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  1. A series of arrests of terrorists by a Punjab military in new times has lifted a doubt symbol on their timing, generally in perspective of a souring family between a fondness partners in a state, Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) and a BJP. Various domestic outfits pull this surmise formed on a remarks done by Punjab arch apportion Parkash Singh Badal during Sultanpur Lodhi recently, when he pronounced a fondness was poignant to safety a community harmony, assent and society in a state. Hence all efforts were being done to say a alliance, he added. The Punjab military definitely forlorn such conjectures, observant there was zero domestic about a ongoing arrests, that is a slight practice to safeguard that pro-Khalistan elements didn’t settle their foothold or regroup themselves on Indian or unfamiliar soil. The domestic parties in Punjab, however, see a settlement in a arrests and even try to couple these with a statements being done by Badal and other SAD spokespersons usually to keep a BJP in line. Punjab Congress boss Partap Singh Bajwa pronounced Badal’s new matter that community assent and assent in a state could be confirmed usually if a fondness remained total was an denote of a recklessness in a arrange and record of a SAD. “Moreover, a credit of a Punjab supervision and Punjab Police is during a lowest lessen now. It appears as if fear psychosis is being combined in a state among all communities for domestic gains,” pronounced Bajwa.CPI inhabitant executive member Joginder Dayal pronounced a timing of arrests and a statements of Badal and other Akali leaders observant that usually a fondness could safeguard a community assent in a state is “a worrying trend”. He pronounced there was no fondness between a Akalis and a BJP before a terrorism engulfed Punjab or even during a uneasy times. Both domestic parties came tighten usually for domestic gains as Akalis knew they could use a BJP to constraint a civic opinion bank. For a comparison member of AAP, Manjit Singh, it is a diversion devise of both a Akalis and a BJP to dope a voters. He pronounced a Akalis knew that even if a electorate forlorn them in a subsequent public polls, they could stay with a BJP and could share energy in a state. “I don’t have a specific explanation to doubt a new arrests of terrorists though people are articulate about a timing,” pronounced Manjit. Sikh Relief/SOPW have also expressed their concern with the recent spate of arrests made by the Punjab Police in just a matter of weeks. ADGP (intelligence) Hardeep Singh Dhillon pronounced a arrests of a anti-national elements from India and abroad had been an ongoing process. The military had been successful in violation many apprehension modules given 2012 with a assistance of executive comprehension agencies, he said. Sources in a military suggested that after being suffocated in European countries such as Germany, Austria and a United Kingdom, and also in north American countries such as Canada and a US, a pro-Khalistan elements changed to south-east Asian countries such as Malaysia and Thailand for protected havens. DGP of Punjab Police Sumedh Saini, has been overseeing the whole operation aimed at catching those ‘wanted’ persons who have managed to escape abroad fearing for their lives and knowing they will not get a fair trial or recourse to justice. Sikh organisations around the world have also expressed their grave concern about these arrests and the ‘interrogation’ tactics used by the Police. Earlier today, Punjabi newspapers reported that a source from within the police had said, Sumedh Saini himself would lead the interrogation of Harminder Singh ‘Mintu’ and Saini had threatened to ‘do away with him’ in a fake encounter. * 17th September – Rattandeep Singh is arrested from the state of Uttar Pradesh and has been implicated in many cases. * 6 November – Ramandeep Singh ‘Goldy’ was deported from Malaysia and arrested upon landing in Chennai. Cases have been registered against him under the Arms & Explosives Act and the Unlawful Activities Act. DGP Sumedh Saini, immediately announces promotions by way of reward, for the 2 arresting police officers. * 7th November – Harminder Singh ‘Mintu’ is arrested from Delhi Airport along with his close associate, Gurpreet Singh ‘Gopi’. Mintu has been framed in 10 cases and has been dubbed as a ‘top catch’ by the police. * 9th November – Jasbir Singh, who police claim is a close associate of Rattandeep Singh, is arrested by Chabal Police in Tarn Taran. Also, Ramandeep Singh ‘Sunny’ is arrested in Bathinda. He worked at an Auto Electrical Store and lived with his grandmother and aunt, as he was orphaned as a child. His family say he is a hardworking and honest boy who is being ‘set up’ by the Police. His elderly grandmother said he left for work on the morning of the 9th and she hasn’t seen him since. The police claim these arrests will lead to more catches and that they are only just piecing together the whole story. The reality more likely is, they are fabricating the plots, which they will use to ensnare more innocent Sikhs who will be thrown into the vicious cycle of fighting their cases through the courts, whilst continuing to languish in jail. Source: http://singhstation.net/2014/11/recent-arrests-called-khalistani-terrorists-raise-eyebrows/
