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  1. But will you publish it rather than editing or removing it?
  2. I wonder how many of them had Bill Gates' anti-God gene?
  3. Not insane. Just pure selfishness as those big owners are protecting their business interests. Most cannabis farms are owned by royalty and their associates so this is to control the amount farmers can earn and capture a growing market.
  4. Anxiety could be due to an imbalance of nutrients and presence of heavy metals. It happened to me following a month of allopathic medication. I was cured after 2 tablets of Aconite from a homeopath. I now stay away from this. You can get a profile if your heavy metals and minerals using either a hair strand test or an Oligoscan, privately. Then use chelation therapy and diet to address imbalances. If after doing this there are still problems then some of the suggestions by @GurjantGnosticcould be attempted.
  5. Why is there the demand when there are so many alternative remedies for anxiety etc. Homeopathy, ayurveda and other nature cures are easily and cheaply available. Are they promising to see their future? I went to see a psychic a few years ago who was able to remote view but his shop was shut down by the time of my second appointment. So it seems some of these people are operating outside the law. Some psychics are also spiritual healers so this service could be useful say for those with serious conditions not easily cured. However these documentaries also aim to be sensationalise
  6. Sharia law is in operation in Pakistan. Which means that the testimony of a non Muslim is 1/2 that of a Muslim. So no chance of justice or human rights. Hence what India has CAA for those suffering human rights abuses. Hopefully NRC will be passed to remove illegals from India adding to such problems. After all they voted for separation.
  7. There are patents proving their worth. I suggest you read up.
  8. Cow dung has anti radiation properties and hence why its used to make plaster and paint. It can also cure many other diseases such as cancer.
  9. Then why didn't it happen on any other day and why was it worldwide? This link denies that it only happened on that day. Millions of gallons of extra milk were bought only on that day. Further how can energy pass through solid stone as happens in Hindu temples. I've been told that there are temples that won't allow an aeroplane to fly over, instead it flies around the temple the energy is so strong.
  10. If you understand radio frequency and scalar waves you will know that everything is connected. Doing namaskar to the sun has health benefits as it forces us to wake up to meet the sun. Not that I have ever done it as there's hardly any sun in the UK. But due to corona I have made a special effort to top up on my Vit D3. As for reaching our relatives many people believe that their relatives come to them in dreams. How is that possible if we are to believe that only the physical universe exists and is perceived? I have had specific experiences that made me believe that I had had
  11. The stone idol is not lifeless as technology exists that can pass through it to see through walls. There was also an incident a few years ago where milk was coming out of Hindu idols the world over. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/magazine-38301718 There are other videos on this too if you want to look at them. My cousin in the UK also witnessed this in Leicester. She was dumbfounded.
  12. Sure. But I recently came across a video with BoS ...... Mod note : DELETED.
  13. I follow spirituality. Luckily my religion asks me to use my discretion mind and experiences to develop spirituality. It does not require me to follow a rigid set of rules unless I accept them and make them mine. I am interested in your comment about experimenting not being allowed. Can you refer me to scriptures on that? Thanks.
  14. Sure I know Sikhs are welcoming. But I would say Hindus are more so. We have Sikhs in our family. Others family members follow Radha Soamis who dress like Sikhs. Being from Punjab I feel we should try to understand each other more especially as I see alot of anti Hindu comments on here regularly. Perhaps that is political. I'm trying to get to the bottom of it as I don't believe it is constructive. I was stopped from going to the Punjab for many years as I couldn't get a visa to enter my own city/ state due to terrorist activities. I'm trying to understand more about Sikhism as
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