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Found 5 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkhYsVOSa_OOceoJbK_yV0A/community?lb=UgkxIV6Cu8F-Ppu6fGHvdX5a5LfUeN9SCSIg The source they are using seems to come from an old book written some hindu guy called gupta. My argument would be in zafarnama Guru Ji is mocking and giving false praise to aurangzeb to shame him and make him self reflect on his unrighteous actions.
  2. Firstly, I mean no disrespect and am not trying to cause any trouble with this question. It is a genuine concern of mine that I have been having trouble finding an answer to. So I've been thinking about the promise Aurangzeb and his generals gave to Guru Gobind Singh Ji by swearing and taking an oath on the Quran. It is mentioned in the Zafarnama too. Considering the Quran is not the word of God, and therefore is a tampered or a fabricated text, why would Guruji even accept an oath on a false text? Given that he knows the text is false, he should have no reason to believe them? Righ
  3. Given the latest Zafarnama Cycle Yatra of Veer Pandit Rao, a question arises how comes our people don't love Zafarnama as much as foreigners who are now studying it in Iran?
  4. Last year TURIYA Charity assisted by the School of Elusive Fighting, organised Summer Martial Arts Seminars to raise funds for the amazing..... Bhai Nand Lal Project. The project is not a 'memorial' website. It is an erstwhile attempt to help ENLIVEN the highly sophisticated, artistic and spiritual SIKH CULTURE, which has sadly and slowly diminished over the last few centuries. As a natural next step, TURIYA is bringing to the world sangat the first ever dedicated on-line Farsi in the Sikh Tradition beginners course. The aim is to empower Sikhs to retrieve their heritage and for the sang
  5. Wahegurujikakhalsawahegurujikifateh, Has anyone read this book on Sri Zafarnama Sahib Ji? If so what did you make of it? Is it worth buying? The following is a book description on Amazon: Louis E. Fenech offers a compelling new examination of one of the only Persian compositions attributed to the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708): the Zafar-namah or 'Epistle of Victory.' Written as a masnavi, a Persian poem, this letter was originally sent to the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb (d. 1707) rebuking his most unbecoming conduct. Incredibly, Guru Gobind Singh's letter is included today w
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