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Found 9 results

  1. Its been couple of years since my marriage. In this few years I have blessed by guru sahib with a cute lil son . With my not-so-much salary , and my mom a housewife , and an old weakened father on the brink of retirement , I am seriously beginning to wonder what to do ahead. My wife has completed her B.A (bachelor in arts), a degree traditionally believed to be of little value lol. It doesn't seem she's interested in pursuing higher education. She used to work in a shop before marriage as she hails from a rural , poor family. But she's passionate about one thing . Hairstyling
  2. So basically I wasn't expecting a scene in our home today noon but it did happen. My mom wasn't feeling well today , and the little kid keeps my wife busy other times , but he was sleeping.So my wife made some food. When I asked if the food was done, she said "yes, but don't criticize it please . I have been in kitchen for 'n' hours now doing cookking" I honestly started losing my temparament . I mean can she not even do this much ! Do I have no right to criticize the food she made. what if its tasteless. I mean my dad has criticized and got dishes made from mom for long.
  3. The incident happened few days back. It was afternoon. Dad called mom , but mom was bathing after doing household chores , so she couldn't pick call. Then dad called my wife and asked her "What all has pantry run out of . Let me know." to which my wife replied "I don't know . Mom might be knowing" to which my dad got pissed off and said "How come you don't know ? you too work in kitchen. are you just there to eat" . My wife got sulked out of this and maintained the typical 'fat face' till evening. She could have ignored dad's scoldings and even learned from it . But apparently father in law is
  4. So question I take my guru seriously, how do I do paath for my late wife?
  5. Its been 6 months or so since I am married. Didn't ask for a dowry or anything. My wife is usually nice to my mom and dad, although I think she just tries acting sweet and has tendencies of passive-aggressiveness inside her . Sometimes she also becomes very angry which is not justified. for instance today she said 'you people have not purchased me' . My mom sold her gold rings to make a gold chain for her. Dad often brings nice fruits etc for her, and since I don't have siblings, she easily enjoys food etc in house. Doesn't do a job , only studies and we have paid the fee so she may
  6. In our faith or in Sikh culture is there a structure in the household? Is man/husband the head of the house? During the lavaan/phere the man walks at front and leads the way. In kalki avtaar, when guru ji is describing how humanity will fall and go wrong, guru ji says men will stop respecting their parents and will come under their womans control. In most Punjabi houses the female/wife is the head of the house these days (probably why everything is going wrong, men have forgotten their responsibilities) What does Sikhi say about this? is the man supposed to be the head of the hou
  7. Sorry a little tipsy but miss my wife, nobody needs to respond, its what it is.
  8. She's a nice person so far, since more than a month in marriage. And she makes nice food too , but I find it bizzaring how she wants to feed me all the time , not during usual breakfast, lunch and dinner , but inbetween lets say we having panjeeri with milk and if she feels i am not partaking of it, she assertively tried to feed me , as if i am a child. She fills the spoon and brings it near my mouth and says "chalo now eat it. " Even if I repeatedly say I don't want to , she gets upset and keeps insisting. Then she does more cleverness. If we agree I will have only one spoon of it , she
  9. Vjkkvjkf, What are some useful websites or places I can visit for a suitable gursikh partner. Specifically, I am a 24 year old gursikh male searching for 24 or younger gursikh match. Me and my family are all Canadian citizens and live in Ontario. I am also asking my local sangat as well but I would like to your suggestions as well. Thank you. Vjkkvjkf
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