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  1. Cheers for that, yesterday was like a shikar game, everyone after me. I totally agree with you, its very biased hence I dont use this site much. Chall everyone has their own opinions on him but singling a man out just because of his beliefs and when he is doing soo much to preserve what he can, thats just wrong.

    Cheers for that once again

  2. hey how have you been? havent heard from you in a while!!!

  3. my signiture i hope the guy u knw who reads it hes such a nang a fudu

  4. it is difficult to recognize a narcissist because he spends all of his time acting, protecting his ego by presenting to the world a false image of himself. A narcissist is not capable of putting the organization's needs before his or her own needs=selfish git who shall rot away!.externalizes blame for negative events.he almost always attributes blame to others and makes up lies why it happ

  5. Nihal Akal

    Today, 09:26 AM

    shes a fudu aswell these scum jatts hating on the kenyans !! i think we should get the kharag tulwar takke katar and pesh kabz and a pistol out and do some ''sewa''

  6. aeroo

    bigggest fudu around with hsi post i told you what the wrote i bet hes one of them or some fudu khalistani gang wala

  7. 20page essay!

    did u finish it all or did u stop at 17 lol

  8. yeahhh ive been good, holidays


    hows school and bball

  9. I know who you are!!! your that nihang who smokes, takes all drugs and buys drugs of dealers such as the mona down the road and i saw you go in to a halal butchers and purchase meat from there, what do you have to say about that?!?!?1 heard you do kalka havans also and worship chandi and gunpathi, whats up with that?


  10. boooooooooooooooooooooo

  11. why didnt you come today? do you want dand yudh? i challenge you to hath thor challenge the winner gets a new pugh

  12. yoo bhujangi from the bhujang akara!

    u knw the member ''nihal akal'

    thats the one who gave the password to the fanatics! she gave it 2 her cousin who also uses that account and he found the picture and hyped it the bloody priks!

  13. singh im telling u swear on my life i cant walk

    my legs hurt my arms hurt my back muscles bloody hurt im in soooo much pain no lie teja tortured me! lol BUT NA IM IN SOOOOOOO MUCH PAIN MAN IT HURTSSSSSSSS

  14. akara today = KILLER!

  15. ''You may know all of the martial arts in the world. But if you do not posses a disciplined mind, you will definately lose''

  16. u may be older than me but i have something you dont...shastarvidiya!!!!!!

    and more posts than u lol

  17. LOL im only one year younger than u :P dindt want to put my real age but now u know it lol

  18. lol thats for that, im only one year younger than u! lol

  19. you know your personal statment which is









    wer is that from is it a mantar niddar said? LOl?

  20. religious views = CHATKA + DEGH!

    ^^^^^ :D

  21. that cutting heads off it to them scum bags! i want a tulwar to cut their heads clean off and then i want to drink their blood and put a tilak on my head and meet their family's and do the same to them!!!!!!

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