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  1. Apne were getting married at stupidly young ages in the past. My great grandmother had my grandfather when she was just 13. There was a time when the life expectancy in India was just 40. Thankfully this is no longer that common but I've read in very backwards parts of Punjab it still occurs. No excuses for it in today's age. And even when it did happen in the past it was between two similar aged people, not a 65 year old an a 9 year old.
  2. The suls have written 'Islam will rule' in large graffiti on a railway bridge right next to Ramgarhia Gurdwara, obviously as an act of provocation and the damn committee have done nothing about it, it's been up there for quite a while. I guess we are a cowardly community now. Lots of infighting but haven't got the bottle to paint over this graffiti. The sign for the same Gurdwara on the main Stoke Poges Lane road has also been deliberately changed to point in the wrong direcrion, no doubt the work of suls again. I remember back in the 90s apne threw a pig's head in a mosque as retaliation for them burning the Nishan Sahib, where has that fighting spirit gone? These damn committee members were smashing each others cars a few years ago over elections so they have thugs in their midsts, so why can't these thugs do anything about this graffiti? Any suggestions on what could be done?
  3. Are you ridiculing him? Just look for a Sighni, most (not all) will have led pure lives
  4. Yes quite a few suls in High Wycombe and Oxford, both of which had grooming gang cases. Do you know much about Osterley and Isleworth? Are they worth exploring?
  5. I think you are safe in Bucks for the time being, but they will try their luck there eventually. Looking back I should have bought in Richings Park but my thoughts about schooling and my family situation at the time meant I bought here.
  6. The outside Slough primary schools might be an option, I will see how the demographics develop in this area in the next few years. I wouldn't want to carry on living here if more and more of them move in. Where do you live if you don't mind me asking.
  7. The outside Slough primary schools might be an option, I will see how the demographics develop in this area in the next few years. I wouldn't want to carry on living here if more and more of them move in. Where do you live if you don't mind me asking.
  8. Yes that's a good idea, I will also see if it's possible to visit some of these schools for open days to check out the demographics. Those IT types really force acedemia on their kids to the detriment of their all round development. I'll also check out some other areas to potentially move to. It sucks because I just bought this house 3 years ago and put a lot of time, effort and money into doing it up thinking I would live here for at least 20 years if not my whole life.
  9. I'm very worried about my 3 year old son. I live in Langley, Slough a nice place generally. In the last 5 years more suls have moved into the area. They are pumping out their usual 3-4 kids and due to that we may not fall into the catchment area for one of the best primary schools in the area. The school have literally told us that higher birth rates is the reason. 10 years ago there was no issue. But then I'm thinking I don't want my son going to such a school if that's what the demographics are going to be, I don't want him to experience the sul menace I did. The school will likely drop in standards as well with more of them. Each time I take him to the local park it's mostly full of sullees with their hordes of kids. I have no idea how they afford to live in this area with one person's salary and that many kids. Every house being sold here is usually to them or South Indian IT workers (who I don't mind). I think most apne my age have left or are leaving the area, it's just their parents left. Slough High Street is a dump full of halal eateries. There are some very good grammar schools here, that is the only thing that might keep me here and my widowed father lives very close. These guys just follow us everywhere and we're always running away from them. What to do? Sell up? I'm thinking maybe go towards Osterley/Isleworth where we outnumber them.
  10. The arrogance and overconfidence of these suls is something else. I was in Leicester Square yesterday, they had a stall blasting out their prayers and handing out qurans. This is a tourist packed location in Central London, not some sul ghetto. They like to test the waters, prod, prod and the inevitably they get a violent reaction. It's the same the world over.
  11. Having multiple wives does not increase birth rate unless there are more women in a population than men, which in Punjab is not the case as it is one of the regions with the highest levels of female foeticide. If there are 5 men and 5 women and 1 man marries all 5 of the women it just means the other 4 men will not get married. The birth rate remains the same.
  12. RIP, I there is no need to post his picture and name here, I please remove it and let the family mourn in peace.
  13. Yes exactly, how are they making so much money selling phone covers and women's suits. I don't think the previous Punjabi owners of their shops were as well off. I suspect they are up to some wrongdoings. https://chiswickherald.co.uk/organised-crime-group-with-hounslow-ringleader-dismantled-p17812-95.htm I find them to be a halfway house between Punjabi Sikhs and Pakistani Muslims. Like Pakistanis they marry cousins and are also quite prominently involved in harassing/grooming girls, I have heard this from someone who works closely with the police.
  14. Hit the nail on the head again. This is how apne are decorating their houses nowadays, ugly AF in my opinion, Southall has many such properties and they're becoming more common in Slough as well. Another problem is that the roads get full of parked cars because there are so many adults living in one house, sometimes 6! Richings Park is majority apne now, I think it's mostly rich people from Southall. A lot have destroyed character properties into monstrosities like above. But overall it's still a very nice area.
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