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  1. Guest


    So apparently there was some water in Mars and some life genetics thingy found on Mars What if Mars was like earth, and then like it got polluted and stuff. Just curious
  2. I've seen many UFO sighting videos on YouTube and a whole bunch of documentaries on aliens visiting planet Earth for thousands, if not, millions of years with their highly advanced space crafts and technology. There have even been pictures drawn by ancient egyptions on walls showing beings that do not look human, visiting this planet. There is also the pyramids of egypt. Many people believe that humans could have never been able to make such structures and that some kind of more advanced civilisation was behind it. But i saw this video from the YouTube channel "Gurmat Bibek" saying that it is impossible for people to travel to different planets through space ships etc: But i have heard that the Government is hiding information on extra terrestrials and that they are in contact with several different species. Also that they have reverse engineered alien techonogy from their spacecrafts and are now secretly creating anti-gravity crafts that can travel at extremely fast speeds and are being tested at area 51. There have also been individuals who have claimed to have been "abducted by aliens" and been experimented on. People have also been reported to have 'mysteriously disappeared' after revealing information about aliens to the public. There have also been claims that highly advanced civilisations have created machines that allow you to travel to other dimensions, teleport and time travel. There is also this YouTube channel called "secureteam10" that makes videos about ufo sightings, aliens and other mysterious things etc: https://www.youtube.com/user/secureteam10 Obviously aliens and beings on other planets exist because i think Guru Nanak Dev ji said. But what about all this space craft, highly advanced technology etc. Is it real or not? What about all this evidence of sightings, governments hiding information and stuff??? Is it real???
  3. Jasleen Josan, the first Sikh women in the world to undertake a Mars mission I think this is a great achievement, and is ideally great exposure for our community on the global stage. We need more people like her (not necessarily all going to Mars ), but branching out into other professional fields. Thoughts?
  4. somebody asked me this after seeing indias space mission to mars
  5. Astronauts when they go up into space say they have felt a feeling of being connected to everything, as if everyone and thing is part of the same thing. It is said to be the same as meditation and the realisation people get from meditating. http://vimeo.com/55073825 Have we lost what it is to feel one with everything?
  6. https://www.lynxapollo.com/en_GB/44484/hardeep-singh/ Just click the link, let it load and click vote and enter your email address. It's that simple! Pass it on via all social media outlets!
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