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    Ssa M a 19 year old girl.. I am really very depressed about Wats happening in my life... Everytym sth good is expected to happen... My bad luck crops in nd something never expected happens. Sumtyms college problem, sumtyms monetary sumtyms family problems.. Now some other problems hav come up:( life is just getting tougher day by day. Nothing happens in my favour, thought tym fr my family :'( I do sukhmani sahib path...! But all dese situations are making me depressed. I,just want things to get ok n see my family happy :'(. People easily get wat they want nd I don't get it even after so many efforts. I don't knw wen is it going to stop. I don't feel gud help :'(
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    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, I agree with your post and I also feel that your dad's perception of Sant Ji is flawed, Nelson Mandela started out violent but was able to come out peaceful and save the minorities. While Sant Ji was able to preach one thing for sure in his speechs From what I have heard of his several... Keep rehit become true sikhs, get shashter as our Gurus have instructed us and always keep peace until you have no alternative... So if you are being abused don't just stand by and let it happen after peace fails... End the Person who commits these sins. Sant Ji was one of the greatest Sikhs of the 20th century... So as for similarities both were fighting oppression and took a "by Any means" strategy.

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