That being said they will 100% always be at least one shabad or tukk from Dasam bani at every rainsabhai. I think the Jatha is just against parkash alongside maharaj of Dasam bani and al lot of them only believe in the sodak committee changed bir.
  7. Hanji this bani is mentioned in jail chittityan I think. Bhai sahib used to recite many Dasam bani everyday in jail like chandi Di vaar and charitars, shastar naam mala etc
  8. I have a trouble believing some of the stuff posted. Remember baba ji took bullets for the koum, one of which is still in his sareer
  9. It means punishable. When a gursikh makes a kurehat Panj Singh give a tankha (fine/ punishment). So the person who receives the tankha is called tankhaiya - punishable.
  10. Hanji daas takes cold showers. When I was given Amrit panj Singh actually gave Hukam to have a cold ishnan and to start off with just having a cold keshi ishnan and gradually get into it. When I started to keep Sangat of abhiyaasi Singhs that’s when I got more serious to keep this rehat form their influence. Dhan gursikh. I started cold keshi ishnaan right after taking Amrit, really refreshing and helped with simran. After that i completely cut out hot water such as washing hands with cold water to get used to it. Then before reading reharas and sohila I would have a cold panj ishnaan (this really helped). then 6 months back I went the whole way and had a full body cold shower. It actually wasn’t that bad. The first 30 seconds are the hardest after that it’s fine. 5 - 7 mins is more than enough. Now it’s just normal for me. However, I still feel the first 20 seconds now but it’s cut down from 30 so hopefully after a while I won’t feel any discomfort. The simran gets pumping when the cold water hits lol so that’s a plus point. when I feel hot water now it’s just very weird and uncomfortable, like it would be to anyone who has hot showers when they feel cold water. So just take the first step, It’ll work out. rehatname states that those who don’t have a cold shower are tankhaiya. have a cold keshi ishaan everyday, and a cold panj ishnan before sohila and reharas. Or after taking a hot shower, have 30 seconds under cold water or have a panj ishnan with cold water after.
  11. Sarbloh!! Maharaj describes Akaal Purakh as sarbloh in Dasam Granth. And a whole Granth by paathshah is called Sarbloh Granth. the batta to make Amrit is sarbloh. Maharaj could have chosen any other metal or even glass but chose sarbloh. All of maharaj and shaheed Singh shastars are sarbloh. Also maharajs kadda and baba deep Singh kada is sarbloh. To make food, eat and drink from sarbloh is rehat. Sarbloh is fundamental to sikhi as without it there’s no panth. No sarbloh batta/ Khanda = no Amrit = no Khalsa panth. Sarbloh ki rachha hamnai.
  12. Yhh obviously not possible where I live but it doesn’t mean we can’t keep our own sodh. Just keep bibek to the upmost extent you can maharaj knows the rest enit
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