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  1. i find these type of questions are a constant here maybe we should have a sticky bhaiji the whole reason you are affected by these things is because of your own emotions, or lack of control of them, its one of the hardest things to master (not that i have done it) only you control the way you feel, you are in charge, if you know the real reason you keep your kesh then it should never affect you i hope you feel better tho!
  2. LOL at this post First you call sikhi weak including this forum where YOU are asking for help have you ever actually helped anyone yourself or are you waiting on these "chola" wearers to help you out first, instead of cussing people down why dont you change yourself and maybe when people see someone doing better and helping people they will be inspired unless the above rant of yours is only so other people change for your benefit!
  3. apologies for making assumptions on your post but you have assumed all love marriages are based on people not loving themselves as a self proclaimed mona who "used to chase girls" did you come round to sikhi with someone preaching at you and calling you "bescharam" or did you come round because of the pyaar that you saw in sikhi although i do agree with you the whole bollywood bf/gf thing has gone to far in sikhi but id rather it happened at the gurdwara then in a club the lesser of 2 evils?
  4. think the phenji who keeps posting needs to realise its not good to have krodh in your body why we sometimes think its ok to have some of the panj chor and not the other still dumbfounds me still some families praise having lots of pride/ego even anger as punjabi qualities everyone on this forum is on here to learn but the sheer number of posts disagreing with you should show you that you are wrong, you are the younger sister of everyone on this forum and holding that much anger at a group of people is not good for the soul get rid of this needless anger and help your brothers and sisters in
  5. sounds a bit paranoid there are lots of bad people in this world not just specific militant hindutva organisations, destroy by any means necessary is a bit over the top people from the 84 riots should get there sajja but we dont need to grow our numbers the gurus never openly asked hindus to convert your actions should show them that sikhi way is amazing but so is hindu way if followed rightly you have no place to "wipe out" a religion absolute horse/<banned word filter activated> that would make us as bad as the mughals of old/political hindutva orgnisations
  6. the only way to find out is to ask yourself do some paath and see what u think, dont be stressed by what other people think or societies rules, be true to yourself whichever way it turns out good luck but only u can know yourself noone can help you here! dont think of the past or the present just now, never take it as gospel what some person says read bani for yourself and figure out yourself! good luck
  7. weird question i know but when does a book become ~SGGS? In the printing process where does it start full to full cover printed of SGGS become SGGS, or where the paper comes from or how the ink is manufactured, or one word of gurbani or a sentence or a ang? we have bani on t shirts etc everything now adays also reading this site http://srec.gurmat.info/srecpublications/aboutcompilationofsrigurugranthsahib/appendix2/ makes the guru sound like composing adi granth and bring together records and compositions but calls SGGS the book and records which makes it sound like only the fully printed c
  8. ^^^ militant please dont hijack some people as taking the piss to this bollywood op as a sign that everyone thinks like the above. dont agree with the bf/gf culture bit if you like a girl for a long time as friends then get married then u r technically bf/gf doesnt seem that bad. also plenty of ppl amritdharis here with love marriages and i would guess the vast members who visit here disagree with you its people like u who make people think twice about becoming amritdhari because u have to live an immaculate life, probably the same people who didnt allow divorce only suicide as a way out o
  9. kullykhalsa


    show his walk <banned word filter activated> lol
  10. kullykhalsa


    ask him what you want to ask him, be as deep or as shallow as you like at the end of the day its about getting to know each other, dont hide your character pretend to give a "correct" answer or what you think the other person would prefer to hear, be straight up and then when you find someones who likes your character youll get a yes!
  11. not really a place for any of the sangat to help, if your not religous stop pretending to be, if your scared about coming out as gay then no one can help you its inner strength you need brother Simple as this - tell your family dont hide away! whether the people on this forum think its right or wrong you need to be content within yourself and that means not leading a double life!
  12. some of this stuff is unreal one minute you are such a good gurmukh you have seen shaheed singhs, the next this guys gnna help you get up for amritvela everyday! to be fair i did 10 min simran the other day and saw the light so we are probably in the same boat! not only are you demeaning yourself by acting like he is your other half (your incomplete without him? lol) but you then go further to make it sound like the rest of my sisters are like you and are hunting for a man (and obviously your crush is not gnna be on the market long) sometimes i think sikhsangat shouldnt allow guest posts be
  13. thats disgusting you called him "paaji" first lol!
  14. That Harjap singh cracks me up man, unlike the rest of you i dont have an opinion on his looks being a guy myself its as sad as watching take me out lol! As for WLS we should surely listen more to him just so we dont turn out like him!
  15. isnt it weird how possible the same girl you are talking about could be giving you advice on this thread, she could potentially be thinking the same thing of you. If you value your friendship at all tell her straight how you feel in the same way you would to your brother/sister it is a dark age but we are the only ones who can make it better!
  16. o.p you need to see a psychologist of some sort your obviously having problems please do not be scared to talk to someone every single one of us needs help in our life sometime or other! i would talk to a qualified person there are a lot of groups set up which probably dont have the required qualifications so please go to your GP who will probably refer you to a psychologist!
  17. Punjabi culture is the bane of a gursikh's existence its all to do with pride/ego and attachment (apparently 2 of the panj chor we seem to celebrate) seems the OP is suffering from a serious case of kaam with her brothers mothers sisters cousins bhuas brother. why is everything such a bollywood dream now? the OP is way to young to be considering marraige from the sentence structure of her replies and the way she convenietly misses out the posts which tell her to stop being such a child. if she was adult enough she would have responded to this but instead will only respond to replies which con
  18. hard situation to be in, on one hand part of me says tell some local singhs at your gurdwara and he will soon learn not to hit his wife (this is old pendhu mentality but it has worked in the past) another part of me says just divorce him and be rid, kids or not kids, your life and people around you will be much better if you are allowed to be yourself!
  19. essentially your "gf" decided to dump you, and you cant take it so you've decided it must be black magic ?? :S "No i am serious here, she can not live a 10 mins away without talking to me" apparently she can because shes still alive, sounds like a case of sour grapes!
  20. brilliant post, pre-sikh times how would one get to akaal purakh there must have been a way? Life did not start in 1699! stop trying to stamp across one generic sikhi to everyone and treat everyone like brother and sister and the panth will grow naturally
  21. surely the above is not true that means you could never cheat on your wife/husband as long as it was same sex?
  22. Not sure why this post is so popular our guru adorned his dastaar and his horse and the clothes he wore with gold and diamonds, was he showing off or indicating "kaam" be yourself stop shackling yourself to "rehat" if you stick to rehat but your hearts not in it then its just become ritualistic b/s, everyones rehat is different in life some people think you can do some things and not others find your own way in life!
  23. Everything you have done to date has been with an ulterior motive most of your bhagti it seems has been to experience something to see your faith rewarded but faith/belief does not work like that as sikhs we are supposed to live in the world your existence does not better the world one bit if you are lucky enough to be able to drop out of education system and work life balance then shouldnt you be helping your brothers and sisters in africa (not sure what you could teach them), shouldnt you be doing seva out in the gurdwara i think a singh who goes to work looks after his family helps out in
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