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  1. Gurfateh Sangat ji A friend of mine is looking to sell his kukri if anyone's interested. It's a Victorian era with a thick spine (just over 50cm long). It's really good quality, and looking for a quick sale (£170, but open to negotiation). Dhanvad ji
  2. I learnt a lot from his old posts on gurmatbibek and tapoban back in the day (I'm talking like 15 odd years ago). Time flies, and we've lost such an amazing soul. Guru kirpa, Vaheguru
  3. Firstly, you have a problem with the language being used? What to do call a teacher? Ustaad (in Arabic/Islamic traditions), Aachaarya (in Bhaaratya/Hindu traditions) or Gurdev (in Panjabi/Sikh traditions). Maybe you'd like to police the language we use? Honestly, if you're that triggered by the type of language used, I'd dread to think what would happen to you if you came across someone who's name was actually "Gurdev"! A public forum probably isn't the place for you. I don't mind answering any point you've made regarding Nidar Singh (in fact, I'd invite you to ask), but I do not want to
  4. Where were all the other Sikh organisations/Gurdwara committees? No where, worse than useless, they all knew. In fact, some were involved in the cover up. It took a bibi from Canada to bring this stuff to light. Gurdev Nihang Nidar Singh Ji was one of the only people who stood squarely behind the victim in full support. And bhenji, I hope you're not implying that we should doubt the credibility of the accusations simply because Nidar Singh Ji is supporting and helping the victim (a task which no other Sikh organisation did)? I'm not sure how much experience you've had with abuse of a
  5. He's a predator and an abuser. The case of him breaking the jaw of my friend as part of the "punj pyare " is well known. I also know the bhenji who's husband helped one of Sukhas sexual abuse victims. Benti to Sukhas defenders/fanboys: if you still wish to associate with Sukha, fine, go for it. But for the love of God I beg of you, keep your kids away from him. Your children should not need to suffer because of your blind ignorance .
  6. The sangat of West London have known this for years, which is why he never showed his face around here. And anyone who helped cover it up (or was an accomplice to Sukha's abuse) will also be uncovered in due course... I remember the backlash I (and a couple of others) received every time I mentioned it on this forum. It's going to be interesting to see how his diehard-fanboys try and defend this... And Sangat Ji, I understand things like this may be difficult to accept, especially when you are not close to the situation. But we need to start taking things like this more seriously...
  7. It is using the allegorical story (or at least part of) of how vishnu created the world. Using that same analogy, it is talking about the ear wax, madhu and kaitab. These two would go on to be the gate keepers of vaikhunth as Jai and Vijay. Then, after getting cursed by the 4 child rishis, they become the rakshas Harnakash and Hirinykashap, Raavan and Kumbhkaran, Dantvakar and Shishupal. Vishnu takes form each time to kill them (Varaahaa and Narsingha, Sri Raam, Sri Krishan), after which they return to their celestial abode. Now, these are not to be taken literally as such. Understand tha
  8. This is nothing new, even amongst humans. There are many examples in the Mahabharat/Ramayan/etc. where humans have married devte or even rakhshas etc.
  9. With regards to Bhagat Farid Ji, Guru Nanak Maharaj met Sheikh Brahm. "Farid" is the gadhi of the saints. Sheikh Brahm was the 4th Farid from the one who you are referring to. Interesting side note: Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj Kaleran Wale said that they were Sheikh Brahm in a previous life.
  10. ...can't believe no one has thought of this yet...but the question shouldn't be "why do you want more than one wife?", the real question should be "why the hell do you want more than one mother-in-law!?". Honestly, I can't even get a girl to message me back, and OP wants a second marriage!
  11. Of course we are all aware of the Incident when indira gandhi visited the Gurdwara, and Sant Giani Kartaar Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindran Wale were doing sewa of Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
  12. Gatra not needed. Karamarkasaa might be better for you
  13. So, even though love jihad is bull crap, there is a reason for it? Two very contradictory statements...
  14. Tbh, I don't know that it does, and I highly doubt it is. It is 21 books in 5 volumes. I bought the hard copy back in 2010 from Chattar Singh Jeevan Singh.
  15. There are many various significances, depending on the tradition: - the 108 pressure points of the body - the 108 evils etc. Another tradition is that the jaap is done with the intention of doing 100, but 8 extra are there just incase of any jaap skipped or missed. One interesting thing I read in Anand Chamatkar (biography of Sant Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj Kaleran Wale, written by Bhai Gurmukh Singh Ji, Hazoori Raagi of Baba Ji for 12 years) that Baba Ji used to say about this: - there is no "ginntee" (count/number) before 1 and no ginntee after 100. So you take
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