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  1. time to be a little mischievous tell your dad to sign over stuff to you or your mom for tax reasons etc we take abuse like this too lightly take him for all he has got he doesn't deserve it anyway (within the confines of the law) I hope you solve this as every day your mom stays and gets beat is another day of pain. pls send me a message if you need some singhs to help advise your dad on the reasons he shouldnt beat his wife!
  2. Well arent the Panj Pyare just people and as such wont they just have differing opinions as well ....hence the major differences in our panth currently when we have so many different panj pyare giving out different "types" of amrit and different advice. You should ask your question here forums a place to bounce ideas and different interpretations so that the end user (o.p) gets a wide range of advice and he picks whatever makes more sense to him surely!
  3. I think what amansingh was trying to get at was the fact so many people follow sants/brahmgianis etc when more often then not they are not what the claim to be. Now i am not saying that there are no sants or Bhramgianis but what aman refers to is that we do not need these people as we have the ultimate guide in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. For example i know a lot of people who follow sants and dera's etc and these people would say the same as you no point saving people who do nindiya of mahapurakhs, we need to learn for ourselves and start becoming real sikhs (leaders, brave, courageous not shee
  4. Savinderpal when you have read the above post please re read it to make sure you understand, very eloquently put. by literally a bujjar kurehit do you mean it is not a bujjar kurehit if it was then it would be one of the 4 bujjar kurehit (halal meat, hair,adultery, intoxicants) again your misreprenting sikhism whereas we are asking questions you deem yourself able to give answers and factuals ones THAT ARE WRONG (please listen to the story of Ram Rai) maybe thats the problem not enough independent thinking, i truly hope you do change your views because remember as amritdharis we are the dust
  5. Hardly an explanation its more you just bleating off random stuff that doesnt actually make sense youve shown no though process no logic not even a modicum of rationality. Taking amrit isnt like the christian version of baptism it becomes a part of you and hence to break your amrit is a huge thing now completed by any of the 4 bujjar kurehits not just stuff you make up and try and pass off as fact! please tell me where and why eating from a non amritdharis plate would break your amrit in your own words? well my mother is how would you feel if we refused to eat in your house, im not sure how
  6. Of course there is such a thing as a non practising sikh in other words a non baptised sikh, people who identify themselves as sikh but dont follow rehat that is a non practising/baptised sikh the same as in catholocism etc. Im not saying that the moneh who bows is better or worse then the muslim who bows, im saying generally quite a lot of my moneh friends know about sikhi and are fiercely loyal to sikhi but choose not to practice/follow rehat doesnt mean they are not sikh and in the same way the muslim who bows will be doing it for ritualistic sake (unless someone has told him what it means
  7. This problem has always been not about non practising sikhs but about the leniency shown by Sikhs in general to these events. Now if a sikh decides to marry a muslim thats fine but the ceremony cannot be performed in a gurdwara they should have a civil one because they are not practising sikhs, the difficulty comes with moneh who are not practising but i believe they can have their marriage in a gurdwara because they truly accept Guru ji as their father, whereas a muslim is just bowing for the sake of ritual. We need more gurdwara to instigate marraige counselling previous to a marriage and to
  8. if only the present is relevant than why do we listen to sakhia from over 400 years ago please think before you type there is a lot to be learned from the past but thanks for the information as it is always best to be informed with knowledge than not to seek it out
  9. Sorry i think you have misunderstood the question, i didnt ask for qualification on what sachkand is, our role in merging back into Waheguru, nor on the infinitness of Waheguru these things are the very basic tenets of sikhi. Having read the Vaar that you suggested im guessing that "Binu Gur Darasanu Daykhanaa Bhramataa Dhiray Tdaurhi Naheen Paaay, Binu Guru Poorai Aaay Jaaay" is what you are referring to. Again for the record i asked pre guru's time how does this fit into our belief in others reaching sachkand?, i think one of the previous posters mentioned guru ji being in human form pre h
  10. Dr Ambedkar Inspired a generation pretty much the closest you can come to being a sikh without actually being called a sikh! Some of his quotes are just #inspirational
  11. yes why not i think for most part sikhi is rational and for the other parts i have faith/belief however the irrational logic in this case is too much for a blind leap of faith hence asking more learned sikhs as to what they think/ what gurbani says everydays a school day after all
  12. And before the gurus how about all those lifes/souls? where they just given another chance based on their deeds, how can you accept guru granth sahib ji as guru if guru was not provided in this way pre 1300AD? Sachkand has only been populated since 1300AD and the billions of souls before that are just reincarnated? Seems a bit illogical? Thanks for the Pauris!
  13. sorry what is the difference? please expand on your point.... I didnt slander you a manmukh you are a manmukh in the same way i am comfortable admitting i am a manmukh(obviously trying to be a gurmukh) if you think your a gurmukh then thats a different case then im slandering your opinion of yourself not what you actually are. If this conversation proves anything its that we are both NOT gurmukhs yet. a Gurmukh is someone like sant baba gurbachan singh who epitomises all that is sikh in every word and action can you truly call yourself the same?
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