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Found 4 results

  1. @dallysingh101 You know this geezer ? https://www.essexlive.news/news/essex-news/racists-skinheads-rape-threats-life-4266016 Racists, skinheads and rape threats - life as the only Indian family in an East End town Jag Singh, from Grays, has revealed the shocking truths of growing up surrounded by racist thugs COMMENTS SHARE By Elliot Hawkins 16:08, 28 JUN 2020 UPDATED14:44, 29 JUN 2020 NEWS Enter your postcode for local news and info Jag (right) and his brother Bob (left) witnessed their family being abused first hand (Image: Jag Singh) As the only Indian Sikhs living in Canning Town in the late 1970s, racism was all Jag Singh and his family knew. Nazi skinheads and racist thugs were free to roam the streets, and Canning Town was at the centre of an ongoing battle between immigrants and the far-right National Front.Even teachers in the local schools would make racist comments to the children who weren't white and British. These things were happening every day. From as young as six-years-old, Jag and his brother Bob watched on as bottles were thrown through their windows and their parents were racially abused, while rape threats were posted through their front door. He even recalls watching his house burn after it was targeted by white supremacists. And the saddest fact is that they were forced to accept it. 40 years on and Jag, who now lives in Grays, Essex, has written a book shining a light on the vicious reality of growing up in the racist east end of London in the hope of bringing an end to such acts which, tragically, still exist in some elements of society today. 'Get out of our country' Jag's parents were subjected to horrific abuse while living in Canning Town (Image: Jag Singh) One can only imagine the impact such abuse could have on a young child. Sponsored Links Jag, his parents, his brother Bob and baby sister Sharan were forced to endure some of the most violent and threatening racist abuse imaginable on a daily basis, all from within and around their own home. Despite suffering his own mental battles, Jag, now 50, works as a motivational speaker and charity volunteer in and around Essex to campaign for anti-bullying, mental health and anti-hate crime. He can remember the devastating details of his childhood like they were yesterday. 'Let's all get inside the house. NOW!' The following is an extract from Jag's new e-book - 'Unbreakable'. - 13th September 1978. On this day we went to visit our Nan who lived locally on Barking Road. Bob and I loved travelling in Dad's white Hillman Hunter Estate; it was enormous inside, with really comfortable seats. Dad mainly used the car for work, so any opportunity to ride in it was a real treat. At Nan's, the grownups chatted away while we played Monopoly, chess and completed a few puzzles upstairs with our uncles and cousins. Time flew by, and suddenly it was past midnight. Dad eventually said it was time for us to go home. About 1am, as we approached our house in the Hillman with all five of us on board, including baby Sharan. Dad stomped on the brakes causing us all surprisingly to <banned word filter activated> forward. He swiftly turned off the headlights and stopped the car in the middle of the road, a few yards from our house. Dad then lent over the steering wheel and peered in the direction of the skinheads' den on the far side of Barking Road. Sat in the back seats, me and Bob couldn’t see and wondered what the fuss was all about. Sharan was fast asleep in Mum's lap in the front passenger seat, and I was sat behind them. I peered over her shoulder, and the sight I witnessed made me gasp. There must have been about fifteen skinheads all with shaven heads and wearing their braces and boots standing outside the abandoned sweet shop swearing and shouting. For them, this was typical behaviour, but for us, it was exceptional and disconcerting. Mum turned to Dad and squinted, "You okay Raj? Please tell me what the heck you're doing?" Dad slowly turned his head toward Mum; his eyes were now wide open with fear, "Skinheads! Lots of them! More than I’ve ever seen before hanging outside their den! They are very bad people! Dangerous!" He pointed his finger at the windscreen; his face was now ashen. Bob and I strained to see in the back seats; it was the first time we'd heard the word Skinheads, and we were curious. "Just park up!" Mum insisted, "Let's all get inside the house. NOW!" She began to sound a bit hysterical. Dad totally ignored her and continued to stare in front, "There are so many of them!" As we watched the rowdy skinheads, we became aware of their loud music. It seemed to have no rhythm, it was unpredictable, and the singer was just yelling out the lyrics. Mum was getting impatient, "Come on! Get a grip Raj! Sharan's sleeping, and we don't want to wake her up. Park the car properly and let’s all get inside the house." Dad calculated his next moves and turned on the engine but not the headlights; he slowly moved the car forward and manoeuvred it directly outside