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  1. Presumably this quote was written at a time where taxes weren't collected. Today, we just need the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes which should suffice to support those most in need. Note need, not greed.
  2. Most were enslaved by the British. Others were criminalised using The Ciminal Tribes Act which deprived them of their livlihood.
  3. Here it is on mainstream media: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/cia-isi-encouraged-sikh-terrorism/articleshow/2235406.cms Here's an interesting account of an American White converted Sikh who lived at the Golden Temple. He was converted by Yogi Bhajan, of 3HO fame. Both are probably CIA too.
  4. It gives credence to the recent claim that it was the brainchild of CIA/USA following the India-Pakistan War when both the UK/USA sent warships to the Bay of Bengal to aid Pakistan. Russia came to India's aid in time. After that it was decided to avenge India by annexing Punjab. They always use subliminal messages in films to further their agenda. https://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/when-russia-stunned-us-uk-naval-forces-helped-india-win-1971-war-563248.html
  5. 'Anti-semitism' seems to be their stock response. Even though they are no longer semitic, all Caucasian as Semitic tribes were wiped out following conversions.
  6. That's because of the Communal Act brought in by the British that gave reservations for seats to Sikhs, Jains, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Anglo-Indians, Europeans. Furthermore Dalits/SC-ST were promised economic reservations that were denied to other minorities. Classic Divide and Rule Policy to break up India. Gandhi realised that seats would be skewed in favour of Sikhs and went on a fast unto death to avoid fragmenting India and Nehru threatened not to introduce reservations for Dalits if they converted. Hence why most Dalits preferred to stay as Dalits, even though
  7. Oil never runs out apparently. It's a myth.
  8. This is currently the condition of African- Indian relations in Ghana. Similar stories are told in Africa, India, USA. http://www.guyana.org/features/conflicts_indiansandblacks.html @SinghPunjabSingh
  9. It's to do with pushing drugs onto the general population using 'magic' and rituals as spells. Ra is the Egyptian sun god and Bhang is obviously drugs. Also part of karmic cycle as terrorism uses money from drugs bought via Afghanistan/Pakistan/ISI to further agenda of Ghazwe e Hind.
  10. The real problems of Punjab are caused by corruption at the highest level: https://t.me/dgpindia/1417 5500 cr worth of 718 kg of high-quality heroin seized in Punjab in last week 400 plus people arrested and 282 FIR registered the main source of heroin is from Pakistan Drugs heat from Mumbai had shifted to Punjab. When u say nothing happening in SSR case, rest assured it is a huge nexus to be cracked and Pakistan involvement is massive https://t.me/dgpindia/13288 Understand the real meaning of Bhang Ra.
  11. A sea captain who had a blog visited over a billion times. Now taken down I believe and claims Modi is responsible. He is a Keralite with deep spiritual and historical knowledge.
  12. Not understanding who are their friends and who are not: And this: https://www.sikhpeople.com/sikh-community/sikh-community-to-organize-roza-iftar-party-to-mark-parkash-purab/
  13. I'm sure such acts would also impact many. https://robertspencer.org/2022/04/malaysia-sharia-court-sentences-mp-to-jail-for-saying-sharia-discriminates-against-women
  14. Could it also be due to the effect of the planets? As in astrology that states personality/major life events are determined according to the time and place of birth? It is based on science: https://medium.com/the-science-of-astrology/the-scientific-evidence-of-astrology-50ead3fabe04 @dallysingh101
  15. According to Ajit vadayakil, Mohammed was from the Namboodri Tribe of Kerala responsible for the care of the Kaaba and idols they worshipped. Therefore high born.
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