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  1. thats actually horrific bro i would not want to see this
  2. 100 percent truth right here. what has this type of behaviour gotten us? lead to the decline in morals both our men and women this was the brits plan since the begining to destroy us who cares of some old timers wanna talk sweet about them its time we take things in a different direction
  3. the average gora is a pansy.we should intimidate them and be aggresive towards them like how the pakistanis do it
  4. yes you are so right especially in this day and age we have no excuse to be in this sorry pitiful ignorant state of mind. with the internet we can see so much history of betrayals yet we still have over the fence ppl who r way to comfortable to really ever do anything
  5. why not be overtly hostile to brits and gorey instead of trying to be buddy buddy with them. we r physcally stronger than them they are passified and weak why not take advantage of them i see nothing wrong in it. some will say the establishment is our enemy and not the people... but it is the people that keep the establishment running
  6. i would ssay muslims get mroe religous after every generation especially in the west so i dont see islam declining anytime soon
  7. i belive a lot of what you beleive bro but tell me how do you go about your day without raging knowing that there r so many ppl hypnotized by these scumbags and the game they r playing. and how do u go about spreading this info to others i have tried but it gets so complicated
  8. women need to be controlled and need the rules laid down on them or they will go uncontrollable seen too many singhs n punjabi uncles lettin there wives go round dolled up u no men stare maybe they like it looooollll
  9. 100 percent truth right here. i watched a long interview a while back on a former police detective in the UK who was investigating this crap in the 70s. those cases didnt involve ethnic men but whites and he was told to stop investigating immediatley. i think the reason they doing this now is cos the pakistanis r visible minority easier for english masses to scape goat well turning blind eye to the ones who profit most from this the ppl sitting at top
  10. the jews r what they are alluding to i think
  11. living abroad though i dont think apneh really face any problems from suls as we can hold our own with the exception of the uk where we r a very small minority wherever the numbers r even u never see this ie Canada, usa,N.Z
  12. this whole idea of pujabiyat is mainly pushed by our ppl, only muslims i seen supporting it r from fringe sects, or just the online liberal minority
  13. i feel that establishing more sikh dominated neighbourhoods in the west is the way to go, it can be seen as a sort of colonisation on our part. we establish ourselves and when the west try to extert influence on us we push back on them and make them afraid of us
  14. the sikh empire should have never sided with the british or allowed any territories to be ceded to the brits. largely due to them doing so we have the mess of india today
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