our house. Eventually, it came to a halt… "It was a long time ago but to me it's crystal clear," he said. "I was just six or seven-years-old and we were walking along Barking Road with mum, my baby sister and my brother. "There were seven or eight skinheads who told my mum to 'f*** off' and 'get out of our country'. I saw my mum push the pushchair aside and she said to me and Bob that she'd be back in a minute. "At school my teacher used to say that I'd been eating 'that curry food' because she could smell it on my breath, she used to tell me I had to start eating British food now." He would then go home and tell his mum that he couldn't eat what she gave him anymore, something that quite rightly infuriated her. Windows smashed 'every two weeks' Jag Singh, from Grays, now works as a motivational speaker, blog writer and charity volunteer for a number of causes (Image: Jag Singh) The abuse was constant. Night and day, the family were directly targeted for being the only Sikh family in the town. "When I saw those things as an eight-year-old I thought this isn't right and I told myself I was going to make a difference," Jag said. "And I have, I am. "It was every day. Our windows were smashed every two weeks and it happened for about a year-and-a-half. They knew we lived there and they would just throw things through the window. "We would also get leaflets through the post telling us that if we didn't go back to our country they were going to rape our wives and daughters." At such a young age, Jag didn't know what rape meant but he soon understood that it was a bad thing. They are words that still scare him to this day. He also explained the time he had to watch his house burn after it was targeted by white supremacists. It was a moment that changed his life forever and inspired him to make a change. His new e-book - Unbreakable - has recently been released on Amazon and retells the shocking true events of his childhood with the aim of helping to put a stop to racist acts everywhere. The book aims to reveal the true impact of hate crime and support with the eradication of such acts of abuse (Image: Jag Singh) "I'm sick and tired, it's got worse," he said. "You can tell by the way some people look at you and talk to you. That's what frustrates me. "The fact that this was in the 1970s and it's now 2020, we can't do that anymore. I've suffered with my own mental health problems because there's no way you can see what we saw and not suffer. You need to help other people. "Recently with the Black Lives Matter movement I have seen change, and it's a shame it's taken what's happened to make a change but people are now being kind and I'm seeing that coming through.138259102796 "No one is born a racist, it's ingrained in them by their parents or by their environment. "Skinheads weren't born racist, it was the media and parents who allowed these people to become who they were. I have two young children and they have morals, they know about hate crime and not to judge people. "We'll get there, people just don't know the full impact of hate crime, they don't have a clue."
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    EDL supporting Sikhs

    I'm very confused.com. The whole thing is so mind-blowingly dumb it's difficult to get my head round it. Lets try and figure it in one great big mega sentence. Right, take a deep breath aaaand....GO: British facist groups (EDL, Britain First) preach hate by using child sexual grooming as an excuse and yet at least 4 (possibly more) higher ranking EDL officials are currently in prison for child sex grooming offences, Tommy Robinson set up a crown fund to fight his court case - got tens of thousands of pounds - and subsequently pleaded guilty to the charge anyway and pocketed the money raised anyway, he is now appealing - yes I kid you not, pleading against a verdict that he pleaded guilty to anyway, thousands of facists including American Presidents have been calling for the release of a convicted prisoner using his stage name and not his real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, even his 'real' name is not his real name as his 3rd real name is Paul White, using his real name Paul White he was arrested at New York airport in 2011 for entering America illegally using somebody else's passport under a totally different name (yes, neither paul white, Stephen yaxley-lennon, or tommy robinson), Trump puts brown children in jail and in cages for entering America illegally but sings the praises of this white man that broke American laws and entered America illegally, EDL and Britain First use Sikhs as a tool pretending to be our friend, EDL and Britain First are funded by and supported by Canadian facist media group rebel tv, well known international Canadian facists / racists Lauren Southern and Goldy regularly sing the praises of EDL and Britain First whilst simultaneously demonizing Sikhs in Canada and yet there are still multiple Sikhs here on this forum that support them ? What the hell is going on ?
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