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Found 6 results

  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thehindu.com/news/international/fedex-facility-shooting-four-sikhs-killed-five-others-injured/article34340318.ece/amp/ Very sad news. America isn't safe for Sikhs.
  2. From BBC website At least four were Sikh The gunman who killed eight people at a FedEx facility in the US city of Indianapolis was a former employee, the company says. Police named the suspect as 19-year-old Brandon Hole, who last worked at the company in 2020. He began shooting "randomly" almost immediately after exiting his car, according to police. Seven people were also injured and the gunman apparently killed himself before police arrived, officials say. This is the latest incident in a recent incr
  3. Why did the newspaper draw a picture of mohammed? How would us sikhs feel if derogatory pictures of our gurus was drawn? Why did the newspaper target muslims?
  4. Shootout outside US gurdwara Sacramento, California: At least one shot was fired during the annual Baisakhi Parade near a gurdwara at 176 E Pole Road in Lynden on Saturday. The police arrested a Whatcom County man after a fight broke out and at least one shot was fired outside the gurdwara. Witnesses reported that several men started fighting in front of the Guru Nanak Gursikh Gurdwara. Balwinder Singh Nagra (41) from the Bellingham area allegedly grabbed a gun from his vehicle and shot at several men. Nagra was arrested and lodged in Whatcom County Jail on the suspicion of drive by shooti
  5. (CNN) -- At least three people were wounded and a suspect reportedly was in custody Friday after a shooting at Santa Monica College in Southern California, according to officials and media reports. Authorities were "checking reports for an additional shooter," Sgt. Denise Joslin, a California Highway Patrol spokeswoman, told CNN. The school was under lockdown. The wounded were taken to the UCLA Medical Center, Dale Tate, a hospital spokeswoman, told CNN. Two of the victims were in critical condition and one was in serious condition, she said. The gunman got off at least one shot inside
  6. PHOENIX (AP) A gunman shot three people at a U.S. office complex after a dispute and remained at large, police in Arizona's largest city said Wednesday. The country's latest mass shooting occurred as Congress took up the issue of gun control for the first time since the Connecticut school shooting in December left 20 young children dead and changed the national conversation on guns. One of the victims was wounded critically, authorities said. Police were searching for the shooter. The remaining two victims' injuries were less severe, Sgt. Tommy Thompson said. Police do not believe the shoot
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