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Found 6 results

  1. I don't know why there is suffering in this cold world, I see many innocent people dying even though they were religiously devout to God such as the 1984 Anti Sikh Riots. Why would God or Whaeguru do such a heinous thing to cause suffering and hell such as the 1984 Anti Sikh riots.
  2. This question has been bothering me for many weeks now, to the point where its interfering with my simran/nitnem, making me look at faith from a perspective which is making me question it. Why is there so much suffering and evil in the world? God is something that we can never know but we can experience it or have a relationship with it, other than that we are told that God is "caring" "provides for all" "doesn't send anyone empty handed" "our father" "God is love and love is God" etc all that stuff. If God is all of the above then why are there so many people suffering in the worl
  3. Guest

    Who Cares ?

    A few weeks ago, after another freezing night in Paris, the dead lifeless bodies of 3 homeless Sikh men were picked up from the pavement by the Paris Municipal Authority and that's it. Everyone knows Paris gets extremely cold in the winter and everyone knows Paris has an unbelievably big rough-sleeping problem. People die. End of story. It's not the first time the Punjabi homeless have died shivering in the streets of Paris and it won't be the last. Who cares. But how do we explain that to the mothers, fathers and siblings of those young men ? How do we justify the fact that their boys
  4. Those images of being sawn in two , crushed on wheel , scalped alive, boiled alive, burnt alive, chopped limb by limb , etc seems very painful. Did they physically feel that pain or as one hazur sahib singh told me that they would take their consciousness in Dasam dwar and would not feel any pain. First, if they did feel the pain , then that means Guru's mercy was not with them during their death moments ? But then on the other hand if they didn't feel pain , it means their martyrdom isn't that significant ? Or perhaps I think case could be they knew they would suffer too
  5. All of our suffering is of our own making ! This dawned on me from within one of my deeper meditations. Lets see how our mind gets caught up in meaningless , petty things and prevents us from enjoying life to the fullest (i) Financial Suffering Buy only what you need and what you want - limit your needs , helping a kid go to school for example will bring you much more happiness than buying the latest gadget . The most stupid thing to try to do is to keep up with others and put up a show of wealth - its called rat race for a reason - rats start scrambling when they see one rat run
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    i feel like i'm suffering a problem of jealousy! I'm a very popular guy, mainly within my wider family. Reflecting back on myself i feel that sometimes without knowing i get jealous as i want to be the most popular person or the most loved one. Although i don't do anything to hurt anyone but mentally ill be hoping that everyone likes me the best. I'll do this by not encouraging anyone to do anything. i very anxious and frightened by this issue because i dont want it to get out of control and my thoughts become actions (which i know never will but still the thought worries me) is there any baa
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