  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Barnala, Punjab (August 15, 2014): According to information released by Sikh Organization of Prisoners Welfare one Jasvir Singh ‘Jassa’ of village Manaki in Barnala was taken from his home by Punjab police in the early hours of 13th August, under very suspicious circumstances and there has been no whereabouts of him since then. “In a move that mirrors the dark days of the 1980-90’s, the family home was surrounded by officers, who entered the house by climbing over the walls. Jasvir Singh was taken under false pretences, with claims that he wpuld simply be questioned and would return home soon”, reads a release by SOPW, an NGO working for the welfare and rehabilitation of prisoners. According to SOPW, Jasvir Singh’s family have gone from police station to police station in the local area of Barnala and nobody has claimed that they made the arrest or that they know where he is being held. The family have told us that when the police raided their house there were no local police officers or panchayat members present and when they asked for the name and number of the arresting officer the reply they got was that the “SHO summoned Jasvir Singh.” Jasvir Singh had only just returned home in the last couple of months when he was released after spending 5 years separated from his family. SOPW has expressed concerns over his appearent illegal and secret detention.
  3. FROM THE SOPW INDIA TEAM CURRENTLY AT TAKHT SRI KESHGARH SAHIB ANANDPUR 'Hola Mohalla' is a festival started by Guru Gobind Singh in 1701, when he held a day of mock battles and military exercises followed by poetry and kirtan contests at Holgarh Fort.The Guru was in the midst of fighting both Aurangzeb and the Hill Rajputs having recently established the Khalsa Panth in April 1699. Today, Sikhs from all over the world celebrate by watching and partaking in martial arts parades. The event concludes with a long, military-style procession near Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib, one of the five seats of temporal authority of the Sikhs. Sikh Organisation For Prisoners Welfare (SOPW)
  4. Last week the National Investigations Agency (NIA) team arrived again at one of our senior team member Bhai Parminder Singhs home. They asked that he accompany them and their Panjab police officers to the homes of each of the prisoners supported by SOPW so the families could be ‘questioned’. Parminder Singh flatly refused to travel anywhere with the Government officials and as a result he was threatened with arrest by the NIA officials. Parminder Singh became a key member of the SOPW India team after he was released from jail in 2010. He had been held on remand accused of arms possession and attempted murder at Nabha Jail 2007. When his case finally reached court he was acquitted of the charge of attempted murder but found guilty of arms possession. He always strenuously denied all the charges registered against him and explained the arms which he was charged with possessing were in fact ‘planted’ at his house by Panjab police officers prior to his arrest. SOPW supported Parminder Singh while he was in Jail and while his mother was very ill and alone at home. During his time in prison he saw for himself the remarkable seva undertaken by SOPW and the huge difference it made to the lives of the prisoners. It was then that he promised his fellow Sikh political prisoners, some of who were serving lengthy sentences that upon his release he too would join the SOPW team and continue to take the message of the plight of Gursikh prisoners languishing in jails to the rest of the world. Similar to Bhai Balbir Singh Bains who founded SOPW, Parminder Singh was also severely tortured and then thrown into prison without any legal support. When SOPW were made aware of his case we immediately began the process of support and lawyers were instructed to take the case to court. It has been over three years since Parminder Singh was freed but due to the levels of torture inflicted upon him he has never returned to his former level of fitness. Since his release he has been blighted by periods of ill health and despite our pleas to him that he should take time to rest and seek medical advice for his condition he spends all day fulfilling his panthic duties. If he is not meeting with prisoners or their families he is organising the SOPW teams for forthcoming projects or meeting with lawyers or other