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  1. I've also seen two gurdwaras offering yoga classes. So they've started their journey back to their dharmic roots, which is welcome.
  2. Suchi

    Social Anxiety

    Hypnotherapy can cure you in a single session provided you find the right counsellor.
  3. The concept of sin was invented so that we can be blamed for all manner of wrongs and therefore, punished. The Catholic Church is known for its abuse of women, children and foreigners (non Christian) who are then forced to obey the Church diktat. Hence why confession was invented and forced conversions justified. These Abrahamic religions are designed to enslave humanity, which we are seeing, especially since Kovid. But it has been going on since Christianity was invented, probably using the story of Krishna Nitty.
  4. Sounds like you're abdicating responsibility for the bad deeds we do as humans. God does not punish anyone. He is pure love and detached so nothing affects him. As humans our thoughts impact the universe in positive and negative ways. So we must take action to create a positive environment for each of us to thrive. As for cancer, there is a whole industry that refuses to bring cures due to the profits being made. People are waking up to this.
  5. Interestingly, the Brits provided a Buddhist preacher to these 82% Hindu nation! Nepal would be better served if it became a Union Territory of India as they've had 11 govts since 2008. Gorkhas were used by the British in the wars against Sikhs. So Dharmics are fighting Dharmics. This can't be right.
  6. This is all planned. But Atheism will also fail as it is totally material. AI tech itself is proving a spiritual realm exists and to survive we need to be aware of it.
  7. You have the wrong concept of religion. God is your conscience that tells you right from wrong. However if you harm others then their pain will become part of your karma and you may suffer. Hence why you must seek to reconcile the harm you may have caused by prayer, meditation, seva etc.
  8. You might be right. Notice in his acceptance address outside No 10 he has a droning voice whilst looking robotic, which seems to suggest he is being mind controlled. Literally being used like a puppet. This can be done using AI tech.
  9. What makes you think he is RSS? He's definitely WEF though. A big difference I think. Helps to quote facts and sources.
  10. Time travel? Advanced spiritual beings can traverse the universe across timeliness. Watch the interview with Andew Basagio who claimed to have time travelled into the future and past. History can be changed by going to the past too. I was recently shown the dark souls of people I knew in the past and got to understand them. All through my subconscious. But of course this can't be proven.
  11. What's the benefit in celebrating anything? Why do people celebrate their birthdays? To feel good, socialise, feel close to people? To show you care?
  12. This may be helpful: Ram is your soul Sita is your heart Ravan is your mind that steals your heart from your soul Lakshman is your consciousness, always with you and act on your behalf Hanuman is your intuition and courage that helps retrieve your heart to re-animate your soul That's Ramanaya That is why Ram is always with you as you are living with Ramayana with all these as states of your being...super read between lines and deep meaning. This is from Guarav Pradhan's Telegram page.
  13. Perceptions are not made using mathematics. They are created using various factors such as Population - the number of Gujaratis from Africa were huge compared to other Indians.
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