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  1. Well, when you mention "Bhasaur", you know where that leads to...
  2. Ultimately, you do what you need. If the kid listens with a stern word, then that's all you need to do. If the kid needs all his toys and privileges taken away, then do it. And if the kid still behaves like a little piece of trash, then don't be afraid to go to town on his a**! But only as much as is required, never excessive.
  3. I suggest you listen to the katha of Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindran Wale for a more comprehensive answer
  4. But that's precisely the point. Why, after knowing what you've just said, do our people still convert to islam? That's the real problem...
  5. I completely agree. However, the problem is that they (especially muslim apologists) spend time studying other religions and poking holes. This leads to people (even our own) leaving their religion and becoming Muslim, because they have unanswered questions about our religion and thet can't see the holes in Islam. And because we're "too nice", this happens right under our noses and we do nothing about it. It is extremely important, especially in this day and age, to learn about other religions. Because these people aren't just going after those who are weak in their faith, they're going after the strong, and we need to be ready...
  6. They have more of a strict academic approach to the Guru's baani. They're basically "religious communists", if that makes sense. They give no real importance to spirituality. The only plus side to them is they stress heavy importance on studying the Guru's baani and not just accepting everything on blind faith.
  7. Koi


    I definitely agree. I've been through similar periods, where I've either not been reading enough Baani, or not really listening to katha or having little or no sangat. But as soon as I increase these again, my faith and peace and balance are restored.
  8. Whilst you do make a good point, please remember, Gurbani is "sutantar", free from and kind of vidhi or viyaakaran. That's why you'll find astpadis in the Gurbani that have more (or less) than 8 tuks. And that's why you'll find Gurbani not bound by viyaakaran. And if you wish to cite "learned paathis", all traditional sampardas read the Gurbani the way it's written, and not simply just read the Mangal first as a default. Rest Guru Sahib Ji knows
  9. The paath in this is extremely shudh . Literally no spelling mistakes.
  10. Well...hats off to you for bringing this up?
  11. Koi

    Marriage Concerns

    Going back to th OP, has any of the above helped?
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