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  1. I think you still need to do more study and dig deeper into it.
  2. Jassa I am not going to reply to you forever. First see when and which times Vishwamitra lived.
  3. I was specifying the 'characteristics' of Kalyug. I am not here to defend the wrongdoings of Rakshas.
  4. Well, Kalyug never started its influence until Parakshit's death. After the Parakshit became the king of the world, these were restricted: 1) Adultery 2) Prostitution 3) Gambling 4) Intoxication influenced by forbidden drugs Kalyug appeared to Parakshit and said that he (Kalyug) cannot reign and infiltrate the atmosphere built by the great king Parakshit. He requested to allow any of the above restrictions. Parakshit refused. Kalki avtar to which Guru Gobind Singh ji refers is an incarnation of Vishnu ji and will come towards the end of Kalyug
  5. I think OP should give some reference to the claim of who actually said about kalki avtar appearing and when. In Chaubies Avtar, Guru Gobind Singh ji writes about the time when Kalki will come. This time is believed to be towards the end of Kalyug. Historically, Kalyug began when King Parakshit ( grandson of Arjun - one of the pandavas) died. So, we are a little over 5,100 years in Kalyug. Put that in perspective of the total age of Kalyug being 432,000 years! About Nehklank ( meaning stainless) , Guru Granth Sahib and Guru Khalsa are Nehklank
  6. OP, you're doing great. Keep it up. There are certain questions which some people had in mind and made them eventually one acquire great feats to their names - one example is Isaac Newton. He wanted to know more about gravity when an apple fell on his head while taking a midday nap under the tree. In return you got Calcalus and numberous laws under his name in the world of Mechanics, Physics and Chemistry. In Sikhi, BrahmGyan is one of the greatest feat one should strive for. BrahmGyan includes the Knowledge of 'the Universe'. This should an
  7. A Sikh should believe in Karma, if you don't , how can you claim to be a guru ka Sikh. My question is : why do you need to eat meat? Are you born a carnivorous ? If not , there are tons of other options.
  8. You are wrong. A Sikh should not eat meat and believe the sin of killing of animals for the sake of one's taste buds can be washed away so easily - every action has a reaction. Remember these animals are in the cycle of 8.4 million joons - they take their revenges in another form of life. Guru sahib has taught us to be compassionate (Dayawaan) towards every living creature. I am not going to debate whether jhatka should be banned or not but the notion of every Sikh should eat meat (for whatever reason) is completely wrong and uncalled for, offensive statement.
  9. If you cannot provide the evidence, you will be a 'gappi' in your own terms. So hurry up..
  10. Please provide the evidence with the link to the exact directory. Also the time where they start mentioning what you claim.
  11. You provided no evidence of Sant Gurbachan Singh ji stating what you allegedly claim they have said. Gyani Thakur Singh ji is a respected member of DDT and would ask you to refrain from using these kind of words for him.
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