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Found 8 results

  1. Guest

    Prayer vs Hukam

    If everything is prewritten, what’s the purpose of prayer that asks for things from god. Are we suppose to do such prayers or just stay in guru’s hukam, because i think gurbani preaches both which is contradictory.
  2. SSAJI, I would like everyone to understand the power of prayer. Protesting farmers in India are suffering greatly by having their hard earned livelihoods decimated, for no reason but to inflict misery. Odds are stacked against them and there is no resolution offered. Can I please ask that everyone sets aside time everyday to pray sincerely for their plight. I would also ask that we all pray for the lifting of this curse on humanity labelled covid. Humbly yours, in Wahegurus name, Kuriji?
  3. Can someone still reach the highest, like this? Should be, right?
  4. Guest

    prayers for children

    Please suggest prayers or shabads which one can recite for children.
  5. I m not going to go into detail as to how and why i have dusht dokhis against me. But i do, a LOT in office. I am harassed regularly and since their numbers are more, I am quite apprehensive of complaining to boss or HR. I have cursed them multiple times, Now i feel like doing an ardas to waheguru that may i see these peoples downfall happening in front of me. I know sikhs believe in sarbat da bhala but with such colleagues from hell , I am wondering if sarbat da bhala is really an option. I don't wanna go towards black magic because it will have a karmic effect on me I just wanna do an ardaas in front of satgura that may he punish these dusht dokhian. May i see their downfall in front of me, while i am in office.
  6. Guest

    please pray for me

    Wjkk wjkf, Hello my brothers and sisters. My name is Bhagat Singh. I used to tread on the path of the guru but about a year ago I had fallen and I am now consumed my Maya. I am now lost spiritually and without a stable grounding in the love of Akal Purakh. I would greatly appreciate it if the sangat would make prayers for me that Guru will guide me back to the Khalsa path. Thank you my dear friends. Wjkk wjkf!
  7. WJKKWJKF What is the right thing ,to accept whatever is happening as GURU'S BHANA or to make a prayer and ask for help.How to make ARDAAS for Waheguru ji's help?
  8. The American satirist Ambrose Bierce, in his Devil's Dictionary, defines prayer as the following: " Prayer - The request that the laws of nature be suspended in favour of the petitioner, himself admittedly unworthy". I wonder if Mr Bierce hasn't hit upon something there. When Guru Arjan Dev was being tortured on the tati tavi they could have cried out to the Almighty for reprieve or mercy. Instead they uttered "Mittha Lagai Tera Bana". They spoke thusly because they knew that Almighty's Hukam was already ordained, and they accepted this as the Lord's humble servant. As their Sikhs, we are supposed to abide by our Gurus' teachings. One of the most important is the emphasis on Nimrata. I can't be alone in believing that the exercise of praying to God for something, asking him to actually amend his Hukam on our behalfs, pitiful worms that we are, is an expression of something altogether different from humility - the complete opposite in fact. If we are to pray for anything, to take the term quite loosely and divorced of its major connotations, shouldn't we pray for the strength to overcome whatever Waheguru chooses to visit upon us, for good or for ill? (* I don't consider Nitnem praying, meditation or contemplation would be labels better suited to the practice*)
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