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  1. Imagine if it was written by an apna Frank Miller, he would go hardcore anti sul! Just like Frank Miller did against the Persians in 300. I found Watchmen very overrated, V fir Vendetta was very good apart from the songs.
  2. My first console was the N64 back in the late 90s, so innovative. That and the PS4 have been my faves.
  3. That looked really amazing. Such a shame that it didn't get made. It reminds me of the video game Sarbloh Warriors which also never got finished due to lack of funding.
  4. This is what I'm talking about. Can you imagine this happening in Europe and the USA let alone India? Apne are just as bad as respecting whites over others and this is seen in pretty much every other ethnic group. The main reasons are- the vast majority of white nations don't have abject poverty and they have invented and discovered so many things. People therefore think that whites are rich and that also gets them respect. Do you think a Korean or Japanese will get respect by the average Indian in India? They'll probably get mistaken for a poor Nepali or North East In
  5. East Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea have benefitted a lot from Confucius. The people think of the wider society and what impact their actions will have on it. Contrast that with India where most people are purely out for themselves send their family.
  6. Yeah it's good for a one off visit and that's it. You can buy the exact same stuff over here. It's also extremely hot most of the year.
  7. I visited Dubai once, it was OK for a one off holiday, I would never go again and certainly wouldn't want to live or work there. The law is heavily in favour of the locals and I can imagine it being far worse in Saudi Arabia. I really don't undertaken the apne who visit Dubai every single year. It really is shallow place.
  8. Does this mean men who go bald lose their strength? Genuine question.
  9. Isn't this the equivalent of suggesting that a male cousin could try becoming a barber?
  10. That's a good point but we have to be honest, we Sikhs can be extremely casteist ourselves. We still use words like chamaar and choora as derogatory terms to describe dirty people. This is why Ravidassias have set up their own religion.
  11. The whole Dr Ambedkar story is overplayed and makes no sense. He became a Buddhist, did all the tens of millions low caste Hindus of that time become Buddhists? Nope, very few did, the vast majority remained Hindus. If he became a Sikh instead the vast majority of the davits would have remained Hindus.
  12. Half of the attendees are probably groomers.
  13. I was disgusted by this, a female rapper of 'Sikh' background throwing herself at a sul rapper. The reverse would never happen.
  14. We are a more individualistic society compared to suls.
  15. It says in that article that necrophilia is not considered a sin in Islam and several fatwas have said it's fine. It may not be encouraged but it's not wrong. That's how twisted they are, a normal person would be grieving that their spouse is dead but some of them want to have sex with their corpse. I remember watching a documentary on Iran on the BBC several years ago, they showed how men had temporary marriages with prostitutes carried out by an imam just so that they can have sex. A truly messed up religion.
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