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  1. https://theprint.in/opinion/pov/ajkal-kudiyan-ne-bimar-punjabi-singer-simiran-kaur-gets-million-views-by-shaming-women/735607/
  2. idk bro my parents came in the 90s to canada and they r still backwards and pendu AF my dad can't even speak enlgish proper to this day
  3. end of the day i met few cocky suls by themselves they r pussycats but together they act cocky in a feminine way u no what i mean
  4. another thing i wanna point out back in the days late 2000s early 2010s growing up in canada punjabis were more drawn into gang lifestyle drug dealing as role models rather then bhangra parties etc it was mostly at wedding . we would be clued up of uk having a desi pop through media or friends and family and internet would type in uk punjabi gang uk sikh gang etc and from there lotta us found out about the grooming thing from early on so the internet rose awareness
  5. idk y but i feel uk born punjabis r these days weaker than canadian born punjabis. in canada if a <banned word filter activated> was tryin this wit an apna sister or cousin he would get buried
  6. no1 takes lily singh seriously here bro shes seen as a kali wannabe as a matter of fact alot of the canadian born apney in toronto were seen as kaley wannabes. on the west bhangra parties were a bigger thing out toronto, where the born young modern canadians had a whole debate wit gurdwara types on bhngra parties cos gurdwara folks were agains boys n grils mixing like tht but gurdwara evenntually lost
  7. but suls dont hve the power to freely do this like in uk ppl will deal with these guys in the streets or in prison. majority of paks still face punjabi aggression in these cities i have family living there and the cousins tell me how they call the pakistanis sulley to there face etx
  8. theseguys r bro this main group had victims in lethbridge which is a small town near larger city called calgary. lthey drove victims from lethbridge to big city calgary which has areas full of these race of ppl. so im pretty sure this is already happening on a big scale
  9. https://thepostmillennial.com/suspected-child-grooming-gang-arrested-in-alberta-for-alleged-sexual-exploitation-of-minors
  10. alot of punjabi dealers r known to go to ecorts and give them samples as they usually do drugs already and they gain rich customers like tht one predominatley punjabi canadian street gang brothers keepers have been known to work girls also i dont know if they force them and i dont think they target under age though because among canadian born punjabis this thing is very taboo but they dont mind seling drugs
  11. today i got into a huge arguement with my parents n i ended up losing my anger and punched my mom few times i ended up bruising her arm. if i apologize and she forgives me will i be in trouble from Waheguru?
  12. I think tht jatt and tarkhan sikhs are good but are more into alcohol and more gorafied than gujjar sikhs or rajput sikhs i met who seem to be more old school prlly cos they r small population and havent gone international like other communities. khatris are just weird in my opinion.
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