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  1. Thank you for your reply, I have formed a question something along those lines... 'One person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter'. Discuss this concept in relation to the Khalistan movement and the impact it has had in global politics. So I was basically going to look into it, from Western govt perspectives..."terrorist attacks", impact in India and its politics with for example Canada over the issue... I think I will really have to dig for info... but could find it and yes I could look into its relations with institutions aswell...
  2. After everyone in my family read SukhdevSinghMedare posts, I think everyone is in agreement to attend this protest! Instead of going to the committee and trying to persuade THEM to stop... he instead decides to think the WHOLE Sikh world wide community is against him and his drunkard money grabbing committee.... utter disbelief and paranoia instead of recognising where the actual fault lies!
  3. I am currently struggling to find a dissertation title I can really get into for my course in International Relations I study at DMU. My Tutors all specialise on western issues but global institutions... I want to relate something back to Sikhism! Helpppp?! Any pointers would he helpful... Thank you!
  4. Alot of sikhs go brunel, but they dont get involved in the sikh society! from my experince the ones that do go are clicky and if your not local its crap as there's no local g'wara.
  5. WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa WaheGuru Je Ke Fateh! I am from Five Rivers, which is supplying hoodies to various events and socities eg Kaurageous and Kingston University amoungst other groups. For all the Sikh Socities that are looking for Hoodies to be made. PM me... we sell them for £10 per hoody but can supply bulk orders for less. If you are looking for cheaper hoodies then please do not hesitate to PM me. Thank you! WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa WaheGuru Je Ke Fateh!
  6. Contacting them directly with your concerns will probably be more productive rather than anonymously posting online asking for us to classify them as hypocrites. Tried contacting them they just ignore you... Im not topic starter.... but everyone always says that on this forum but have they ever got back to anyone?
  7. My Story is abit boring buh we went Gurdwara and Guru Ji gave a M buh my Nani said it cant be an M cos her name begins with an M and it would cause conflicts. Shes supersitious So then she made the Granthi ask Guru Ji again and a H came out. If we had stuck with the M i would have been called Mandeep Buh thankfully Im a Harjinder but people call me Harj or Harry!
  8. yer I been doing that and it beeps and takes me to this strange menu, buh I dont wanna do more damage...there doesnt seem to be no way to start it in safe mode or whatever to get it past that error message...I been pressing escape, F2 and F12 as thats whats recommended at the beginning when loading. Wheres Papi or Khalsa4ever? <_<
  9. My mate just moved from Canada and has a HP laptop but has lost his CD's that came with in transport. The LP loads buh jus before windows loads a message comes. Isass.exe - System Error "Security Accounts Manager initialization failed because of the following error: The handle is invalid. Error Status 0xc0000008. Please click OK to shutdown this system and reboot into Safe Mode, Check the event log for more detailed information." What shall we do? we dont even know how to start it on safe mode <_< Help please :WW:
  10. How old are you? You can't really describe a website as homosexual?! I heard u say things like that when you are gay Has Babbar Shere come out? :lol: neway bak to topic.
  11. And have you got any Facts to prove these accusations agaisnt Balbeer Singh? Not that I care who he is and what you guys are arguing about :lol:
  12. What you guys think? http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5855464445&ref=mf
  13. So it's true? some people in the Dal treat low castes differently yeah? Ur all messaed!
  14. Really? So Budha Dal consider him a rougue element....if this is true, then Budha Dal needs to get rid because he's said some wacky things which Ive formed my opinion on the Dal on. Also if he has nothing to do With the Dal how come he was there to do Dastar Bandi thing of the new Jathedar? or did he just turn up uninvited? dont worry he does that in UK too. :lol: The guys got anger problems anyway so I aint got a clue how anyone can get gyan from someone who has no control over vices. As for this topic...the mainstream of Sikhs will also be the same! There's two extremes one who accept anything and everything cos some sant said so and are extreme sant followers (sanatans etc) and the other that doubt everything!!!(Bhausaria) Majority of people dont give a damm either way and work on thier own Standard Akal Takhat Sikhi and dont fall into the traps of either...extremes will alwats exist, but REAL SIKHI shall always flourish and is the mainstream...doubt that and your doubting Guru's Panth! :nihungsmile:
  15. :wub: This thread is just funny, seriously singhalicious is a joka. :D
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