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  1. There's nothing to support this Sakhi as it told. Writing Gurbani on the ground would be a big no-no. The other version states Ik Onkaar was written on paper and placed in a high location...there is no evidence of this either. The question also arises...that whenever there was something that Guru Sahib challenged, such as the Janeu for example, Gurbani was Uchaared, to provide the Gurmat view. However in this instance there isn't any. Wouldn't there have been if such a ceremony has been rejected especially since such a huge deal is made over this Sakhi? It's possible (and most likely) Gurbani was read out whilst rounds were made around the fire. Although this isn't concrete evidence itself, this mural provides an alternate course of events:
  2. Why not? They do Laavan. Walking around Guru Sahib is a recent innovation. I'm not saying that it's wrong or that we should go back to the old way of doing it, it works just fine, but that's not to say walking around a Havan is wrong either. There are some prachaarks who believe that Havan was performed by Sikhs. Sant Gyaani Inderjeet Singh Ji Raqba mentions this, and it's mentioned in various other places. Before Saroops of Maharaaj were printed on a mass scale, there was no walking around Maharaaj. There also isn't enough evidence to conclude how marriages were conducted during the times of the Gurus...even after Laavan was composed, do you think the whole Panth went to do phere around the physical Saroop of the Gurus? Maharaaj would have spent their entire days conducting wedding ceremonies! The Kooka Movement shouldn't be insulted either, they did a great service for the Panth. As for what they became later on, I disagree with the direction. Nonetheless for the most part, they have cordial relations with other Sampardas.
  3. Dhan 108 Baba Ram Singh Ji Namdhari
  4. MrDoaba

    How do you wash a dastar?

    Before first use, soak dastaar in lukewarm water which has had salt added to it. Dishwasher salt works well. In order to wash in washing machine, tie both ends of the dastaar separetely i.e. not together - this stops them getting tangled and you can wash more than one dastaar at a time. Use suitable washing powder. Never ever add fabric softner...it will be a nightmare to tie after. Also do not open the lengthways fold before washing. Good qwaalty dastaar material doesn't fade much. If you believe your washing machine is not sucham enough to wash dastaars, then please see your healthcare professional. Gurbar Akaal!
  5. MrDoaba

    The Hukamnaamay of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji BOS

    Lol this isn't proof of the "Kaur" suffix. I'm not even making an argument whether women can or cannot take Amrit.
  6. MrDoaba

    The Hukamnaamay of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji BOS

    Interestingly enough but not surprisingly, at the top it says: ਹੁਕਮਨਾਮਾ ਮਾਤਾ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਦੇਵੀ ਜੀ - Hukamnama Mata Sahib Devi Ji Odd huh, where did the "Kaur" suffix come from...
  7. MrDoaba

    Ringleader Dhaliwal

    It's just my opinion bro. Maybe it cannot be applied broadly but I genuinely believe in some parts of the UK it would have been different. I will accept though, this is largely, if not almost completely down to the work done by SAS and SYUK. It has had an knock on effect on the psyche of many. Dhaliwals full acceptance in the community would have been met with resistance imo. But chalo agree to disagree.
  8. MrDoaba

    Buddism & Hindusim Thriving in West

    You brought up this same exact point in the thread you made a couple of weeks ago titled "What puts people off becoming Sikhs".
  9. MrDoaba

