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Found 8 results

  1. For a Sikh what sort of punishment are we supposed to let out on those who sin like those who kill, cheat on spouse, adultery, theaf . rapist. drunkyard, what would be there punishment according to Sikhi
  2. I have heard and read this expression from atheist's who argue you don't need to follow a religion to know the difference between what is right or wrong thing to do or have morals. I would strongly disagree because: 1) Without a good religion (such as sikhi) you could be indoctrinated to follow some other ideology which could tell you its ok to commit murder, rape, robbery against the person who isn't from your group. 2) What is right in one religion/ideology can be wrong in another. E.g.slaughtering an animal in agnosing death then eating meeting its meat such as beef is perfectly fine in judaism/Islam. However in hinduism killing a cow is a sin and wrong and slaughtering animals inhumanely is wrong other non-abrahamic faiths. E.g Its wrong in islam to worship more than 1 God other than arab pagan moon God Allah however in hinduism it's not wrong and you can worship millions of Gods. 3) Evolution theory which atheists look too for existence of everything see's no right or wrong when it comes to genociding/extincting whole species/races of people. Because its the survival of the fittest if your group is not strong enough to out compete those who are trying to undermine or harm you then you do not deserve to exist as per the evolution theory. It is only a firm adherence to sort of civilized belief systems, a religion that has kept humanity from destroying each other to the point of existence as was the case when modern humans fought with other human species (such as Neanderthals) where eventually those others died off due to genocide.
  3. Guest

    Erasing sins

    Hi I was fortunate to have kirpa over 10 years ago, I was practicing well but then it all just went pear shaped. Cutting a long story short I went from practicing rehat to being a complete sinner. I spent many years drinking, tried drugs, and also committed a huge amount of bad lustful actions. I went from one extreme to the other. For a couple of years I use to drink and then get upset about how I threw everything away, the chance Waheguru gave me away but then slowly I forgot about that lifestyle and became comfortable in this new lifestyle of not thinking much about my Sikhi. I got married (to someone who doesn’t practice much sikhi, but now is taking a slight interest) and I also have three children. I have recently found the love again for Sikhi, I feel waheguru has given me a second chance by showing me the light again, I am now trying to practice and change by waking up for Amrit vela, stopping meat, and alcohol too... not that I have drank on many occasions since uni. I want to change my inner self, become compassionate, control my panj Chor etc. I have realised I do not want to waste this life, I am thirsty for gyan and spiritual connection again. I am worried now, will I ever be able to erase the sins I have made over the last 10 years? Will simran do that or no matter how hard I try do I have no chance to obtain mukhti now? I use it to always think I would marry someone who was a practicing sikh as I believed you are the sangat that you keep. I look back and wonder was it meant to be this way as in was I meant to meet my spouse who I never would have if I was wearing a dastar like before, were we meant to be like this as my spouse may also get into sikhi and this was our path? Or was there someone else I was meant to marry who was Amritdhari. As we have had a rocky marriage, due to my spouses drinking habbits. That’s a separate question but what’s stressing me out is the guilt of the sins I have committed. I feel disgusted in myself that I went against my Guru, especially the lustful actions. Can I ever pay for these sins in this lifetime and clear them before I leave? When I was younger I use to do simran and feel so much bliss, now I still haven’t got to that level, I get distracted and have to work hard to keep my mind from thinking too.
  4. Is there any crime or sin in Sikhi that would be seen as unforgivable? I know in the janamsakhis Guru Nanak Sahib Ji is mentioned to have forgiven and reformed alot of infamous evil characters even mass murdering man eaters. So I was thinking if the Guru Sahib can forgive and reform evil doers is there any crime us Sikhs would not forgive? and how would we justify harsh punishment for heinous crimes if our own Guru's forgave mass murderers?
  5. Guest

    Sins and good deeds

    When i was younger i stole some chewing gum and few coins from a boys bag in school. I reget it now and hate myself for doing. I really do not know why i did it. I have two questions: Will i have i sin? If i do have a sin can it be vansihed if i do good deeds? Thank you G.Singh
  6. Guest

    Sins and good deeds

    When I was younger I stole some chewing gum and a few coins from a boys bag in school. I dont know why i did it and really regret it. Will I have a sin? If I have a sin could it be vanished if i do good deeds? Thank you
  7. Guest

    Concept Of Paap In Sikhi

    WJKK WJKF I am a new amritdhari and previously I have this idea embedded in my head that if I do something bad, (not bujjer kurehit) that i will have a bad consequence of my actions... like I was involved in a accident and I was thinking this maybe because of my own actions. (this is just one example). Does this concept exist in sikhi? What happens when we commit paap's? I feel like i am constantly thinking in my head, if I do this, then this might happen? Or that if I do this, it might be bad luck? Is this just superstition? Please clarify Guru ang sang
  8. Guest

    Eating Meat.

    could somebody please explain to my whether or not sikhs are allowed to eat meat or not. i watched a you-tube video where the sikh man (was an american gora) said you should eat whatever you feel like eating. i did other research and it says that sikhs are not allowed to eat halal meat / kosher meat. they can eat jhatka meat. my family says sikhs cannot eat meat as animals are Gods creation and it is disrespectful to eat it. what is the right option?
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