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  1. How about Sikhs shouldn't be criminals in the first place. You really do talk some nonsense.
  2. It seems like Sikh criminals are like the Pakistanis of the UK.
  3. Rural Sikhs. I have seen it in my own family there. We Sikhs are just obsessed with going abroad. My Grandfather has 11 grandchildren, 8 of them live in the west. The other 3 would love to leave as well. This is having a big impact on Sikh demographics in Punjab. Hindus in Punjab don't migrate anywhere near as much, most of them have businesses and have no reason to leave. And now you have Muslim and Hindu migration from UP and Bihar. We will lose our majority status very soon.
  4. The worst thing is when we build mosques for them. When has a muslim ever built a gurdwara and funded it? Sikhs, in fact no other religion can keep up with muslim birth rates. Sikhs have 2 children on average whereas Muslims have 3. So a Sikh man will have 4 grandchildren whereas a Muslim man will have 9. Do the maths, it doesn't take long at all for demographics to change, especially in a small state like Punjab. Laziness from Punjabis has resulted in hiring people people from UP and Bihar to do labour jobs. Those same Punjabis then go abroad to become labourers. The Hindus are
  5. Things were bad enough when they claimed Guru Nanak, Buddha and Jesus were avatars of Vishnu, they've taken it to another level now!
  6. Why move to such countries in the first place?
  7. It depends on the religion. The old testament and quran have some barbaric verses that some people still try to justify today.
  8. This is South India, North Indians and Nepalese don't eat beef.
  9. This is the country that was sending beef in food aid to Nepal a few years ago.
  10. Both Hindus and Muslims love dressing up as Sikhs when it suits them.
  11. Only people who live in Punjab can vote in Punjab elections. If you leave a place you shouldn't have any right to vote in your former state or country.
  12. That's rich coming from you. Aren't you the same person who said that Sikhs have turned Southall into a drug infested shytehole? Sounds very self hating to me. If you hate the people who run your country that much and have other alternatives, in this case the possibility to move to Ireland, one of the most developed countries in the world, then you should do so. And grow up with the name calling, you're not in school anymore.
  13. It would be really nice to live in Lahore where it would be 70% muslim in undivided Punjab today. The Muslims would heavily outbreak everyone else in Punjab. You have no clue.
  14. What's the point? Places like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are really far away with a completely alien culture to Punjab. You still have to jump on a plane which involves a 5 - 6 hour flight, which isn't much less than a flight from England to India. If you are going to leave you might as well go somewhere better like UK, USA, Canada. However the best thing would be to have better development in Punjab and not to run away.
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