Panthic figures. Frequent visits to Prisons far from home means he often returns home late at night and is out to work again at the crack of dawn. Often we find he has spent the night sleeping in local Gurdware or even on bus stand bench’s waiting for the next bus to arrive the next morning on which to travel home. The little time he then has at home is spent caring for his ill mother or writing up reports for us to share with the Sangat. His own health and well being is always bottom of his list of priorities. Given Parminder Singh’s own experiences of the Indian authorities, the National Investigation Agency’s request that he accompany them to what he believes is a cross examinations of prisoner families, he felt was an insult. He explained that under no circumstances would he ever wish to be seen riding around in police vehicles, sipping cups of tea and appearing to be on friendly terms with them. He went on to say any police force or agency employed by the corrupt Indian Government could never have the best interests of poor or suffering citizens at heart. He believed the officers would happily sink to any moral depths to please their superiors and therefore links with such people he felt amounted to nothing less than treachery. He told the officers that if they felt it was compulsory that he accompanied them then they would need to handcuff and forcibly take him but refused to be seen willingly associating with them. Enraged at Parminder Singh’s stand, the professional guise that the new NIA department hide behind suddenly fell apart and out came the all too familiar Indian Police behaviour for which they are notoriously known. The officers threatened Parminder Singh with arrest and 10 days remand which we know means ten days torture in an interrogation centre, hidden away from the public and more importantly the media’s attention. Parminder Singh has become well versed with the antics of the NIA, it was only last year that they thoroughly investigated the work of SOPW and the team fully co-operated, providing all evidence of financial transactions and documents relating to the registry of the charity etc. However months later having left no stone unturned in their investigation the NIA found not a shred of evidence to support the ludicrous accusations by the Indian Government that SOPW fund ‘terrorists’ and the investigation was scaled and the NIA returned to Delhi empty handed. However in recent weeks the NIA appear to have invented new grounds to escalate their investigation again and are back in Panjab sniffing for anything that could lead to the work of SOPW to be halted and the Sikh prisoners and their families to be left destitute. Time and time again and through various channels we have invited the NIA officials to come forward and facilitate a meeting with senior members and trustees of SOPW so this matter can be resolved once and for all. SOPW take threats and attempts of intimidation towards any of our team members extremely seriously. This matter has now been passed to our legal team who will investigate this new phase of harassment by the NIA towards our team, our prisoners and the families we support. Sikh Organisation For Prisoners Welfare (SOPW)
  5. On 22 January, the Austrian jail authority, accompanied by sniffer dogs, raided the belongings of five Sikhs while they were away from their cells. They showed great disregard for the sacred gutka's (prayer books) and other religious literature. All their belongings were left in a real state of disarray. You may recall that Hardeep Singh, Tarsem Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Jaspal Singh and Surjit Singh all received 17 year prison sentences in 2009, for the murder of Ramanand in Vienna. Ramanand, a controversial figure, disrespected the Guru Granth Sahib and committed 'beadbi' of the saroop. Hardeep Singh has begun a hungerstrike by way of a protest at the harsh treatment they have received. SOPW will be taking up this case with the various authorities and organisations throughout UK and Europe. We are concerned for the Singhs well being whilst in prison and want to ensure that their civil rights are protected. We support Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa
  6. With Guru Ji’s blessings, the Sangat at Guru Nanak Gurdwara BRADFORD, will be participating in the ‘Jaap for Justice’ campaign in the sangati roop. While reciting the Jaap of Mool Mantar, we will be remembering each and every political prisoner in the jails of India. We will be doing an Ardaas to Guru Sahib to bless these Singhs and Singhanias with freedom from injustice and to reunite them with their families. We will be doing an Ardaas for prisoners like Gurdeep Singh Khera who has spent 11 years in Karnataka jail, 9 years in Tihar Jail and from 2010 onwards he has been imprisoned in Gulbara jail in Karnataka. Imagine...how you would feel...losing all contact with your family, your mother tongue and your right for basic necessities. Gurdeep Singh has endured much more then this while in prison. Many, like Bhai Gurdeep Singh, will be in our Ardaas on Sunday. Let's unite together to bring justice to these Singhs and Singhania in the jail. From: Sangat of Guru Nanak Gurdwara Bradford, UK. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TAKE PART IN THE SOPW 'JAAP FOR JUSTICE' PLEASE TELL US WHAT DAY YOU WILL BE TAKING PART AND SEND YOUR PHOTO, MESSAGE, NAME AND WHERE YOU ARE FROM TO: kalsopw@hotmail.co.uk Sikh Organisation For Prisoners Welfare (SOPW)