    Ringleader Dhaliwal

    Okay I get the angle you're coming from. I think there's a misunderstanding. I'll try my best to explain what I meant. So from what I know, it was an open secret he was a drug dealer and into dodgy sh!te but no one suspected him of being this kind of dirty bast*rd. The point you're making is that the community has the "out of sight, out of mind" mentality and I don't disagree. But then one also has to look at that particular community and their behaviour, their passiveness, and the reasons why - another thing I know about the Hudderfield Sikh community is religiosity is low, there aren't many devout Sikhs especially amongst naujawaans. With this taken into account I would presume that they wouldn't feel any greater obligation (to out or confront) than your average private citizen minding their own business would - i.e. where there is a strong Dharmic community, strong in Sikh ethics and values...they wouldn't put up with this bulltutti, sweeping under the carpet, allowing one to abuse the Sikh image especially if one is under investigation for such a heinous crime. They would have a more innate sense of responsiblity (I should hope so anyway). By extension he did in fact have ties to the community, his grandad. But it was only after the investigation when he cultivated (the illusion) of being a fully fledged member of the qaum and a Singh...this is where community and the Gurdwara f'ed up big time. They played along, and why I do not know. It could well be what you mentioned..respect, status, Gurdwara politics etc etc. Regardless of the details, we have still taken responsibilty for this <banned word filter activated>, and in my earlier post I was trying to highlight the (general) contrast between us and the Pakistanis...how there isn't a peep even IF the perp is a completely integrated member of their quam. I'm not sticking up for the Hudds Samaaj, not by a long shot.
  10. MrDoaba


    From what I recall about Anand Sahib...so when we do the benti (Chaupai Sahib), one realises the Divine Love within but also the prem Satguru has. The individual is assured that by coming under Satguru's Sharan and following the path of Gursikhi, all their affairs will be resolved. Through doing the Panj Baniyaan our Prem, Sharda, and Bhaavna is increased...and we should realise how forunate we are that we have actually have Gurbani and that Maharaaj has already done Kirpa. In this alone, there is a sense of Anand, but also in the wider context (given what's contained in the previous 4 Bani's and now in Anand Sahib) we again realise that Satguru can lead us to infinite bliss...Anand. Hope that makes sense. My knowledge on Rehraas Sahib is textbook, I will get back to you ji.
  11. MrDoaba

    Ringleader Dhaliwal

    There must be. The question is, who is "us"? If there are others like Dhaliwal, they will most like be very distant from the Punjabi/Sikh community...individuals who have alienated themselves and generally are not part of the Samaaj. With Pakistanis you're more likely to find they are still by and large considered part of their community, still integrated...to some extent anyway. This boils down to the stark contrast in views, morals, ethics etc between ours qaums. Of course it would be very naive of me to say that everyone of this disgusting inclination who is from a Punjabi/Sikh background has nothing to do with the qaum. Sure there are some hidden, however, we are pretty good at naming and shaming (even over trivial bakwaas) so I would have to say they're more likely to be outed. We should make more efforts in weeding out this kinda of sh!t instead of directing all efforts in exposing which Prachaark kissed who.
  12. MrDoaba


    I'm not sure if I can answer your question exactly but I remember hearing the purpose and structure of Nitnem in Katha: Japji Sahib - explains who/what Akaal Purkh is, the nature Jaap Sahib - Ustat of Akaal Purkh Tva Prasad Saviye - upon hearing the Ustat of Akaal Purkh, the greatness, one is overcome with Bairaag Chaupai Sahib - upon feeling/realising this Bairaag (and our position in this Sansaar), a Benti is needed Anand Sahib - This one is self-explanatory when the above is taken into account From this we can see how one Bani leads on to the next, and how it creates the frame of mind a Gursikh should have. Sorry I couldn't provide more detail. Gurbar Akaal!
  13. There were non-Kesdharis/Amritdharis in 1984. Sikh Youth UK have non-kesdharis in their org. Jaggi. The guy from Rajoana TV (although he seems to have gone off the radar) Preet Kaur Gill MP. Hell, people on these here forums. Don't hear anyone complaining about the above, and these are just off the top of my head. Non-Kesdhari/Amritdhari does not equal complete and utter agyaanta, adharmic, bemukh, or someone with no prem/sharda/bhaavna.
  14. I have heard in Katha that in many cases in order to be eligible for Amrit there was some rather stringent testing. Fair enough. You're not being realistic lol. Not every single Amritdhari has been through everything you've mentioned yet they are given full platform rights. Amritdharis are not tested in the way you're suggesting lol, or well at least not anymore. The Nihang model is not applicable in the west as even they themselves (real Nihangs) will say one cannot technically be a Nihang in the west under currrent cirumstances. Being a Nihang is a full time commitment to a specific lifestyle.
  15. I don't really understand your post. Are you now saying only those who have gone through the Nihang style have proved their loyalities and knowledge or are you suggesting it?

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