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Found 8 results

  1. Quite a few interesting documentaries on youtube regarding these beasts. How they brainwash kids and gullible low IQ cannon fodder sunni muslim into fighting a jihad for them using videos of incitement against the non-muslims and Quran as tools. non
  2. Fear of Khalistan: India demands UK to disallow Social Justice meet News Desk - July 13, 2018 News Analysis | India has issued a demarche to the UK protesting a meeting convened in London by separatist organization Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) next month. The meeting has been called with an intention to shape the ‘Referendum 2020’ campaign in August that seeks a separate Khalistan and “independence of Punjab”. This wholesale slaughter, which led to the deaths of many Sikhs including entire families, has been widely condemned by human rights activists and has been designated as genocide by the California State Assembly. “We have taken up the matter with the UK government. We have also issued a demarche and we expect that the UK government does not allow any such group to use its country whose intention is to spread hate and which can affect our bilateral ties. “We have told them the intention of the event is the same,” the ministry of external affairs spokesperson said. He was responding to a question on what action has India taken to stop the meeting. Mr. Kumar said the ties of the Sikh community residing in the UK and other parts of the world are good with India. “Their ties, with the country they reside in, are also good. As far as the small groups are concerned, they are fringe elements and their job is to spread hate and communal disharmony,” he said. The SFJ has also offered to sponsor Punjabi youths as well as political activists to take part in the gathering next month. Read more: India fumes over pro-Khalistan posters in Pakistan The specter of a Sikh State in the form of Khalistan has scared New Delhi since India’s creation in 1947. The Khalistan Movement is a Sikh nationalist movement that wants to create an independent state for Sikh people, via peaceful struggle, inside the current North-Western Republic of India. An ignored aspect is that the concept of an independent Sikh state was originally floated by none other than Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru in the pre-independence period through a Sikh leader whose ear he had at that time. Although the term had popped up occasionally as a non-serious slogan by stray unrepresentative voices during the period leading up to the partition of the country into India and Pakistan, the concept was first given formal shape and the term Sikh Home Land first used by Master Tara Singh at Nehru’s behest as a “counterblast to Jinnah’s demand for an independent Muslim state, Pakistan. In other words, the demand for Khalistan was first raised to counter and kill the demand for Pakistan. Thus, ironically, Khalistan was invented to preserve India’s unity and integrity, and not to break it. It was used to frighten the British away from the idea of Pakistan. The Sikhs as a separate nation before British rule chose to join India by choice on promises made by Nehru. The Independence of India was not a joyful event for Sikhs and the scars of partition left Sikhs in a lot of discontentment with regard to their traditional lands being lost to Pakistan and truncated Eastern Punjab being dominated by a non-Punjabi speaking majority. These grievances were further aggravated by u turn of Nehru on promises made to the Sikh community. Further on, Indira Gandhi tried to prop up Deras of Nirankaris to counter the Sikh’s growing political clout. Nirankari Gurus desecrated the Sikh scriptures and were allowed to do it under police protection. In a major altercation, 8 Sikhs were murdered by Nirankaris while they were protesting the desecration. This was the incident that created a call for taking up arms against the Nirankaris, and thereof against the government if it protected them. The SFJ has also offered to sponsor Punjabi youths as well as political activists to take part in the gathering next month. Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale emerged as the voice of Sikhs, over-ruling the pro-State leaders like Longowal. Bhindrawale declared himself as the protector and arbiter of Sikh rights and acquired arms. A list of attacks attributed to Bhindranwale by the government but never substantiated by proof finally gave New Delhi the excuse to impose an emergency in October 1983. In June 1984, an event would happen that would ignite the flame for Khalistan. The assault on Darbar Sahib, popularly known as the Golden Temple (the holiest of Sikh temples) by the Indian military forces using tanks and artillery – known as Operation Blue Star was conducted in order to evict a group of armed pro-Khalistan activists from the temple – a claim that remains controversial to this day with prominent politicians like Subramanian Swamy asserting that this was a disinformation campaign to legitimize the attack. Read more: Khalistan factor defined Trudeau visit to India According to the Indian Army, 136 army personnel were killed and 249 injured. In all, 493 people in the complex were killed including Bhindranwale and 86 injured; the government report also mentions that 1600 people were unaccounted for, though it does not state what fraction were killed or injured. Unofficial figures go well into the thousands. Massive human right violations by Indian Army personnel took place like gunning down of prisoners and burning & looting of the Sikh Reference Library. Retaliation by some Sikhs came in the way of the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her bodyguards, Satwant Singh and Beant Singh. This act triggered the so-called anti-Sikh riots of 1984, which has been reported to be a planned pogrom by the Congress against the Sikhs. This wholesale slaughter, which led to the deaths of many Sikhs including entire families, has been widely condemned by human rights activists and has been designated as genocide by the California State Assembly. The army occupation of Punjab which followed Operation Blue Star was highly detrimental to the Sikhs. Mass human rights violations like torture, extrajudicial murders, rapes, illegal detentions, forced disappearances were inflicted upon the Sikh community by the Indian authorities to subdue resistance. Sikh groups resisted through an armed insurgency, which carried on for decades. India has been unable to suppress the demands of a separate Sikh state by both force and greed. In order to demean the struggle for Khalistan it often uses the foreign boogeyman as a tool for disinformation. https://www.globalvillagespace.com/fear-of-khalistan-india-demands-uk-to-disallow-social-justice-meet/
