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  1. Do you know how guns used to operate in those days? They were extremely slow, often you'd have to reload after every single shot. Today you have high power hand guns and machine guns with large cartridges and high rates of fire. Welcome to the 21st century.
  2. If you want to learn a martial art for self defence then you're better off learning boxing/muay thai/judo/wrestling. The day of the sword has long passed. If you're learning for historical and cultural purposes than go with Gatka rather than Kendo.
  3. He was just a front for the Italian Sonia Maino so there wasn't much he could do of his own accord. He's a quiet and highly educated man, a combination that isn't appreciated by the dumb Indian masses. They would rather have a loudmouth illiterate tea boy as their leader. Sikhs aren't any better in this regard.
  4. What about medicine that has alcohol in it?
  5. Exactly. Its human nature. If Christian missionaries became even more powerful in Punjab you can bet your bottom dollar that Sikhs would a Sikh version of Modi to stand up to them.
  6. The only reason for the rise of Hindutuva is the threat Hindus feel from Muslims. If Hindus did what Sikhs did in 1947 - get rid of all Muslims from their areas then no one would care about or vote for the likes of Modi. In Pakistan they dont have a right wing Islamic party because there is no threat from another religious group. The muslim league collapsed for this reason, no Hindus to fight against. Look at it from a Hindu's perspective - the Muslims got their own countries Pakistan and Bangladesh, pretty much all Hindus were removed from Pakistan in 1947 and the number of Hindus in Bangladesh has decreased a lot. However despite getting Pakistan and Bangladesh, a whopping one third of all subcontinent Muslims remained in India and they have been breeding like rabbits going from 9% of the population in 1947 to 14% today. Put simply the Muslims got their cake and ate it. They were the number one benefactors of partition. Pakistan has Sharia Law which prevents non muslims to marry Muslim women or convert them, a non Muslim can never be Prime Minister in Pakistan. So this is how Muslims behave when in a majority. What will happen if Muslims keep growing in numbers in India. Look what they did in Kashmir, kicked out all of the minorities. There are also many cases of love jihad where muslim men seduce hindu women for conversion. This is the over confidence and aggression of Muslims, they do this even when in a minority. The Hindus have simply had enough of muslim aggression and the only way they can fight back is through Hindutva and the likes of Modi instead of muslim appeasement like Gandhi and Nehru, it's basic survival. I'm no fan of Modi at all but you can't blame Hindus for voting for him. He seems to be the only one who is standing up against Muslims.
  7. Its not just the numbers it's the quality. Muslims are always at the bottom of multicultural society. The likes of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X were fools. At one point they believed in the nation of islam which believes that white people were created by a mad black scientist in an experiment that went wrong. Then they converted to regular islam. Malcolm X complained about white Christian oppression but was able to cavort around with white women in America in the 1940s. He went to the middle East in the 1960s and was treated well by the high society there which made him think that was how all black people would be treated. However that was never the case, Saudi Arabia only reluctantly abolished slavery a couple of years before his visit! Malcolm X was simply naieve. To this day blacks are referred to as Abids (slaves) in the Middle East and North Africa, they would be murdered for trying to marry an Arab woman. That is how Muslims and Christians convert in a lot of cases- through trickery. Plus we don't need a bunch of dumb jail thug converts.
  8. Most Sikhs think Punjabi = Sikhs. They are not even aware that Punjab is almost 40% Hindu and there are more muslim Punjabis in Pakistan. We really are stupid.
  9. Punjab is important but it shouldn't be the be all end all. How many Muslims throughout the world know Arabic? Or Catholics know Latin and Italian? Buddhists who know Pali?
  10. Do the Italians go on about Julius Caesar, the French about William The Conqueror, the Muslims about Aurangzeb anywhere near the amount as we do about Maharaja Ranjit Singh?
  11. He was really good at Maths, Physics and Chemistry. He was able to help me all the way up to GCSE level. In fact I ended up taking those three subjects for my A Levels. I will definitely put in the same effort with my son.
  12. No but my father was a teacher in India, so he was able to help a lot. I remember we bought pretty much every practice test pack available in WH Smith and I must have gone through them several times.
  13. She is the Congress version of Arnab Goswami and very pro Muslim. If anyone asks you to say Bhindranwale was a terrorist ask them to first say Indira Gandhi was a terrorist.
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