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  1. *sigh* - another raensabaayee up north :sad: cant we have one in the london area for once - there are sikhs who live here u know!!!
  2. all i saw the other day was some apna mona, with the name of Dilbag Singh, (who's coach is a keshdhari), knocking some paki to the ground in boxing! it led me to check out indias boxing competitors and most of them are apne boxers: -http://www.sportsbun.com/india-at-2010-commonwealth-games-boxing-cwg-2010-boxing-india/ is anyone aware of their progress?
  3. will be gettin it in a few days PSN: sidhu13 and pro is so dry that I literally feel sorry for the people who own it and class it as a footy game!
  4. all i'm gonna say is that muslemaan judge is moist!
  5. bruv wat happend to your facebook!?!?

  6. bruv what happend to your facebook?!?!?

  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/world-war-2/7961211/Hitler-had-Jewish-and-African-roots-DNA-tests-show.html interesting..........
  8. a decent documentary..... I went to Ypres myself on a school trip, and was quite surprised to see the names of so many singhs on the memorial! it would be great if shown at schools, the teachers are always quite interested in the casualties of the Sikhs!
  9. http://www.sikhroots.net/resources/Sikh_Religion%20&Science.pdf - This book could help you out - Sikh Religon And Science
  10. LOL,

    MSN: Tera Ser!

    Ha ha

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