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  1. i also try to get friends to share this mindset i dont know if they agree or just nod in approval cos they get annoyed with me. Plus i just recently got clued up on the UK scene and the stuff i hear tht used to (or still is?) go n there makes my blood boil
  2. iam not proud to admit this but i feel like i am strongly biased against muslims and hindus. I always am suspicious of them and generally when they are suffering i am indifferent to it. the reason is tht i have had bad experiences in my life with these 2 communities and i know not all are bad but i still have suspiciousn and find myself discriminating against them
  3. oh man im not trying to be crap stirrer but the amount of times ive seen money call ppl f**ing gyani. or threats like ill knock ur gutti off etc i cant count any more. I think these guys could be learning at home or are they just insecure showing self haterad
  4. This guy started off with Sikhi in his home but turned into a teenage hitman due to bullying its a crazy story he is said to be responsible for alot of unsolved killings
  5. bro idk where u from but these guys are far from wannabes they have arab and blacks on ropes and they plug up toronto gangs
  6. In BC province there is wide problem of punjabis killing punjabis its happening almost everyday now. its so sad because bc sikh community is home to lot of ppl who were directly affected by events in the 80's and now there own kids are doing this stuff. I have seen modi bakht types use this against us say things like u sikhs r jus killing eachother off, ''kanneda taxi driver'' etc
  7. thats a real concern but the few ppl involved here tht i know of have insiders working in the dispensarys, and ppl shipping them in get compromised suddelnly lose large amounts in transit and we all know where they end up
  8. i dont think that bindy n em were tryna set up a gurdwara they were known to be hired to intimidate khalistan types by more moderate gurdwaras. Bindy johals rivals gangsters ron and jimmi dosanjh were involved with setting up babbar khalsa set in vancouver but bindy guys ended up killing both of them. and yea pakis r a joke here they tried setting up a crew few years back and got <banned word filter activated> kicked. all they r known for is dating 15 year olds and being bottom feeders
  9. oil carts are vaoe pens tht ppl use to smoke thc oil the batteries are what u use to charge it
  10. pakistanis get sooo jealous of punjabi criminals its sad if u go on youtube videos on bindy johal who was like an early on guy and comments of haters if u go on there pages they end up being pakis lmao
  11. ya they sell it for cheaper also we have these things called oil carts and batteries tht dispensarys sell for like 70 dollars but the dealers give it to u for 30.
  12. typical pakistani suls this is what muslims do all over the world bless israel
  13. full support for israel Sikhs should look up to them in a sense of how they went fom being very small community and stateless to now this
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