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  1. Hello , I have disrespected guru granth sahib ji maharaj countless times. I still continue to disrespect guru ji sometimes I dream where I am disrespecting guru ji saroop in very unspeakable ways. Kindly let me know what I can do to stop my mind of condemning such acts.
  2. I am not second guessing them. There are many news story claiming the guys family claiming he could not do such a thing. However I stand with singhs as I trust they will not lie when it comes to guru. However I neither have the courage or will to do anything. If anyone disrespects my guru I dont think I can even speak a word. Can I PM you?
  3. Do you think the Nihungs should be doing langar seva instead for these types ? No. What punishment do you think would have been better? Maybe taking hukam from guru granth sahib maharaj and then taking action? if Hukam says to kill the man I am okay with that but torturing is wrong no? I think there are more ways they could have sent message but i am no expert.
  4. Hello as we are all aware recently there was an incident where a guy disrespected guru granth sahib ji Maharaj. And Nihang sikhs killed the man and mulated him this is seen as a cruel display and sikhs are being condemned for this act. I myself felt it was cruel to display the man like that however my question is what are your thoughts about that? According to you was it right to kill the man and torture him?
  5. please report this page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sikh-Facts/430360146974630?ref=ts
  6. http://www.sikhsangat.com/Index.php?/topic/67043-to-anyone-else-struggling-with-kaam/page__gopid__539931#entry539931
  7. this really works :D thanks for the link
  8. whaeguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh ok so letsget to the topic my grand mother wants to become a khalsa :D (again) actually she became a khalsa 25 to 26 years ago from Sachkhand Shri Hazur Sahib but the punj payaras there give her amrit without wearing a kirpan , kanga that why she keep on weared the samples not the real one the one u wear in the neck she didnt know that was not allowed ok and in an operation their amrit got broken so now she wanna become a khasla again ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` i know their amrit always in the body so could she just ardass and
  9. good song and i will talk to some singh elders
  10. so that he couldnt say to any one the we r wrong and out guru is not true
  11. principal also thinks same about the sikhs . i cant seem to stop their idiotic thoughts . bhiari r idiots for sure
  12. hello guys first of all vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh . guys i have uncle that live in england he is comming back in august when i become a true sikh after amrit sanchar he said to me he also want to drink amrit i said ok but then he said he want to drink it from a shop he said amrit is just water he said the true amrit is beer he said we r not reading the true banni (dhur ki banni ) he said i cant proove that guru granth sahib ji is our true guru . so how can i tell him im reading true banni (hymes of the guru ) how can i tell amrit cannot be compared to beer and he is
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