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  1. reminds me of those hippy Sikhs who take their own GGS and perform interfaith weddings all over North America for their own agenda and think its perfectly fine as long as its outside the gurdwara. As Sikhs its our duty to make sure GGS is in good hands and not being misused at all times.
  2. I just want to wait and see how gurdwaras will be running in 20 years or so when the next generation step in like us. For now most gurdwaras committees are no different from masands. That doesn't mean mean youth can't do anything though we have to work our way around these committees to at least have a basic ground to help sangat. Like I mentioned counseling before. There for sure are good Gursikh bibis/phenjis out there who can help out as counselors for their own local sangat and trust me it can make a big difference. Here in America, sadly most gurdwaras have no what so support for sangat. I mean in UK you have guys have atleast couple organizations to support sangat in different areas but here its complete chaos. Punjabi parents of this generation more over care about education than religion as they don't care who their child marries as long as she is standing on her own feet and blah blah blah. Also in UK, you guys enough youth to stand up against interfaith weddings too from happening in gurdwara too but in America not even one has been avoided.
  3. We need Sikh counsellors in Gurdwaras. Granthis are supposed to play that part in Gurdwaras but sadly most are in for the money and nothing else to help out with sangat. In UK, there are Singhs from Gurdwaras who do some family support help for Sikh families as every gurdwara should be doing this all over the world. This will help solve the problems of girls leaving out and getting dishonored and so on and on...... its not a complete solution but a good start to solve this problem.
  4. You should try your best to do amritvels whether you wake up at 4 or 5 am or even earlier at midnight or even 1 do your nitnem and then go to sleep because sometimes school schedule can be hectic so any of those two ways can work out for getting your ninth/simran done during amritvela. Other than that when you are alone and feel having the lustful urge, you should start simran right away where you are no matter what. That will help you overcome your mind thinking about it at that very moment.
  5. Tighten your kacha veer ji its a difficult task to stop. From own experience, what helps with me that i can go without it for weeks by doing simran during amritvela and listening to kirtan/simran as much as I can especially if your on the laptop just listening will tune your mind off of during such activity. But I have to be honest the rush starts kicking in always after a week in and more simran is needed to be done in order for me to focus and not get distracted by lust its a tough task but with simran and ardaas it can be cut off for good. For advice, start off a fresh day with amritvela path and simran and for that whole day focus on positive vibes that take your mind off of lust. Once you achieve day 1, try to get in the same notion and it might not work right away it can take weeks or months but getting into that habit might help. I Heard a talk on Sikh2inspire about Kaam being a king of the court of the five vices which in a way I believe to be true . It seems to me the more books I read about Gursikh gems I can conclude some have mentioned kaam being the toughest vice to control for them of course due to them being celibate when talking about mahapurakhs. Back on topic, your not the only one going through this notion of fighting kaam, it'll affect you if you don't control yourself without doing simran your spirituality will fall apart. In other words, don't let kaam control you , it should be you controlling kaam in the end. do extra chapaui sahib path too
  6. Definitely contact Sikh Helpline as someone mentioned alreadt. Also, let us sangat know how everything goes if you followed any of the advice above.
  7. Too bad the Muslim clerics in Dubai force Sikhs to keep the Nishan Sahib inside the gurdwara and ban any katha....
  8. Pretty sure DDT dates back to Baba Deep Singh but the name changed though throughout time. Maybe I'm wrong though.
  9. No doubt Damdami Taksal has had pooran mahapurakhs in their lineage of jathedars and great contributors to the panth like Sant Gurbachan Singh, Sant Kartar Singh and so on. But you think Dhumma was selected by the Taksal themselves? In no way I want to do nindiya of Dhumma but one has to agree he isn't fit for the authority of the Taksal. Even to this day the jathedar spot is in confusion at the Taksal as Badal picks his own choice who will do work for him. So sadly I have to say Taksal is monitored by the gov. but hopefully in the future that changes. In my opinion I would want someone picked from sarbat khalsa that should happen at Akal Takht. I support anyone who isn't afraid of speaking for the Truth and standing up for the Guru's teachings and has a high jeevan and has a good reputation already in the panth. Now I don't mind at all if it is a Singh or Jathedar from Taksal or Buddha Dal or neither to be honest. Right now I would want Bhai Amrik Singh Ajnala to be the Akal Takht jathedar who would be a big change for the Panth but that will never happen to be honest. He is a Taksali of course and I have no problem and he doesn't really associate himself with Dhumma as much as I know but I can tell you he is one of the only taksalis I really look up too from the 1970's and 1980's struggles who isn't quitting on getting justice. Now interestingly though, in the 90's Shaheed Gurdev Singh Kaunke was Akal Takht jathedar for a while and however he was picked though through the indian gov. agencies spying at Harmandar Sahib, I will never understand how but he did do a lot of parchar in short time and ended up shaheed.
  10. Truly enough that's what Sikhi has become in Punjab today sadly. Most of them are sellouts.
  11. No, I support Sant Jarnail Singh Ji, but what I am trying to say we are all part of the Khalsa and picking favorites of who's hands the Akal Takht should go to is risky. Akal Takht has superiority. Seriously we don't know how our jathedars are picked out these days, but most likely ones who do service of Badal. Right now to be completely honest today's Taksal is not what is was like in the 20th century. Dhumma is big sellout and a disgrace to the Taksal. Once all Indian politicans especially Punjab ones have their hands off of Sikh institutions which only can be done with the sword and not the pen and our Sikh leaders are chosen wisely depending on their jeevan not their service to politicans then I will have some hope. But on a serious note, Akal Takht needs to be in hands of the Khalsa again not pakhandi Sikh politican sellouts.
  12. Eh, I mean if it goes to either one you think the other will give alliance to them? Haumai is a spreading disease within our Panth and can even affect Singhs of either Taksal or Budha Dal it is risky in my opinion. Especially in the state of the two it will not be any good for the Panth. Sarbat Khalsa is the way to go in my opinion to decide the future..
  13. I think it can work out depending on the Muslims. Not all Muslims are stuck up and stick with their own kinds but many are like that unfortunately. They have a sense of superiority over others but not are like that again.
  14. female singing artists? lol that is something we aren't concerned about producing singing artists to be honest. There are women kirtanis(play the harmonium and sing religious hymns). Whitney Houston might have been a singer but where was she on the stance of spirituality?
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