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  1. I'm guessing that most of the people who go to this school are from around the Slough area. You have two types of schools in Slough - Grammar and regular Secondary schools. To get into the Grammar schools you have to pass your 11 plus. Therefore the clever and academically minded students go to the Grammar schools and the others who fail go to these other secondary schools, none of which have a good reputation. My parents made me study very hard to make sure I made it into a grammar school! This school is most likely full of kids who aren't academically minded and as a result will never have a good reputation. There were plenty of wasters in the Grammar schools, I can only imagine how much worse it is in the secondary schools.
  2. Yes the post war era is when this took place. Just look at 1950s American culture, Elvis and James Dean.
  3. When you have 3 daughters, it can be difficult. They will all try to rebel and the father has little chance to stand his ground, 4 women against 1 guy.
  4. No it wouldn't. In Haryana there are still a lot of child marriages happening compared to Punjab.
  5. I'm sick of it to be honest. I remember when the BBC produced a fictional drama on muslim grooming gangs 10 years ago. Where do they decided to set it? Bradford? Rotherham? Oxford? High Wycombe? Nope, in Southall! With plenty of backdrops of the Havelock Road Gurdwara.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs/the_papers Have any of you seen the front page of today's Guardian newspaper? There's a massive picture of a Singh wearing a mask in Leicester. The story is about how Leicester has had an increase in Corona cases and that another lockdown is required. It is implying that Leicester is full of dirty immigrants. Out of all of the different ethnic groups that live in Leicester why did they choose a Sikh? Are we just fair game to them? They are too scared to put up a picture of a Muslim woman in a hijab or woman in a sari so they just pick on us because we just take it lying down. Muslims are 18% of the city, Hindus are 15%, we are a miniscule part of the population, our percentage of the population is not even mentioned on Wikipedia. If they were talking about Southall then fair enough but this is gujju (both hindu and muslim) central. The guardian is a trashy Muslim pandering paper.
  7. It's more ridiculing than hatred.
  8. What a disgrace. Who greets people with a dance? They should have just left us off if they were going to do this.
  9. You're right, he and his siblings are Christians. I think his dad is a Sikh. It just goes to show the weakness of our religion when even the man can't make his own kids Sikh.
  10. That Ambedkar story is a big myth. He coverted to Buddhism and very few Hindu Dalits followed him into doing the same. The overwhelming majority are still Hindus. If he became a Sikh the Dalits would still have remained Hindus. It's time we stopped peddling this myth, it only makes us look dumb and desperate.
  11. Yep, I work in IT and even most middle class English men I've worked with prefer football. Rugby is also seen as a cool sport, you have to be very strong, fast and fit to play it. It's also fast paced. I do like cricket but I can see why many don't.
  12. Yes compared to the cricketers from the 90s, but still nowhere near the fitness or athleticism of football, rugby, basketball players. There are still fat cricketers around. T20 still takes over 3 hours to complete. Furthermore most English fans don't even take ODI or T20s seriously. They prefer test cricket by far. There weren't even that many celebrations when England won the World Cup last year.
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