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  1. Harinders forte is in politics and he is good at that. But when it comes to historically religious praxis, he is completey on the missionary line. PDL is a gem concerning literature and learning in the Sikh world today, as it houses so many texts that are unavaialable to the common Sikh today. For that I have to give him credit, but his misinformation on Dasam Granth and rehatnamas show him to be completely untrustworthy. That was just a movement to get himslef in the news more than anything. The controversies he joined was in denying Dasam Grnth its correct place in the Panth and also changing dohra etc. He used to take SGGS in a wheelie-carry case around with him. Him and his crew do not believe in Sukhasan , chaur, etc of SGGS. The actual dohra is the one he reads, from Bhai Prehlad Singh's rehitnama. But the Panth hasn't read it that way for nigh-on 70 years now, so there was no need to force the issue controversially. Harinder like many missionaries want to make a name for himself in Sikh history as some kind of reformer.
  2. You found your boyfriend in bed with another woman?
  3. I dont know. when we were young we always wanted to have a tree. None of my siblings have become Christians yet.
  4. This upcoming program features Amritpal Singh, Nirmaljit Singh and Avtar Singh, who all thre hardcore missionaries. I dont know about Nirmal Singh, a kirtania, or Harinder Singh, whether he is in agreement with his guru dhadhriwala over Amrit vela, naam simran amongst other things. What is going with Hounslow Gurdwara that they woud allow 3 missionaries on their stage.?
  5. No Sikh is celebrating Jesus' birth. Most just care about getting presents. Especially kids. Anyway who decided Jesus was white:
  6. How many non-Sikhs are there in Khalsa Orphanage? I would have thought that they would only really be Sikh kids there in the first place.
  7. So true and so horrible to read the reality. Billionaire Arabs and such, and then us. We don't have the wealth they do. Although some of these probelm are self-created, there should definitely be more material and financial aid for the poorer Sikhs. Some farmers have taken huge oans on land they cannot repay. Some fools take drugs, and become addicts. Those people who bring it on themselves, I don't tend to have much sympathy for, but those Sikhs who are living in shanty towns and can't educate their kids, or even feed them or clothe them properly, should definietly be helped. And those families affected by the loss of family members who gave their lives in the Khalistan movement should definitely be high up on the list.
  8. Sri Dasme Patshah's Granth Sahib is amazing. Only something so amazing could come from someone so amazing. Daasi. Daas is if you are male. Best bet is Singhbrothers in Amritsar, where I got mine from. IN the meantime go to gurmatveechar.com and listen to katha of ri Dasme Patshah's Granth. Of course you are. You don;'t need chandoa or chaur for senchia. Just a rel and hazuria.
  9. DTF don't sell them. No place I know of, sells the saroop. Are you talking about the senchia ? If you dont know about it, then what is the rush? Why go so fast after something you know little about? No-one has Sri Dasme Patshah's Granth Sahib parkash in their house. Sri Dasme Patshah's Granth Sahib is only parkash in Sri Guru Granth Sahibs hazoori, never separately. I dont think you are going to get blessings on your head, rather you are going to lose them. Think about what you are doing. You sound really naive (forgive me) for thinking about this when your post shows you clearly have no idea. Either buy the senchia and read them at your leisure or read on online at searchgurbani.com they have english trans on that site, its very good.
  10. At the moment I'm reading a book by Ian Talbot called "lahore in the times of the Raaj". In it he writes that a quarter of the Muslim residents of Lahore city are Kashmiris. Also just for your info, the 1941 census was not very accurate either as all three religions were suspected of giving skewed numbers wherever they could.
  11. His argument is valid in that aarti is a method of worship. However the connection to worship of Guru Granth Sahib is not completely addressed in his article. I'm not sure because I don't know if it was a beloved ritual. It may have more to do with the hindu connotations which some Sikh people suffer dreadfully from. From what I have read about his Gulabdasi past, he did break more or less completely from it. I think the anti-arya samaj stance would hold more credence than the ex-Gulabdasi past.
  12. I would avoid those sikh organisations like the plague. They are hardcore darshan rogi chelas there and they have also started amrit sinchar without Dasam Banis.
  13. Read what context this is written in: https://www.searchgurbani.com/dasam-granth/shabad/8269/line/1 IMO Kamalroop has not presented it in its correct context in his article. One of the things that has always irked me greatly is that even with Sri Akal Bunga under the control of Nihangs during this era the low-castes were barred from entering the parikrama to Darbar Sahib and had to do namaskar from outside. Giani Ditt Singh was a Chamar (even though I did at one time beleive very strongly that he was a julaha) and people like him were heavily discriminated against even under the eye of the protectors of faith - the Dal Panth. This could explain why Giani Ji criticized some of their practices.
  14. If its in canada then most like its the fake singh sabha international.
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