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  1. Driving is a privilege, not a right
  2. Basics of Sikhi Founder Jagraj Singh Diagnosed with Cancer By Sikh24 Editors - December 1, 2016 File Photo: Bhai Jagraj Singh LONDON, UKā€”Basics of Sikhi founder and CEO Bhai Jagrag Singh has been diagnosed with cancer, the Everythings 13 team announced earlier today. The news was unexpected and has left the Sikh sangat worldwide in a shock. Tests have revealed that Bhai Jagraj Singh has been diagnosed with stage four advanced cancer which has spread to his liver and is inoperable. The Everythings 13 team that runs Basics o
  3. Can we change the logo font please?
  4. Looking good so far! Much more aesthetically pleasing.
  5. dude its a spongebob reference. who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!
  6. i wish I could say this to every Chomsky reader who treats his views as the end all be all
  7. of course the EU is trash, it was meant to be the European United States and failed miserably. However, the EU being trash doesn't necessarily vindicate the repurcussions of leaving the EU for both Britain and the international economy.
  8. I don't think most people that voted fully understood what exactly they were leaving and why, let alone the financial repercussions of doing so. As for "more sovereignty," the only sovereignty that Britain might gain is the ability to regulate their borders. Other than that, it seems that Johnson and Farage both weren't expecting Leave to win and no leader is going to leave the EU in any meaningful way. Farage has already confirmed that the NHS won't be getting the money formerly given to the EU and Johnson is trying to delay pulling the plug for as long as possible. Of course, no political le
  9. Wall street just plummeted 600 points. The entire EU and UK might collapse and Boris Johnson might become PMCongrats
  10. Deeply saddened by today's news. Try not to get too gloomy folks.
  11. Kanye slander will not be tolerated on this forum.
  12. Your second video insults Kanye West (aka the greatest artist if our generation). I will not stand for this.
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