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  1. When Muslims get educated they still pump out a minimum of 3 children per woman, I've seen this at work, the only exceptions seem to be Turks and Iranians. Look at the birth rates of Muslims in Kerela the state with the highest literacy rates. They will out breed the Hindus soon and become the majority.
  2. There are a lot of Sikh owned restaurants here in the London area which are halal. Remember money comes first to apne. Likewise, take a walk down Southall Broadway and you will see countless Sikh owned shops selling Islamic pictures of Mecca and head scarfs. Never in a million years will you see muslims selling Sikh related items.
  3. My Dad told me that goray at his workplace were upset when Obama became president l, imagine the feeling now! It must be 10 times worse. He'll be far more competent than Truss and Starmer.
  4. I would say it is purely immigration. Sikhs don't have high birth rates. As the number of Sikhs in Canada, Australia, New Zealand grows the number of Sikhs in Punjab and India decreases, so don't complain about that.
  5. Or if he fails to fix the economy they'll blame it on an Indian.
  6. He's more competent than Truss and Johnson but his skin colour and religion will mean that he'll never be accepted. He can perform miracles in the next two years and the goreh will still vote for Starmer. Let them have the likes of Truss, Starmer and Johnson and see where it gets them. But to be honest I think he will be forced to call a general election before then.
  7. I don't think he's anywhere near as bad as someone like Priti Patel who really is a nasty piece of work. I think his father in law is good friends with Manmohan Singh. Yes the Hindus will probably be happy but wouldn't we if a Sikh became Prime Minister?
  8. No the exile of Sikhs from Afghanistan started in the late 90s, I remember that's when I started seeing them appear in bigger numbers in Southall. I also met a few of them who left Afghanistan in the 90s and they said life was terrible under the taliban.
  9. The Taliban was forcing Sikhs to leave well before the Americans invaded.
  10. It's a failure from us more 'mainstream' Sikhs. How often have do we call such people chamars and churreh in a derogatory way? Having said that, Pakistanis are the equivalent in the Muslim world. What's funny is that they've accepted their role in the hierarchy of the Muslim world. It's quite pathetic really and they still try to convert others to their religion. Until casteism disappears from Sikhs this will continue.
  11. That must be the end goal. If they're going to settle in Mexico they might as well just have gone to India.
  12. One punch can change a life. 3 years is not enough for such life changing injuries.
  13. Not many replies. Why is that? Because they're not famous singers? I'm surprised @californiasardar @californiasardar1 has not mentioned this. Is it because they were monay?
  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2022/10/05/us/california-family-kidnapped.amp.html So sad, he even killed the baby.
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