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  1. Terrible injustice! Global Sangat needs to sit down and form tactical plans of action. In regards to India, more of our Parchaaraks and leaders need to join the movement. We must not let the Government silence us! Keep us updated SadSingh and lets get this issue trending in media!!
  2. Too bad we can't get our younger generation to be like this instead: Naah, better to sing controversial songs than Shabad.
  3. Nothing much in midlands, especially Birmingham ends and west
  4. lol theres no such thing as 'clashes', the more programs the better! Lol, I can't agree with that. Yes, the more programmes the better, but only when they are quite far from each other. Here we have one in Wolverhampton and the other in Birmingham, both are fairly close, so it just splits the Sangat. There are some weekends when there are no programmes, I don't see why there is a need to have two programmes on the same date but oh well.
  5. yeah, I hope she doesn't look in my head.... I'm thinking of bananas..
  6. indeed, what's been happening then? who's the traitor?
  7. chemistry is good! what you talking about lol? I like the explosions! And yes A.B. (B = bhenji) I will, in most cases, agree with you lol
  8. yeah, everyone's grown up and down in this thread
  9. Hope you manage to successfully organise it! good work!
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