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  1. Vaheguru ji, when doing simran I start to feel a sort of vibration/ tingling feeling around my face , what is this? It starts of at the tip of nose then slowly all over my face. It’s like a tingling sensation all over. Sometimes it goes all over body through my arms and legs. It’s a bit scary as I don’t know what’s going on or if I’m doing something wrong. Also, around my ears and inside, it’s like something is moving in circles, I can’t explain the feeling. What is this? With guru Kirpa I’ve started to ignore the sounds and this has lead to a little progression. Im still young ji only 20 could you give tips on how to sit in one Assan for longer please, and other posts simran related? I can go around an hour and half in one assan then I have to switch legs, it’s so annoying as dhiyaan breaks lol.
  2. Focus on the shabad, that’ll take you to it’s origin. Ignore the sounds, they’re just an indication your attention is growing and you’re becoming aware. The sounds are just you turning into a frequency of the environment around us. Anhand shabad/naad/pach shabad happen when dasam dwaar has opened NOT before. Focus only on the shabad. Anhad shabad, jot vigas and Amrit rass happen simultaneously, this is the case in almost every maharapukhs jeevan. Focus on the shabad, that will take you into smadhi, not some sounds. Sant kartar Singh ji used to say sounds in simran are just noises of the body, just like a machine makes sounds. If we focus on naam it will take us to naamai - focus on the shabad vaheguroo and it will manifest and take you to vaheguroo (make you aware that vaheguroo is within and you are that very roop). bhul chukh maaf.
  3. <banned word filter activated>
  4. You can ask the granthi Singh to make degh for you when you go to maharaj for ardas. I heard in katha that a gursikh who does 5 japji sahib, does ardas to maharaj with degh, they will have their ardas saffal. Read 5 jaap sahib as well for guru maharaj kushi. as gursikhs this is the way we deal with stuff like this, instead of going to some baba who’ll tell you to break a coconut on Monday or something lol or wear a thread.
  5. Waheguru ji, I was told at my amritsanchar to do keshi everyday, I was told to throw my kesh behind me and put keski as a chunni on my head. Then do naam abhiyaas. Once you have washed your kesh, wrap them in a towel for around 10 mins (no more or they will start to smell) after that throw your kesh back and put keski over your head like a chunni. Kesh will dry within 30 mins or an hour, it depends on how heavy they are.
  6. Amritvela have full ishnaan (inc kesh)Read 5 japji sahib and 5 jaap sahib, go to maharaj do ardas and make degh. Ask for forgiveness for any mistakes. Make sure you do naam abhiyaas every day. Naam simran is 50% of your nitnem. then read 5 japji sahibs daily.
  7. A gurmukh can be in sachkhand while they are alive. Those that hear bani rom rom 24/7 and are in anand all day must be there. All mahapurakhs that have written books on their jeevan have stated that they have had darshan of vaheguru within during simran. which obviously means sachkhand is within and then after death when the body is burnt they go to the realm. That’s the whole point of jeevan mukhat, otherwise what does that mean? bhul chukh maaf
  8. Hanji, I meant if you haven’t done the kamee you won’t reach there after death, you’ll go to however much kamayee you have done. Dargah, Swarg, narak, or the khands. One of these places are inevitable for everyone. That’s what I’ve been told and what little I have understood from gurbani. Obviously they are real otherwise how would you reach there lol. It wouldn’t make sense to only do kamayee up to gyaan khand and expect to go to sachkhand after death, you would only go to where you have reached. Bhul chukh maaf
  9. Naam simran is the only way. You don’t get mukhti after death. Mukhti is only achieved while you are alive. You have to reach sachkhand/Turiya avastha/ dasam dwar while you are alive. You don’t go to sachkhand after death, we need to reach there before we die through simran. Jeevan mukhti. Gurmukhs have told me those who are serious about naam simran should do at least 3-4 hours everyday (normally gursikhs do about 2 hours).
  10. This is exactly why I dont follow one particular Jatha or just listen to only one singhs Katha. I’ve learnt the hard way how all this jathebandi fanboy stuff can mess up your jeevan. The young singhs aren’t to blame that much, they just want sangat of likeminded individuals and those who practice abhiyaas. It’s the olders that take advantage of the new singhs and turn them against other jathebandis because they don’t follow “their rehat”. I know because I’ve been through it. Even if someone’s level is 108, they can still make a mistake. That’s why maharaj has said only guru ji and akaal purakh are abhul. People love to suck up to one particular parcharak or sant, and then when their karam comes out in the open, people can’t handle it and turn away from sikhi or they just ignore it and says it’s all lies. It’s all because they placed this “sant” or parcharak at the same level as guru ji and gave the same love to them. This happened at the time of bhai sahib bhai randhir Singh, a “Sant” came for peshi and said he only did one bujjar kureaht, he had a very large following. The panj singhs were full naam abhyaasi, jot vigasi and so bhai sahib saw all his karam and saw that he had done all four bujjar kurehats! When the news came out all the sangat that followed him turned away from sikhi . So many singhs and singhnia left sikhi just because they placed all their trust in this sant and not the same sharda for guru sahib. Just pray to guru ji straight, no need for a middle man. Naam japo, bani parro listen to all katha with a pinch of salt as every kathavachak will have a little bias towards their school of thought. This is why we should do our own khoj.
  11. Yh sorry I wrote that post before reading your post on the full story. It’s clear Sukha Singh was completely in the wrong
  12. I was just curious on the third eye when I stumbled upon this post. This guy was a Sikh and explains he felt the vibrations in naam simran and how it’s wrong, lol. He’s obviously very mistaken but it’s quite weird to think someone who he explains “felt bliss” during simran seemed it to be a bad thing and changed to Islam. it’s the first post that’s the ex Sikh. Read the whole topic posts as he goes deeper into what he experienced. He’s mistaken about yoga and side effects. https://www.ummah.com/forum/forum/misc/comparative-religion/420788-third-eye-pineal-gland?410838-Third-eye-Pineal-gland=
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