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  1. Might delay Sikhs becoming a minority in Punjab for a few more years. Do these students actually study and work in a related field after their course or is it purely for immigration?
  2. They are a nuisance everywhere they go. It's only a matter of time before civil war in the west.
  3. Who started the men and women sitting seperately in western gurdwaras? you don't see this behaviour in India. Will you complain about that as well?
  4. That is completely normal. This seperation of men and women is only found in western gurdwaras. In India families sit together whether it is in the Gurdwara proper or the Langar hall.
  5. They could offer both floor and table seating. With today's western lifestyle people are less flexible and may find it hard to eat on the floor. Say what you will about the fixo and trim Singhs, there are still far more turbaned Sikhs in a Ramgarhia Gurdwara sangat than a Singh Sabha one. The majority of Ramgarhias came from Africa, I'm one of the few whose parents both came from India. The Africa influence is big amongst them, even their offspring. I've seen several wear Kenya wristbands, something I find very strange as they were pretty much kicked out of there. They also like to go on about Makindu Gurdwara like it is equivalent to Harmandir Sahib and Anandpur Sahib! If I was ever kicked out of the UK you wouldn't see me wearing the Union Jack. Anyway the majority of the youngsters in Slough are abandoning both Ramgarhia and Singh Sabha and are going to Guru Maneyo Granth instead.
  6. I know, but to get things moving you can start a topic on mindless things such as my wife/mother in law did this and have multiple replies. Those get a lot of replies.
  7. Mr Patel or Mr Sharma next door are unlikely to groom your daughter or try to convert her. Suls are the absolute worst people to live amongst.
  8. The Palestinians are no different than any other Muslim group. I have little to no sympathy for them given how Sikhs in Afghanistan and Pakistan have been treated in modern times. Bethlehem had a Christian population of 85% in 1993, today it is 15%, that should tell you everything. https://thediplomat.com/2014/09/the-killing-of-the-sikhs/ Screw these suls and let them fight their own battles. They love killing each other anyway when there is no yahood, Hindu or Sikh to fight against.
  9. We have never been a people about needless conquest and forcing others to believe in our religion. Even Maharaja Ranjit Singh's conquest of Muslim majority Greater Punjab, Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtunkwa were motivated by self defence against Muslim aggression.
  10. It's true, that's why there was no widespread outrage about the massacres against the Gujarati/Rohingaya/Uyghur muslims. Anyway they are a violent people. Live by the sword die by the sword.
  11. Yes exactly, no Arab country actually wants Palestinians living amongst them for the reasons you gave. Israel even withdrew from Gaza completely in 2006 but Hamas still continued to launch rocket attacks. There is no outrage amongst muslims about the atrocities in Yemen and Syria.
  12. Jews are not weak, they humiliated the Arabs in the 6 day war and that was before they received lots of help from the USA. They have been taking more and more Palestinian land over the years. They have good armed forces and their orthodox community ensures their birth rate remains high. It is the impotent Arabs that are weak. Street thugs are no match for governments. Do you think the likes of Britain and France which ruled much of the world will just let muslims take over? I don't think so. They have either planned this mess or will have plans to deal with the muslims in the future. Remember muslims and other ethnic minorities are very few in numbers in the armed forces and police. White Europeans will never become muslims en masse, Western Europe is mostly a post religious society that lives a drink and pork. The muslims will cause civil war in Europe. Hindutvass are weirdos that simultaneously like Hitler and Jews.
  13. Post World War 1 Muslim nations have been very weak fighting non muslims. They've been beaten in wars against the UK, USA, India, Israel. There is no Muslim superpower. I do agree that one day Westerners will run out of patience with them but we will also feel the brunt of their wrath.
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