  7. Sikh Organisation For Prisoners Welfare (SOPW) Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa’s peaceful campaign has led to the start of a process to release six long-serving Sikh political prisoners, by securing their release on parole. He played his part in awakening the wider public to the ongoing injustices against Sikhs in India. As part of this movement we saw people from all over the world, raising awareness and taking part in hunger strikes, including five Singh’s who spent five bitterly cold days and nights, outside the Indian Embassy in London. For over five years, SOPW has been committed to the welfare of all Sikh political prisoners. This process consists of the following steps: - Once we identify a prisoner, we immediately take care of his or her basic needs, eg. food, clothes, toiletries, books, magazines and newspapers, to make prison life a little easier. - We talk to them to find out who they have left behind in their family; elderly parents with no other support, a family member in need of medical attention, their children whose education is interrupted, a sibling who is due to be married and of course, their family home which may be in need of urgent repairs. Our fieldworkers remain in regular contact with the prisoner as well as his/her family; providing advice, support and financial aid. - Often, we find that the Sikhs had inadequate legal representation, with the lawyers taking the money but not getting the results. So we hire the best legal team for them, personally monitor the court case, cover the necessary bail bonds and other hidden costs involved in getting the prisoner released. Financing the lawyers makes up a large part of our costs as some cases need to be taken all the way to High Court and even Supreme Court level, where the expertise of just one lawyer can cost upwards of £10,000. - Our support does not stop upon release. We run a rehabilitation programme; which provides the means for self-sufficiency, so that they can support their own family and rebuild their lives with dignity after decades in Indian jails. Our philosophy is to “thrive, not just survive”. We have tried our best to support these prisoners through all of the above stages. The SOPW team feel it is in keeping with our religious and moral duty to support these Singh’s as they taste freedom for the first time in many years. We have also been inundated with messages from the worldwide Sangat, who wish to see these Singh’s supported. IN KEEPING WITH SOPW AND THE SANGAT’S WISHES, WE HUMBLY ANNOUNCE A REHABILITATION PACKAGE OF 500,000 Rs (over £5,000) TO EACH OF THE FOLLOWING SIX; Gurmeet Singh Shamsher Singh Lakhwinder Singh Lal Singh Varyam Singh Gurdeep Singh Khera They will be starting their lives again from the beginning, after spending over 18 years behind bars – a time during which the world has changed. We are not giving these brave Singh’s a handout. United, we the Sikh Nation, are paying back the debt to those who stood up against an oppressive State system and brought to an end the mindless killing of thousands of our innocent Sikh youth. We have the following nominated volunteers around the global Sikh community, who have put themselves forward for this project and will assist you with your enquiries: SOPW (UK)-0300 999 0187 INDIA: BHAI RAJINDER PAL SINGH-0091 935 772 3874 USA: BHAI BALBIR SINGH (CHICAGO)-001 937 776 3358 CANADA: BHAI AVTAR SINGH-001 778 846 8419 ITALY: BHAI JASVIR SINGH-0039 3899 838 761 OR BHAI SATNAM SINGH-0039 3332 110 444 SPAIN: BHAI GAGANDEEP SINGH-0034 600 772 727 OR BHAI LABH SINGH 0034 632 136 018 GERMANY: BHAI GURPAL SINGH ‘PALA’-0049 1762 1695 928 HOLLAND: BHAI HARJIT SINGH-0031 620 682 862 OR BHAI BALHAAR SINGH-0031 653 835 018 FRANCE: BHAI SATNAM SINGH ‘GATKA’-0033 628 232 936 SWEDEN: BHAI RAMANDEEP SINGH-004 687 249 058 If you, the Sangat, wish to contribute to this seva, here are the following ways you can donate: FROM OVERSEAS: International IBAN no: GB75MIDL40421341572733 Swift/BIC code: MIDLGB2155M FROM THE UK: Bank: HSBC Account Number: 41572733 Sort Code:40-42-13 You can send a cheque, made payable to SOPW, PO Box 690, Southall, Middlesex UB1 9QL. To donate online: www.justgiving.com/SOPW Or visit our website to make a donation:www.prisonerwelfare.org
