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Found 4 results

  1. When the UK eventually brexists and leaves the European Union in 2019 the closet UK like and english speaking nation would be Ireland which would be remanining in the EU. Many British Sikhs who want to be part of the EU may want to relocate and migrate to the republic of Ireland. So does anyone what is the viability of doing so? Are there many Sikhs in ireland? Are there Gurdwara's there? What are the employment prospects for ethnic/religious minorities?
  2. Whats your thoughts and reactions? Personally I knew he would win or had a huge chance of winning when hiliary was made the candadiate for the democrats as she was tainted goods from the state with Libya incident, the emails scandal, bill clintons wife, puppet of the zionist bankers, etc,etc. And there was that same feeling I had with the brexit election alot of ethnic minorities voted for brexit and I suspect same thing happened with election of Trump they have had enough of the status quo of not getting anywhere in life along with the majority white working/middle class. Also there is a huge movement of angry right wing white men who feel powerless against the change of flow of world politics where they are on equal level pegging with everyone else, and they dont like that. So they are revolting and demanding white male privileged status as per what their racist ancestors had enjoyed.
  3. Buta Singh hadnt eaten in days, and his body felt like it was vibrating with hunger as he sat up on his bunk bed and watched the prison guards storm in. The guards rounded up two dozen or so young men, all of them, like Singh, immigrants from the Indian state of Punjab. There was someone there to see them. Unbeknownst to Singh, the visitor was a representative from the Indian government. As he shuffled after the guards in his baggy navy-blue uniform the uniform hed been wearing for 10 months, issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Singh wondered whether the visitor was some higher-up from ICE, there to make a deal. Like Singh, the Punjabis were followers of Sikhism, a religion that emerged some 500 years ago in the region now bisected by the border between India and Pakistan. Sikhs are usually recognizable by their beards and long, turbaned hair. But the ones in this group had shorn their heads and faces to better go unnoticed on their journeys: by air from India to the New World, by land through Central America, and finally to the line dividing Mexico from the United States. Most were asylum-seekers and had passed interviews that determined they could stay in the country as their claims moved forward, and many had close family members living legally in the U.S. yet the government refused to release them. So, on April 8, 2014, the Punjabis at Texass El Paso Processing Center went on a hunger strike. It was about a week later when Singh, feeling shaky on his feet, walked into the meeting room where the visitor was waiting. He was startled to see a short, rotund man in a turban with his beard tied underneath his chin: a fellow Sikh from the Indian consulate in Houston. He was there to offer to send the detainees home. Should they decide otherwise, the diplomat said, they were wrong to think their hunger strike would sway the American authorities. Singhs surprise turned to anger. In India, he had been active in a fringe political party that advocates the creation of Khalistan, an autonomous Sikh state. The police in Punjab have a history of persecuting separatists, and Singh sought refuge elsewhere, he says, after they tortured him one too many times. Now he was in America seeking asylum from the Indian state, and here, facilitated by the U.S. government, was an emissary of that very state. (The Indian Embassy did not respond to requests for comment.) None of you are doctors, the diplomat said. None of you are engineers. Why would America want you? http://www.buzzfeed.com/davidnoriega/americas-quiet-crackdown-on-indian-immigrants
  4. Why are they so violent ? Especially in places like Vancouver and even California. What is the root cause? Do they come from a certain area of Punjab?
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