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Found 4 results

  1. Sangat ji, with the recent appearance of Muslims on this forum, I have a question. Now, I've been part of this forum for many years (since early 2008), and i have seen the odd member here and there from other faiths pop up every now and then. Most were sincere, though some were unsurprisingly not. My question is, how many of you are on other forums? What sort of activities do you get up to? Are you a silent lurker? Do you engage in respectful dialogue? Or do you just go on the offensive and cause havoc?
  2. How does one, who's taken Amrit of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, become open minded? NOT going against the rehat! So not "I feel ill. I'll take some beer..." THAT's stupidity, not open minded! Or "I'll cut my hair cause of so and so" again, foolishness not open minded. "Eh mann chanchala, Chaturai kinaeh na paiaa." Without rehat infringement one can learn so much from others. Sadhguru is a perfect example. Am sure many have rolled their eyes or maybe are intrigued, why is he a perfect example? Look into his practice of yoga then you may understand. Agreeing with Sikhi, he claims to take control of your mind and body, to make it into one. So when we read Gurbani we are physically there (body) but the mind is out the door. In fact it's MILES away. So by meditating and tuning to Naam one must first tune the mind and body together. Methods can be found "Inner engineering" by Sadhguru. Like Sikhi, method is same, sit cross legged and breath (more technique in book). By simple Sadhna one can tune into the world, know the Earth's functions, know what the weather will be like! Understand animal language. So how will this help with Naam? Isn't it a time waste when I can sit and tune in with Naam straight? True but this is just one aspect of applying a method and benefitting the fruits. Be honest! Who would not like to know the weather or speak animal? YES! Brahmgiaani's have this knowledge no doubt. But for a person on the path, just started or maybe "Many years have gone by I still fail to concentrate!" Try all sort of methods besides imbuding in the Lord's name directly WITHOUT going astray from Sikhi (be open minded in your methods). The more out the box we think he more we'll realise we can always learn things/ techniques from other faiths whilst keeping our mind and Heart on Waheguru, the ultimate destination. However, Sadhguru's technique also involves always being happy, poses of meditation for the mind and body. The thing is nowhere he mentions "You will obtain so and so God..." He merely mentions how to be happy if your body's chakras go right. So chakra's going right, living in the moment (don't Brahmgiaanis live in a moment)? can all aid in achieving where we want to be. AGAIN! To clarify, this is another believer's methods of practice that could be useful into helping us concentrate better and reap other benefits. Like just focus on breathing/ emptiness for 10 minutes then recite the Lord's name for another 20 minutes.
  3. Just a question, why do most sikhs not say gods name regularly compared to other religions/faiths. For example, I've heated muslims say "MashAllah" when they praise something, "alhamdulillah" after sneezing or coughing, "InshAllah" when talking about something they want or will achieve in the future. Christain friends I have, especially the African or Jamaicans also mention god while talking, they will say "praise the lord" when something good happens "god bless you" when someone sneezes "Jesus be with me" when in trouble.... sikhs however hardly ever say any god words while talking especially the generation of age from teens to 40 plus.... even my parents who are in the 50s never say god and may occasionally say "waheguru" and this is usly when something shocking happens (near miss accident etc...) I've heard some sikhs say "rab raka" when saying bye but that's about it... when I say wahegury while talking people treat me like a pendu... even my mum told me to stop saying waheguru all the time. For example I will say "By wahwgurua mere will apply for the management role" or when some one sneezes I will say "waheguru satnam" or if someone trips or falls I say "waheguru" or if I see a little child and I think they are cute I will say "waheguru,how cute she/he is" just like how muslims do to prevent nazar they say MashAllah how cute he she is... same way I use waheguru instead. But people look at me funny, as though I am saying something silly..one friend even told me that they feel embarrassed by my constant hasp of naam during conversations. why is it that other faiths say gods name with ease while use punjabis/ sikhs find it embarrassing or silly to say gods name in causal conversation?
  4. What does Sikhi say about evolution. Many faiths disagree with it but what about others. Do we believe God did evolution and if so then is it right to say it happens due to natural selection? Wouldn't it be an artificial selection of sorts? Can I also have quotes from Gurbani. Thank you.
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