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  1. London001, If you are having any doubts about the girl you are about to marry, then I would advise you NOT to marry this girl. Be honest with yourself (she clearly isn't being honest if she is lying to you- what else is she hiding from you?). I am going through a divorce with my soon to be ex due to her lies and dishonesty. Marriage is for life (I am a strong believer of this) and as said if you are not happy with the girl you are engaged to, then walk away- its not too late. BTW- is the girl you are engaged to from the UK or aboard? Just that I have heard allsorts about girls (and guys) from aboard- wanting a permantant stay then doing a runner, kids from past relationships, promises to their boyfriend/girlfriend from their college days that they will call them over to the UK once they get their permantant stay etc. Just be extra careful if you do marry outiside the UK.
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