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  1. Fair point. But sure bhaji, you agree that gay marriage is not acceptable in Sikhi?
  2. Bump! Does anyone here know anyone local to this brother to help him out?
  3. Keep us updated bro on your search. Hopefully this is your year
  4. Something about that Sousan Pattah doesn't seem right to me. It looks more like a French Bayonet blade. Can you confirm that blade is original?
  5. Read Parcheen Panth Parkash by Rattan Singh Bhangu. It's a real eye opener.
  6. They can do. It really depends person to person, family to family
  7. To the Original Poster. You've seen all the various views of everyone. As you can see, this type of situation can polarise the sangat in terms of their views. And at the end of the day, you just gotta go with whats right for you and make it work. Let us know how you get on bro. All the best
  8. Koi

    Kesh Problems

    Bro, there are loads of treatments out there. Depending on which country your from, there are also hair clinics. But the first thing I suggest is you vist your doctor, and see what they say .
  9. Why am I not surprised?. I'm all for interfaith discussions. But nothing deceitful. I'm just disappointed that @MuslimNeighbournever answered my questions, or accepted my challenge. Oh well...
  10. On a more broader level, it's important to understand that mistakes can happen at any time. What makes a difference is the persons ability to admit the mistake, apologise and make it right, ensure they never do it again, and your ability to forgive. Even though I'm not married (which is probably why I can afford to spend a lot of time on this forum !) I've had many people talk to me about their relationship and marital issues. And after a while, you do notice a pattern, especially with the issue you've highlighted. Firstly it's important not to sweat the small stuff. Listening to music etc., as long as she's loyal to you and not messing you around, then that's cool. As far as her past is concerned, you need to draw a line, for her and for yourself. As long as her past stays in the past, then all good. However, if she's still talking to her ex or other guys, then that's where you need to speak out. No compromise. Hope this helps bro
  11. Encouragement is indeed important, and force is never good. That I completely agree. However, you would never encourage a Sikh to cut their hair if they didn't feel like keeping it. Would you "encourage" a Muslim to drink alcohol, listen to music, eat pork, and convert to another religion if he so felt like it? No one in their right mind would. I'm not saying that you've said this, however, it's important not to come across as being "okay" with it. Hope this helps
  12. what she did before you met her is her past. It's not something you can or should judge her for. We all have ups and downs in life, and make plenty of mistakes along the way, but that's life. I'd hate for someone to judge me on a mistake I made before I'd even met them. I'm not saying it's easy or black and white, but as long as her past is in the past i.e. she's not talking to this guy or other guys, then you can begin to put that to rest. As far as other things go, listening to music or whatever, these things can be discussed and worked out. These are very small things and nothing to get anxious over. A song is just a song. If you cut out all the Punjabi songs that had references to Jatt in them, you wouldn't have much of a Punjabi music industry left. But the most important thing is that you can 100% get through this. Trust me, you can do it. Talk to your wife without getting emotional. Have a good long think about what you want to say, and then talk it out. None if what you've said is grounds for even considering divorce! You got this
  13. Easy there big man. Sometimes people don't necessarily know how to help. Instead of poking holes, why not give suggestions?
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