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  1. yea pakistanis make better kebab and biryani but there restaiaurants r halal and most times rnt clean
  2. its good to try different food
  3. those half and halfs make me laugh. more times over they're just coconuts. You can't be half a religion LOL. You know which type I find the most annoying though are those athiest sikh types who are anti Sikh freedom and just want sikhs to assimilate wo what ever culture be it Western or indian I know few guys like this. They'll be so anti khalistan and say this and that is backwards but still wanna stick to nagar keertan and lecture non sikhs about how great sikhs are when it suits them
  4. this is a absolute crap show and waste of time I tried watching his videos but i could not get past 3 minutes it is unprofessional low quality and more like a lobby. The Raj guy is no better and it looks like he has some anti islam undertones in him. His videos i also couldn't fully watch. All people involved in this seem to be youtube users and it seems like video game lobby type thing. I don't think productive people would be doing these things. One guys is giving biased opinions of SIkhi and the other of Islam both doing it in a mocking way best is just to keep reporting there videos
  5. im from canada and i say pan, pind, kidda instead of kimmeh, loon instead of noon my family is from Doaba region near nawanshar, Here in Canada most ppl i have met were either Doabis or Malwa recently there has been increase in majha ppl , I think doabis are more prominient on the West coast, and ppl from malwa are more near toronto brampton however i do not have any relatives in UK that I know of besides my dads mama da munda who got deported
  6. DIsgusting this is a good man making a honest living killed by 2 thugs who chances are wouldnt have done anything good for society other than have multiple children with various men who gonna leave the picture anyways. Atleast Mr Anwar will be in heaven, tragic senseless loss for his family nonetheless
  7. some bhuddist sects r messed up i knew a vietnamese guy from school who said in his culture and buddhism he follows they r allowed to kill others.
  8. everything your saying is a lie man jatts atleast here in canada put there sikhi first Jatts have married in to Tarkhan families rajput families etc, I know of Minhas family marriage with Grewal, Hunjoon with Dhaliwal. Karku leaders of Canada were Brar Leyat Parmar, etc you cant be trying to divide community like this
  9. kicking out shouldnt be the first thhing she should be disciplined a few apneh r starting to become like the goreh there r very easy solutions to these problems
  10. bro i dont no why apneh hate on other apneh. ur right our ppl r running the game out there n there moving to AB aswell
  11. take better care of your sons and daughters and those who do this should be named and shamed
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