  3. Pakistan has strongly condemned the recent attack on the afghan Sikh leadership. And it does seems to me a bit far fetched for indian media and establishment to be making the case that Pakistani ISI is funding and giving orders to armed islamic groups that deliberately target tiny significant powerless religious non-muslim minorities. It would also be against their interests for patriotic pro-pakistani Sikhs or afghan Sikhs to be attacked also it also defames pakistans image in the eyes of non-muslim international community and the global Sikh community especially khalistan minded Sikhs. But maybe it is pakistani ISI or maybe its another foreign power hostile to pakistan's national interests? or Maybe its rogue evil islamic elements within pakistani ISI's funding structure that zealously wants all non-sunni muslims eliminated. So who would be the ones funding these murderers? why do they target peaceful sikh populations who have not harmed the muslim majority in anyway or posed any threat to them. Same thing happened in kashmir march 2000.... bill Clinton went over for a visit and a few days later 40 kashmiri Sikhs were murdered gunned down next to the walls of a gurdwara (https://www.nytimes.com/2000/12/31/magazine/a-kashmiri-mystery.html ).... and the following year later 9/11 happened in america. Who in your view is using the lives of innocent Sikhs as a pawn to be played in their geo-political games. I personally don't think its Indian RAW as kashmiri brahmin hindu's were ethnically cleansed from kashmir in 1990s and still unable to return before the kashmiri Sikh massacre happened. It seems the vast majority of funding for these global salafi caliphate wanting Islamic extremists is coming from arab middle east (including salafi saudi and jewish israeli mossad)and/or British and other western intelligence agencies. We need to look back in history who funded the Muslim salafi wahaabi jihadis against Sikhs in 19th century? It was the British intelligence agents who funded the wahaabi sect of islam and thus the indian born sayed bralevi converted to this brand of islam while on hajj there he also received funds from the British to destablish Sikh rule in north west part of the Sikh empire. So this sayed brelvi British funded islamic extremist puppet along with his band of muslim m0rons declared a jihad against Sikhs but were eventually caught and massacred in battle of balakot by the Khalsa army along with help of local muslim pathan tribesmen who had grown tired of his strict islamic and unjust reign of terror on them. Perhaps the clues to the recent attacks on afghan, pakistani and kashmir Sikhs is laying back in history...
  4. It seems Khalistani's and Sikhs in general worldwide need to speak out and be more actioned based regarding muslim zealots seizing gurdwara land which is illegal under terms signed by pakistan and indian govt in 1950s protecting each others holy sites. This case below has the hallmarks of saka nanaka of 1920s all over again. Whereby muslim zealots make fake claims of gurdwara being a masjid before or a tomb of a holy saint in order to steal our places of worship. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/amritsar/Sikh-bodies-upset-over-writing-Kalima-on-Gurdwara-wall/articleshow/52014662.cms
  5. A Pakistani Punjab police spokesperson said Mr. Mastan was arrested under blasphemy law. However, he did not specify when the arrest was made. A former Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandak Committee president has been arrested under blasphemy law for allegedly attacking a Gurdwara in Nankana Sahib in the Punjab province and chanting anti-Pakistan slogans. Police have registered a blasphemy case against Sardar Mastan Singh and his 25 accomplices, mostly Sikhs, for allegedly attacking a Gurdwara in Nankana Sahib, the birthplace of Sikhisms founder Guru Nanak, on the complaint of Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandak Committee (PSGPC) incumbent president Sardar Sham Singh. A Punjab police spokesperson said Mr. Mastan was arrested under blasphemy law. However, he did not specify when the arrest was made. Nankana City Police have registered an FIR against Mastan Singh and 25 of his accomplices under sections 123A (anti-state slogans) 295A (injuring or defiling places of worship) of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC). Some other sections of PPC have also been included in the FIR, Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) Deputy Director (shrines) Imran Khan told PTI on Saturday. He said Mr. Mastan was arrested on Friday and the police is carrying out raids to nab other suspects. Mr. Khan said Mr. Mastan and his accomplices had attacked a Gurdwara and smashed windows and doors of some rooms when the festivities on the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak were underway last month. A source in ETPB, which looks after the holy places of minorities in the country, said the action against Mr. Mastan had been taken for protesting before the government functionaries in Nankana Sahib. Mastan is paying for his violent protest, he said. A few years ago Mr. Mastan was arrested in Lahore for allegedly embezzling Rs 500,000 when he was PSGPC chief. Mr. Mastans counsel had pleaded that the ETPB senior official had a personal grudge against Mr. Mastan and they wanted to settle an old score with him. He was later released as the department could not prove the charges against him.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgNoFYe_3ws http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/protesting-sikhs-push-pakistan-parliament-23838149 http://tribune.com.pk/story/712049/sikh-community-protests-against-alleged-insult-of-baba-guru-nanak/
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