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  1. Intact, I believe that later on, Baba Sri Chand Ji Maharaj also met with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Ji.
  2. Gurdev Nidar Singh learnt from Baba Mohinder Singh nihang, who learnt from the well known Baba Gian Singh Nihang (Rabb Ji). Yes, he did come across him randomly, something which he says in his interviews. He has not recompiled the art. In fact, he spent a long time finding other practioners. And whilst there were a few nihangs who heard of the art, there aren't any masters. During partition, Giana Rabb Ji taught some basic moves to the Singhs so they could protect themselves. Now there are some gatka akharas who claim lineage from Baba Gian Singh ji based on this. They do not have the full Vidiya (or any real battlefield Vidiya to be quite frank). I did gatka for a year before I came to Shastar Vidiya. And the thing I loved and still admire about gatka akharas is the sangat. It's good if you have no other sangat. If it inspires you to be closer to your Sikhi, that is great. But understand it's not the real deal. Never has been, never will be. I know people who practice gatka, and never discourage them, because I do not want the paap of breaking their sangat on my head Do we have any gatka practioners on this forum? Would love to hear from you regarding this.
  3. Do you know of any other teachers of Shastar Vidiya? If so, would you kindly share here ji? And which "money first" attitude are you referring to? Since the Akhara has become more established, and the services provided by the Akhara (Gurdev ji travelling worldwide, publishing of books, interviews/seminars etc.), there will of course be a monetary element involved to sustain such ventures. And there is nothing wrong with this. Are you taking in to account the students he teaches for free because they can't afford lessons? Or more to the point, do you even know about this? I think not. I myself back in the day would train with students who trained for free. On to your final point. Full of hankaar. Based on what? Every individual has their own temperament. And I for one do not have a "universal metre stick" which I use to measure everyone's avgun and judge whether or not they can teach the Vidiya. Have all your teachers been brahmgyanis? The mother is the first teacher of the children. You have children. Should one then assert that you are unworthy of teaching your children because you are "full of hankaar" (hypothetically speaking of course)? Please, let us not split hairs with this. Time and time again over the years I hear the same thing with regards to Gurdev Nidar Singh Ji. Your grievances with him have nothing to do with the Vidiya, but with his ideology (which is not entirely different if you go through it properly). And again, it goes back to the same point. Gatka is an exhibitionist art, nothing more. Shastar Vidiya is the real deal.
  4. Without addressing attacks on his personal life, the main point still stands. Gatka is nothing more than an exhibitionist art, with no real practical application in a battle. Shastar Vidiya is the real deal. Even if you just look at it from a martial arts perspective. I tell you, if (hypothetically) he changed his ideology and started shouting Khalistan Zindabad slogans, you'd all be more accepting of the vidiya. The doubts people place on the Vidiya have got nothing to do with the Vidiya itself, but personal grievances against his ideology. And unless our community can be mature enough to separate the two, we're never going to grow as a martial kaum...
  5. This meeting happened when Guru Nanak Sahib Ji Maharaj went to Jagannathh puri (where he then composed Aarti). They both met (as religious leaders do), had respect for each other and did kirtan together. Now, whilst in Sikh books we don't have mention of the meeting itself, it has been recorded in the history of the "Hare Krishanas" (as they're commonly known), where they mention that a saint by the name of "Nanak" and his disciple who was a bard (referring to Bhai Mardana Ji) met with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
  6. Bump! Any update? Any thing anyone can to do help?
  7. I'd be extremely surprised if they don't have backups...
  8. Bump @ADMIN - can we pin/prioritise this until this is resolved? Thanks
  9. Apparently their twitter and website is also gone too!!!
  10. The Basics of Sikhi YouTube account has been hacked and videos removed. If anyone knows how to help, please contact them ASAP. Dhanvad Ji
  11. No need. Only if she wants. This has happened before she meets her husband. I don't know about you, but I would hate to be judged by someone for a mistake I made before I even met them...
  12. Naad is the universal sound current (or frequency) which permeates creation. Narad Muni ji is the son of Brahma. He is forever doing hari kirtan, and never stays in one place for too long.
  13. Gatka really doesn't. Honestly, there is no depth to it. To even call it a "martial art" is innacurate.
  14. I was once a student of his for a few years. Unfortunately for me, my life took a different turn and I could no longer commit to training. Would have loved to carry on though. One thing that was really awesome about him is that you could literally ask him any question regarding ideology, and he'd answer it fully. Now, you may not necessarily agree with it, but he clearly laid out his reasoning, evidence and logic, which I greatly respected . The thing with rumors and keyboard warriors is that, they are exactly that, and nothing more. I've always encouraged all the naysayers that, if you have an issue, go up to him and ask. It really is that simple. That's what I always did. The akhara does not "follow" anyone. It teaches anyone who respects the vidiya and will not misuse it. It is completely free from politics. Again, this is something which Gurdev Nidar Singh Ji has cleared up many times, but people still don't get it... Finally, even if you disagree with the ideology, the vidiya is proper authentic. The irony is, when he taught our community, we did not appreciate it, we vilified him completely. And now, he teaches it all over the world to many martial artists who all attest to it's greatness and authenticity, and our people still have a problem ("you're teaching non-Sikgs" etc.). Lost opportunity... Incidentally, the respect and approval Shastar Vidiya has received from the martial arts community is infinitely greater than that of gatka..
  15. I've seen that, as time goes on, people are seeing gatka for what it really is, an exhibitionist art, nothing more. This is in no way shape or form the vidiya used by the Khalsa. Shastar Vidiya is our traditional Sikh/Khalsa/Kshatriya/Hindustani/Bharati battlefield art. Currently, only Nidar Singh Nihang teaches this, though there are a few old babas left who could attest to Nidar Singh ji's vidiya.
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