  8. VahiGurujikaKhalsaVahiGurujikPat-h Come and enjoy a learn tradititional martial exercises and intelligent responses to street violence in a respectful and intellgent environment and do sangat with like minded Panthic indivuduals. Enjoy home made organic vegetarian food. Support your brothers and sisters, children of Dasmesh Pita, who are languishing in India's cruel jails. 100% of funds goes to Sikh Organisation for Prisoner Welfare. Send your name and contact number to H Singh on elusivefighting@gmail.com to book your places. ParmAtma Aap Ji Nu Dharam a te Khushiyan Bakshan Sri Akaal Ji Sahae
  9. Following the success of the Bhai Nand Lal Project “Street Awareness” seminars last year, Ernst & Young Sikh Group has kindly offered to host this summers Sikh fundraising Martial Arts event of the year, Fighting for Freedom. Hosted at Waterloo overlooking the Houses of Parliament, join like-minded intelligent individuals and arm yourself with practical knowledge on how to deal with knife attacks, escape grabs and hold ups, and improve your health and breathing using ancient martial exercises. See how the ancient fighting arts of South East Asia are still applicable in the modern context. Here is a small glimpse of what you will learn (click the link below to view a taster video): https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=282012048612199&set=vb.432861230092196&type=3&theater Alongside, enjoy home made healthy snacks and drinks, and use the friendly, respectful and family atmosphere to network and do sangat. The event will be delivered over 5 seminars, taking place every Tuesday evening starting from the 6th August 2013. Arrival time 6pm. Seminar time 6.15pm to 9.15pm. This year, 100% of funds raised will be going to Sikh Organisation for Prison Welfare. There are 10,000s of innocent Sikh prisoners who remain forgotten by us and who are living a hellish existence in the worst prisons on Earth. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Please click the link below for more information on this most vital cause. http://www.prisonerwelfare.org/ Our goal is to raise AT LEAST £2,000 for this excellent charity and collectively do our part in supporting our suffering and forgotten brothers and sisters, who are innocent victims of India’s corrupted judicial and political system. If the Khalsa truly is ONE FAMILY, then it is about time we started feeling each others pain and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Donation for the 15 hours over 5 seminars is £50 (great value @ £3.33 per hour). That includes all refreshments. If anyone else would like to donate to this cause, they are most welcome and if any participants would like to donate more, they too, are most welcome. EVERY SINGLE PENNY RAISED WILL GO TO SOPW. Sevadaars will cover all seminar expenses at their own cost. Places are limited to 40, so book your place early to avoid disappointment. Please book you place by the 2nd of August 2013. As this is a charity event, donations are non-refundable, irrelevant of attendance. To book your place, please email Harcharan Singh on elusivefighting@gmail.com Please pay in your £50 donation to the Turiya Charity Bank Account: Account Name: Turiya Sort Code: 08-92-99 Account Number: 65544019 Alternatively kindly give your donation to one of our sevadaars (check with us to locate your nearest one) and let us know (email above address) when you have done so. Everyone welcome, Sikh and Non-Sikh, but please understand that there will be a Sikh spiritual ethos underlining the seminars. Click below to get a preview of last Summers Seminar: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.440215202690132.101343.432861230092196&type=3 Important contacts (if you are lost): Lovepreet Singh - Mob: +44 (0)794 111 0323 What to wear: Loose/comfortable clothing, flat soled trainers/plimsolls, not running shoes. Tight keski or patka for Singhs. Training equipment will be provided. Where: Becket House 1 Lambeth Palace Road London SE1 7EU Nearest tube: Waterloo (7 mins walking) We are looking forward to seeing you. Map link - http://goo.gl/maps/lBoR
  10. MESSAGE FROM: The Sikh Organisation for Prisoners Welfare SOPW is proud to announce the following: 12 Sikh prisoners have been released as follows: Bhai Jaswant Singh Nihung Raja Raj Singh Amarjeet Singh Lakhima Pajinder Singh Akham Singh Satoj Surjit Singh Kala Poola Parshutam Singh Fabuwale Gurdeep Singh Fabuwale Parma Singh Roga Gurnam Singh Aulakh Gian Singh Bhanga Pahal Singh Kaei Also note that Baba Baljeet Singh Daduwal was released two days ago. We would like to thank those who have worked extremely hard on getting the Singhs released. Lets continue keeping the awareness of the messages from Bhai Sahib alive...there is so much work yet to be done.. PLEASE SUPPORT SOPW. GENUINE GUYS DOING AMAZING SEWA. http://www.facebook....ups/SOPWGlobal/ http://www.prisonerw...ake-a-donation/
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