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Found 3 results

  1. We often hear about how we as Asians non-Sikhs feel sorry for the ingenious white people indigenous Sikhs of the UK east Punjab due to the perceived take over there by ethnic minorities non-Sikhs Ie Britian east Punjab, in certain areas have become a white Sikh minority population areas like Doaba. ie before the last 50 years whites Sikhs were the clear majority in the UK then newly created smaller east Punjab. But now they are becoming the minority in their own tiny homeland. (Shock horror) But should we feel sorry for our pale skinned long haired friends? After all it was these peoples Sikhs who did no parchar about the truth of Sikhi. They never committed any genocides or wars against innocents. But are they getting a taste of their own medicine and Karma for all the bad lack of parchar they did in India, Africa and all over the world? ie they looted ignored billions of poor non-white people in Asia and Africa crying out for Sikhi in contrast to Christianity and Islam that killed millions and enslaved millions as the most Genocidal religions the World has ever seen. Christian Europeans and Muslim Arabs were the biggest robbers and war criminals the world has ever seen. But they both have 200 times more adherents to those slavemaster faiths than Sikhs. Even just in India there are 10 times the number of Muslims and Christians combined as there are Sikhs (excluding Pakistan and Bangladesh). If Sikhs did not try every exclude sehajdhari non-Punjabi people from the Panth there would not be many of us non-Sikhs left in India let alone in Punjab If we look at the racial ethnic mix of the UK east Punjab. Majority come from former colonies areas strongly associated with Sikhi in the Indian sub continent such as Bihar where Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj and Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji were born. Are the british Sikhs getting their just desserts? Their religion Sikhi is indisputably the Truth. But they don’t do parchar. They make it difficult for sehajdhari non-Punjabi’s or even so-called Hindu Punjabi’s to feel part of the Sikh Panth. They even define regular Gurdwara Sangat as non-Sikhs on the basis of family background. Their SGPC hasn’t even translated the Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj into the languages of the Panj Piare spoke such as the Dravidian languages, Gujarati and Odisha bhasha and Urdu and Gojri. Instead of setting up 550 new schools, medical dispensaries, hospitals for poor and oppressed in the 550th year after Guru Nanak Dev Ji came to Earth these rich western Sikhs are more interested in enriching the Pakistani Government and hoteliers by visiting Pakistan. They think Sikhi is a faith inherited by birth and defined solely by the criteria of non-Amritdhari’s keeping hair or not to be counted as Sikhs. But now as a result we non-Sikhs are going to rule leave them a minority in east Punjab very soon and they are becoming a smaller and smaller minority throughout the rest of India as a result of their idiotic community representatives defining anyone with a haircut (like Guru da Sikh Bhai Moti Ram Mehra) as a Hindu and defining anyone with a circumcision as a Muslim (like Bhai Mardana Ji). If the Sikhs cannot unite every pind in Punjab under a single united Gurdwara in the next 2years don't they deserve to decrease in percentage of population more and more each year?
  2. Over the decade I have noticed a sharp increase in divorce rates within the Sikh community. We used to look at the white atheist/abrahamic communities and thank our lucky stars were not like their families because of the high number of divorces and family break downs. But sadly the desi/asian communities of all religions are now on par with their white counterparts. It seems to me that boys and girls especially of our generation do not take the wedding vows or the anand karaj seriously they seem to live in carefree non-religious mindset without a care for how sikh society is structured and importance of religion in holding communities and families together. The girls of today are living a feminist rebellious bubble thinking they can do what they live when they live even while living with the husbands family and if they don't let them get away with things then they are quick to separate and then divorce. They have not been trained, educated and breed to behave to live a honorable and respectful manor befitting of a Sikh woman rather they are left to their own devices of living like their white women feminist hedonist counterparts who are themselves not very family orientated and selfish at heart. What we need is a 1 month course of anyone wishing to have a sikh marriage anand karaj so that they do not take the marriage as a joke or lightly and think they can divorce when ever they feel like it. I believe the catholic church has a course like this for those who converting to cathollicism in order to marry in their churchs. Has anyone else noticed this negative trend divorce trend? And what are the possible solutions to it.
  3. There has been a steady rise of cases where girls from Sikh families are marrying into Hindu families. Historically, culturally and traditionally this has been going on for decades however it wasn't as acceptable and the norm as it has become now Back in the days when Sikhs married with Hindu's it was with the understanding that the Hindu person would convert to Sikhism or at least brought up any kids they had as Sikhs but now it seems the opposite, since 1940s Sikhs have not be bothered about their demographics with disastrous consequences (not being forming khalistan/sikhistan during independence talks being one of them). We often see Sikhs on this forum complain of the muslim demographic take over by targeting Sikh girls and other non-muslim females for creating a high muslim population. However if we have cases where Sikh females are married of and converted to Hinduism then they also don't create Sikh kids either they tend to do what their Hindu husband and in-laws family wants have Hindu kids with Hindu names and they worship idols in mandir, this isn't a problem on a individual case basis but it is a problem when we look at the larger picture and the decline of Sikh population in India as the last census showed. Hindus are 1 billion strong, Sikhs barely 20 million in India.... You know there is something very wrong going when our so called Sikh leadership in india is not concerned and on their watch our population is not rising year on year by either conversions or birth rate. .
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