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  1. It is govt mandated as you say. It's due to plans to use AI to control humanity and religions get in the way. My attempts to listen to mantras are regularly interrupted in various way. As having independent thoughts and actions are deemed counter productive to the agenda. So we must fight against this evil.
  2. Yes, I feel the same happened to my father following his mistreatment by the NHS as he died alone and in distress due to the negligence of the district nurse as well as others. My attempts to bring these people to book were sabotaged in many ways. I had a dream of him being extremely distressed which came after I had written something positive about him. It seemed that those holding him released him after these thoughts. This was 2 years after his passing. Even the last dream I had about him was not great but better than before. So I have been honouring him on his death anniversary and h
  3. A couple of years ago I met someone who told me that he knew someone's grandmother who had died and occasionally came back and took over her daughters body when she wanted to relay some advice regarding the family. He was a witness to it as it was a family member though I can't recall exactly who it was. He said you could tell it was real as the daughter's voice changed as her body was taken over. So clearly it was the spirit of this grandmother that could do this. I also have experience of having my soul hijacked whilst I was asleep on two occasions. These were not dreams as I ha
  4. Hmm. From my understanding where you go depends on one's beliefs. Though we believed we had performed all the rites according to her beliefs as an Arya Samaji, it maybe we didn't. She was essentially killed by the NHS for which there was an autopsy and it appeared to us that she was in considerable pain before death. So we also asked priests in India to undertake Shanti rituals which they did. Her real mother died in 1998 in India having lived with my parents during her last year. My mother had been given at birth to her widowed aunt on her father's side, who had lost her husba
  5. I understand what you are saying. You can ask her in your mind or out loud and wait for a sign. After my mother died I kept wondering about her though I had many dreams. But during the last one I asked her where she was and she said she was 'in India with her mother'. This made perfect sense to me.
  6. There seems to be alot of deceit involved in your plans. Have you thought about having a family meeting and telling them how you feel? Perhaps tell them if you continue feeling unhappy you would have to move out. Also ask them to consider undergoing family therapy that involves the whole family where everyone gets their say? This way the therapist/consultant would have the job of pointing you all in the right direction that would benefit the whole family. It might be expensive but then might save alot of heartache in the future for all concerned. Maybe use someone who understands
  7. If you're able, I suggest you do some charity work, maybe helping the homeless for example. Seeing people worse off than yourself may help you stop thinking about your own problems.
  8. Those having lived abroad for decades would not be able to relate to the Indian residents and would consider themselves as expats or Western. They would end up living in ghettos with other foreign Sikhs. It's already happened with other UK Indians settled in Mumbai. However with their Western mindset they may being new ideas of entrepreneurship as the African Indians did in the UK.
  9. They must have found out who did it, but to protect themselves they had to punish the patsy. Otherwise they would have risked an escalation by, probably, their own govt. So this was the safest and easiest bet. Otherwise, its not clear why they did not release the entire video or statements made by the victim. No doubt the investigation will reveal more in the coming days/months. https://www.opindia.com/2021/10/family-of-lakhbir-singh-distraught-nihangs-unapologetic-but-blame-govt/
  10. Except that they don't. Many schools of thought are rejected and adherents persecuted. There is also racism in Israel so they would be worse off. Many Indians are suffering due to it.
  11. They're mostly from the West Pakistan region as they were escaping the clutches of the Muslims on the night of 14th August 1947. Hence why most speak Punjabi and not Kashmiri.
  12. If you are focused on 'good salary' then you will not necessarily attract the most pious, upstanding citizens who are committed to a lifetime of seva. It is better that you choose someone based on their character and personality. It is not a career but a spiritual calling. To that end then only their needs should be considered ie. Rent or mortgage subsidy and a stipend to cover living costs. So in theory living quarters could be built within the gurudwara itself if funds are scarce until such time a flat or house is purchased for the use of the granthi. Otherwise you are only
  13. @proactive This breakdown shows Jats at 19%, not 33% as you claim. The rest are broken down as Schedule castes at 31.9% including Hindus OBC castes at 31.3% including Hindus High caste Hindus at 14% Remaining at 3.8%
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