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  1. Punjab needs to industrialise as soon as possible. It cannot rely on just farming.
  2. Nothing surprising there. Central and Eastern India have always been dirt poor - Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha.
  3. Best to live in a Sikh majority area. I'm glad I do.
  4. This is very sad. Rest In Peace. It also shows why you shouldn't be desperate to move to a 'white' area either.
  5. You've got to laugh at these UP Muslims saying that the Sikh farmers want Khalistan. It was the UP Muslims who started the demand for Pakistan, Karachi is full of them.
  6. It's just like a dream. Whatever you are thinking about usually ends up in your dreams.
  7. This is the problem with our community. We are just a bunch of villagers. Economies are not run by villages. We should be living in and dominating cities. All major cities in Punjab have a Hindu majority, even our holiest city Amritsar. It's a joke.
  8. Remember this is what happens when living in a muslim majority country. Murders, love jihad, forced conversions.
  9. Buddhism is good and I do like to follow some of its teachings but remember only the monks can get enlightenment. These monks do not work and rely on the charity of others. Now imagine if everyone became a monk, the world would no longer function. That is why Guru Nanak was so right when he said that everyone should live the life of a householder and that anyone can get mukhti. There are also some verses in Buddhist scriptures that talk about women being obstructors to a man's spiritual path. No one talks about this.
  10. The Muslims started it by raping Burmese Buddhist women, just like they started it with us in the Rawalpindi massacre. They then cry when they get their backsides kicked in revenge. The Muslims have such arrogance and bravado that they act like this when in a minority. You can only imagine what they're like as a majority. Even in our Punjab there are cases of love jihad.
  11. That was over 50 years ago. Thankfully this practice has now ended in the UK, you have to have the grades to get into Oxford and Cambridge.
  12. It's always better to live amongst your own. I would never live in somewhere like Peterborough. Also, what was he thinking about going to ground zero a few months after the 9/11 attack? Use some common sense. It's sad that our homeland is a 3rd world place and that's why we have run to all corners of the world.
  13. Sadiq Khan also has muslim extremist relatives - https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/exposed-sadiq-khan-s-family-links-to-extremist-organisation-a3179066.html You don't have to dig deep in most sul families to find such stuff.
  14. Sometimes I wonder if these guys have links to the higher ups, i.e. Supply them with girls and boys. How else do they get away with it for so long?
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