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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    Women in sikh youth

    WGJKK WGJKF Whilst going through college and university, I have noticed a huge divide in our Sikh youth. I've seen many young Sikh men either go full cultural or full Sikhi. Women on the other hand, I rarely see any that truly follow Sikhi. I know one woman, 21 now who is dating an amrit shuk man in his 20s. She got personal and told me that they've had intimate relations and that it only took 4 days of them speaking for her to give him that intimacy (intercourse.. ). And she really shows interest in Sikhi but didn't truly see how wrong this was. And for the man, he said he was forced to shuk amrit, so that's pretty bad in itself as he has had various gfs and other stuff whilst amritdhari. Now if this woman is someone who goes gurdwara every weekend and shows genuine interest in Sikhi but still does panga like this, I am losing faith in humanity. The rest of the sikh women that i have met in my life, 95% of them are fully cultural with a drinking, clubbing and sexual lifestyle. Smoking, getting many tattoo's etc. Why aren't women going towards sikhi? Many men that I've met, although there's a lot of messed ones out there, I've met quite a few that took deep steps towards guruji and sikhi. Can't say the same about women. What can be done as a Panth? A lot of women don't even care or have any respect if you point things out like them posting stuff like smoking weed but having a khanda in their bio. Etc.
  2. I mean I've always given this dude a pass, but this just took it too far. You don't purposely mispronounce a shabad so you can get a few laughs from people. Skip to 12:24 to know what I'm talking about:
  3. https://www.flickr.com/photos/56681358@N02/6446679773 Please contact flickr to remove this image. Contact them here: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/flickr/sln7389.html
  4. Please watch this very popular nursery rhyme video a child is shown standing on top roof of the Golden Temple, amritsar. I think this is inappropriate Child is showing respect toward Ganga river in first scene, but why is child not shown bowing to Golden Temple but is put on the roof standing. This video got more than a half a million view in already 5 days.
  5. I've noticed that there are many discuss and posts on the matter but On many occasions it was a single human being, and they shall answer for their Karam's in their own time but I would like to know is that why does no one ever talks about the disrespect we do as a community in the gurdwara's. We say that our guru is living and the guru is talking to us when gurbani is being recited yet 99% of people will simply talk to each other or are lost within themselves, ignoring gurbani and therefore being disrespectful. Just imagine being ignored while you are telling someone something which is very important. However, why do we not as a community discuss these matters, how can we help ourselves achieve calmness in the gurdwara? What can we do to focus more while Kieran and katha?
  6. I hate the big I am aura that young amrithatis try to create. They seem to think that they are in some elite club and that no1 else is worthy. What they don't realise is that they are pushing most of the younger sangat away from Sikhi as they feel that these stuck up hypocritical people are not the kind that they wanna hang out with. This is a really bad situation as if they were true gursikhs they would be overcome by so much humility that this would not be the case. I have lives in canada and am now in the uk and it is rife amount our community. We are writing the foundations for our own failure.
  7. <banned word filter activated> is going on? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Vn5WN2kf3U
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