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  1. https://www.facebook.com/dailypostpunjabi/videos/426443298076537/ A prominent discussion on Politics and Panjabi topics, celebrities and other relevant subjects in the Panjabi Sikh community and diaspora.
  2. So.....my little one has been winning loadsa local writing competitions and has been encouraged by his school to enter international / national competitions. I saw this as a chance to sit down with him and try and nudge him towards poetry. He was excited because, in his own words, "the most celebrated poet in the whole world right now is a Sikh : Rupi Kaur'. Now, I've got nothing against Rupi Kaur - I think she's a fine looking woman and if it was on offer I definitely wouldn't say no but a poet she most definitely is not. What she writes is nothing but utter childish drivel. Just pure cliched banality. I've always thought of her 'poems' as nothing more than random teenage girl thoughts - which every teenage girl in the world has - strategically placed on paper in order to resemble what might be termed 'poetry'. I've always thought that and then, after a discussion with my son, I dug a little deeper into Rupi Kaur's background and soon realised my thoughts were exactly right. She has a degree in Rhetoric, Media and Professional Communication. She is not a poet, knows nothing about writing, knows nothing about expressing emotion in words etc BUT she has a degree in how to make money from strategically placing rhetoric. In her case nonsensical banal rhetoric. And so, wanting to steer my son in the righteous direction, I wondered which Sikh role models should he seek to emulate. Certainly not that other Canadian, Jagmeet Singh, a man of zero actual substance but, Just like Rupi Kaur, absolutely first class at creating the illusion of something of substance by manipulating social media. This story doesn't have an ending yet. He's only little. But I'm a man that likes to make plans. I'm gonna let him gain an initial appreciation of ancient Persian poets but, before he gets bitten by the bug of Persian poetry, remind him that the "beloved" in question are always little boys as those poets practiced pederasty and then I'm gonna wait 'till he's around 14 and then introduce him to one of my favourite poets in the world right now. A Sikh from Chicago, who's family started life in England in the 1960's : Jaswinder Bolina. Unlike the talentless Rupi, this man makes sweet f.a. from poetry. And that's because it's real, moving, beautiful poetry. https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poets/jaswinder-bolina
  3. I went to a poetry night recently, and all the poems are about sadness, and victimisation of the sikhs........?
  4. Amazing poetry about the reality of today
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