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  1. anon- Hehe..naah, poor pAer kushnee ah..bohat wadhya transaltion dittee tusi. dhanwaad ji :s
  2. SSA JI... umm I don't think its wrong to have a picture in your mind, because our mind does tend to wonder about other stuff/issues...(taan he mann (mind) nu shaitaan kehnde ne) so, its good to hav a focused picture in your head. And yes thats also true to concentrate on what you're saying...the words instead of jst reading through, not knowing what exactly you're reading.
  3. SSA JI, Yea true, i agree with u as well.. we need to take action and most people are, and yea if they're seeing something wrong they're putting it up front. But again we can only take action and change othas' views if we knw somthin bout sikhi ourselves... You'll probably think people on this forum know a lot about sikhi and some might be jst learning...but im sure no1 here is so much of an ignorant not to knw dat We, sikhs, dont put up Caste system in order to b frnds with anybody. im sure we all know that sikhs don't/shudn't care about caste system...we mainly look or should i say, we sho
  4. But doesn't that bring out insecurity on our part? :s No offense but, we shouldn't balme "others" for our own shortcomings. Yes everyone is at different levels, we can say that "hey, I can't keep kesh/read bani/take amrit etc... due to my own short comings" instead of saying, "hey, I can't do it because of the way sikhs are portrayed in society" Exactly! Dhanwaad ji, for makin that point..very clear.
  5. SSA JI Dhanwaad Ji, saareya da..for sharing ur views Par main theeth, ik vaari fer koshish karan gi ke main kehna ki chaundi haan. Ik hor example tuhade samhney rankhna chaundi aan...and like always im trying to get my point across, here i go again..i'll try to keep it short and simple. Ok, so, when we talk to our friends or anybody who dnt knw, about what our dress "code" is or what we are expected to wear, when we go to gurudwaras, i would like to hear from you all, what do u tell them? I probably dont hav to state it all here, as u all already knw the answer... BUT, here is an example
  6. Thank you all for sharing, saareya ne barriyan sohniya sohniya yaadaan sanjhiyan kittiyaan...te funny v hehe :D I will try to keep this thread goin..as for me i have about ten years full of beautiful memories from panjab...jiddan jiddan koi gall yaad aiya karu i'll share it with u all. :s I remember playing Gudiyan Patole with my neighborhood frnds (saheliyaan). We used to go to tailors' place(s) to get small pieces of left over clothing and make suits for our stick dolls...amrika ch ah ke barbies naal khedan da oh majaa ni aiya jo lakkri di ja clothing (stuffed) guddiyan naal khedan da au
  7. I agree with most of the members on this, let your parents decide. Yes, true u can find great ppl online..friends and all but marriage is like da biggest step in life (well, at least for me) so, there shudnt be any rush in jst meeting some1 and jst bec u like their talks u decide to marry. There is more to that...than just two ppl meeting eachother...if you let ur parents decide, the decission is usally taken on by looking at the families as well as the couple.
  8. I dnt knw how some men who are amritdhaaris agree to marry a woman who's not...unless they're willing to b amritdhaaris in da future. At the Gurudwara Sahib ji here in amrika, (where i go) two of the granthis there are ofcourse, amritdhaari, but thieir wives are not...they are so western stylish kind of women...makeup shakeup la ke rakhde ne, they wear all kinds of jewelery, threaded eyebrows and wat not...its really sad. But somthin to think bout...
  9. SSA JI, Kaur Khalistani lioness- Thank you for posting your views...and yes, i fully understand the points you have made. We do need to take action on what bollywood/media is doing...but what if they are to ask us, the panjabi media, that what are we doing? What answers do we have for them? Can we give example(s) of any song or panjabi movie that our youth today watches, that talks about simply being a Sikh? Love between God and a human being...where do we present to the people, that firstly, love between god and a human is more important than having a bf/gf relationship...? <<this is w
  10. mY hoiSAwrpur qo hW pr hUn AmrIkw iv`c rYhndI hW AYnI cMgI pMnjwbI neI lIKnI AwEundI i I ` M N jIQy id`l kwrdw lw dyndI hW hw hw hw
  11. :homer eh nai hona sahi mere kollo...!! i tried..
  12. Leh hun ah ki? mainu apna hee likehya panjabi font ch nai dikh reha....
  13. mY hoiSAwrpur qo hW pr hUn AmrIkw iv`c rYhndI hW AYnI cMgI pMnjwbI neI lIKnI AwEundI i I ` M N jIQy id`l kwrdw lw dyndI hW hw hw hw
  14. haanji now i c the font...oh baaki de fonts ni c copy paste keetey. hehe thanks.
  15. Main ah file te click karke save te click keeta fer oh save ho geya te fer open keeti file te fer extract file te click keeta te fer oh tin folders control panel ch ja ke paste keete... aiddan hee karna c na? ya...still no luck..
  16. Pata ni main kithey ki ghalat kitta...mainu hajey v nai dikhdi panjabi font :sady:
  17. umm mere kol haiga panjabi font mere computer vich...aithey diyan posts wordpad ch copy paste karke fer dissan giyan?
  18. Sahi keha tusi sis ji...that's exactly what im trying to tell my sikh brothers and sisters here...but i don't understand where am i failing to prove my point...? :s
  19. Haanji tusi v sahi keh rahe o, Mehtab Singh Ji...par ohna de (bollywood) raaste te assin kion chall rahe aan? Why are we following their path? Again, I stand on the same argument as my last posts in this thread...What are our people doing? FORGET THE WORLD...panjabi di kahawat hai "Daati de ik paasey dandey hundey te duniya de dowein paasey" Bhul Chukk Maaf G!
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