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  1. All, Does anyone have a list of Gurdwaras in Italy, I've had a look online and some sites appear to be quite out of date, also on Sikh TV / Sangat TV there seems to be dozens of Gurdwaras in Italy... any info would be welcome. Also any info on Gurdwaras in Spain / France / Germany would be welcome. Are any of the users onhere from mainland Europe??
  2. Thanks for all the answers - sorry its taken me so long to reply. The land is farmland, agricultural, about 3 plots. Dist Jallandhur, but quite far from the city. The main reason my parents wish to sell is they are worried that someone will take it over and scam us. We know of ppl who've suffered as a result of living in the UK and have their land stolen from them in india. Its an expensive and time consuming process to try and get the land back. I do intend to go back to india but it won't be to farm.
  3. There has been a massive influx of students from punjab to the UK in the last 2 - 3 years, massive. also, live in italy is very very difficult for sikhs - prehaps some could shed some light on this....
  4. hey, i am based in the uk and my parents are considering selling some farmland that we have.... has any have any experience of this or know of an agent who can do this for them...
  5. Hello, Don't know if this is the ideal place to post this but i got married in india and now plan to bring the wife over here. i am now understanding just how stressfull this process is going to be. is there anyone here who has done this (brought a spouse over to the UK)? how did you find the process? are there any pitfalls to aviod or not do.
  6. a few years back we had the term Craig David Singhs in the UK.....
  7. Hi I was wondering if anyone here was from Italy. what is life like for sikhs who are living in italy. i understand that lots of people are going there but is there much in the way of jobs or income for people.
  8. Egypt - all that will happen is the next government will steal everything, nothing much will change IMHO.
  9. this has been done several times on here, inc by myself. infact bbc asian did a show about this a few years ago and a few girls phoned up fessing up to the 'i am the utmost respest for singhs but i couldn't marry one.....' bollocks i say. if that is the way they are that is the way they are.
  10. HDSH - where in the UK can you buy those brushes?
  11. Quick question; what do you guys use to brush your dhari? do you use a brush of anything? i use a hair brush from india but i find that too hard... does anyone know of places in london what have good dhari brushes? also, do you use use any sort of oil after washing on your dhari? i used to use baby oil but it didn't do anything
  12. is it common for the head itself to feel pain, after wearing a pug? because the 2 inch area of my head / skull near my ear starts to feel painful.
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