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  1. The fact he killed 3 and fought off another armed with knives and hammers.... the court heard he went "Bruce lee" style and 3 were dead within 13 seconds all proven to be self defence. Does he teach shaster vidya? Where has he learnt it from? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8849961/Indian-overstayer-person-UK-face-no-charges-self-defence-triple-killing.html
  2. I used to have the same perception about moving back to Punjab however when other relatives have done it or gone for a few months there are harsh realities which they struggled to.cope with. What career opportunities are better? Firstly you have to think about it from a historical perspective, had your family stayed would they have survived the extra judicial killings of the Punjab Police and widespread murder? I am presuming your family has some keshdhari Sikhs? My Thaya and Chacha were both taken from thier homes in the early 90s and we still dont know what happened to them. Events like
  3. Does Aum/Om manter have any relevance in Sikhi? I have recently been drawn to listening to it play in the background as I'm working... just a simple human voice. I cant seem to find anything Sikhi related with just a voice with very little sound effects, music or instruments? I have noticed in some Hindu Households they are playing various Manters at low frequency. Do we have any Audios out there of a similar ilk? Example -
  4. I've noticed that alot of Muslim actors are having to play overtly Hindu roles to stay relevant and liked within Indian Media. Salman Khan is prime example of this... pretty much very film he makes now he plays a Hindu character and his films have been mega hits at the Indian box office. But in regards to Maratha/Sikh relationship it highlights the lack of cooperation within modern day India. Ultimately why would the Sikhs trust Marathis, they put Adina Beg in power over Sikh territories which the Sikhs helped them to conquer. Also in later years Marathis proped up the failing Mughal Empi
  5. I wanted to understand the relationship and history of these 2 Sikh Contemporaries. I have heard of various stories that they didnt get along issues such as the creation of Bandai Khalsa and that a leaf was dropped in the sarovar of Harmander Sahib that would decide who the real Guru of the Sikhs was... is that true? Heard about Baba Deep Singh Ji abandoning Baba Banda Singh Bahadur as the Mughals were closing in... But then again I heard they never joined forces as Baba Deep Singh Ji didnt agree with the way Baba Banda Singh Bahadur conquered Mughal areas. Not sure what is true
  6. I just wanted to enquire whether there was any meanings or reasons for the designs (mosaics) we see around the parikarma of Darbar Sanib? I believe one is called the flower of life? Or Any other historical Gurdwaray in India. Who chose them?
  7. Imagine if a black or white Sikh was reading this thread lol. A lot of generalisations. There are hundreds of different ethnic/cultural/national groups amoungst black/white people. All have different schools of thought, Faith and History. We got to be careful not to make sweeping statements.
  8. I used to think it was just black cats and Indian Govt dressing people up as Sikhs to Kill Hindus. But then recently I met a Kharkhu Singhs family and they confirmed that some Sikhs in these groups were so angry and because they were getting no support from fellow Hindu Punjabis they resorted to violence against local Hindus. BUT it was really low level and these Sikhs were often dealt with by other Sikhs or the Indian authorities themselves. It eventually got worse towards the end of the 80's as there was no control over youth joining the Khalistan movement. HOWEVER, Nothing in comparison t
  9. I have heard the term Nanaksar and GNNSJ used interchangeably. I was wondering whether they represent the same group, view points and Sants. In addition, what has been the opinion of Nanaksar Sikhs regarding the Khalistan movement and the problems in Punjab in the 80s? Do they support the cause of people like Bhai Surat Singh?
  10. In my opinion: I would not vote Conservative because David Cameron refused to have an independent enquiry into the role of British Government in operation Blue Star and has refused to release more classified information which could prove the guilt of the Indian government. He also refused to apologise for Jallanwalla Bagh and just "regretted" the incident... Therefore for me he has let down Sikhs the most as a PM especially when Professor Bhullar/Kesri Lehar protests where happening. Sikhs were just simply ignored. Add the fact we were also ignored by Tories when they put the Gandhi statue up
  11. TBH It happens so much now. I think those Sikhs that want the Hukamnamma to respected have lost the battle. The amount of protests and meetings Sikhs attend with Committee wallay... They promise not to do it again and then its back to square 1. The committee does it again. Nobody respects the Hukamnamma... you even have usually devout Sikhs willingly pushing the agenda if inter-faith marriage. Leicester has a big problem... All Gurdwaray, don't do the checks... Had to deal with a Gujji guy boast about his cousin marrying a Sikh girl and the "gyanis" and "Khalibans" couldn't do anything about i
  12. I think they sing what sells to make a living... you had Miss Pooja and I think Lembher are not Jatt .... but sing songs bigging up Jatts because thats where the demand is and what sells... the lyrics regarding Caste, sharaab etc doesnt necessarily mean the singer endorses the lyrics... or even believes what they are singing... Miss Pooja is a known Ravidasia follower!!! The blame does not belong with the singers but Punjabi community! Compare Diljit's dharmic album sales and his Jatt filled stuff... where does he earn a living? I think we need to look at the Punjabi community that buys and
  13. I don't know where even to start with the op. How can Sikhs be proud of being "Indian" when India and its constitution doesn't even fully recognise Sikhism as a separate religion! If you want to be proud of India you give up your identity of being a Sikh... so what are you!?... a proud Indian or a Sikh?! I know what I'd rather be... In addition, the continuous betrayal and subjugation such as the fact we had to literally spill blood to get Punjabi recognised as a state language and we want Punjabi's in turn to be thankful to India? The Slaughter of generations of Sikh youth with no support
  14. So sad... wish there was something someone could do for her! Or stop her... depression is such horrible illness.
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