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  1. She's not incompetent but quite clever to be able to get around the housing rules. The Establishment seems desperate to put in Muslims in all forms of govts regardless of whether they are deserving or not. And this is the result. It'll only get worse if they're allowed to continue on this path of 'equality' (though they still reserve positions of power through their secret societies) reservations in all but name that have been disastrous for the Indian economy.
  2. Most other news sources are controlled by the 6 conglomerates. Hence why none has published on the antics of CM of West Bengal. So this is one of the few that isn't. Though I can agree the article was unnecessarily critical. But this is the sort of stuff that goes on today. Perhaps people are more sensitive on the divisive politics currently being played. Plus there are genuine attempts by nefarious people to break India up to again allow control to stop it becoming a world power.
  3. Looks like they were specifically targeted for destruction. https://www.opindia.com/2021/08/adani-group-shuts-logistics-park-in-punjab-due-to-blockade-by-farmers/
  4. Yes another shutdown of businesses in Punjab. It seems to be a deliberate ploy to bring Punjab down further. Strategy to force communism perhaps?
  5. My sources state (capt ajit vadayakil) he never existed and was made up by the Zionists. I've tried including his texts before but the posts get deleted but you can Google him. So until there is further evidence to the contrary I have nothing else to add.
  6. Hindus don't follow manusmitri and it was mostly likely promoted by the British, so you can safely disregard it. The propaganda against Brahmins has wrongly led to their mass slaughter and expulsion from J&K. The Brahmins were given a prominent role in Hindu society as they spent their lives composing and reciting the Vedas and other spiritual texts. They were versed in medicine, astronomy, astrology, governance administration including war strategy by advising kings and emperors. Some also took part in battles. So they were the first point of attack to destroy Hinduism. They were re
  7. I've known quite a few Jews but never met any that openly bragged. On the whole they are a sober bunch as they don't have a drink culture. Most speak their minds openly and will go against the Zionists if they disagree. But many have suffered due to the holocaust so tend to be damaged as a result. But who wouldn't be? They can appear to have a superiority complex but will back down when confronted with counter facts as most are educated and have a strong work ethic.
  8. That's a bit unfair. Whole countries such as USA and Canada were erased using starvation as a tool of war as the people were not seen as useful. Africans were tortured and enslaved due to their usefulness in physical labour. So why couldn't they resist the onslaught of the West? India's GDP was 40% before the Islamic invasions so we must have been doing something right. At the time of British takeover GDP was 23%. By the time they left it was 2%. As the media is wholly controlled by the West I'd ignore their attempts at painting us in a negative light. That's part of their psycholo
  9. Documented History shows that there was no Caste in India until the Brits went around the country making sure everyone had a caste though many did not. I have shared this before. So it has everything to do with them. It's yet another divide and rule tactic. The Indians had varna based on ones individual qualities that meant people could change their grouping. Further debate would probably require a separate thread. Please don't normalise crimes of murder, genocide suffered by millions otherwise you're closing the doors to debate. As the subject matter affects Indians as a whole I d
  10. The closest thing I found was a commentary of the documentary which isn't very complimentary, with quite cutting commentary from his late wife. https://www.sikhnet.com/news/young-sikh-grateful-jagraj-singhs-legacy-its-beyond-me
  11. Whilst this sketch is based mostly on fact, I'm rather tired of seeing such self-flagellation, when the Western powers are intricately involved in far worse practices involving blood rituals, sex rituals involving children as well as the dark arts to ensure their ongoing control over all aspects of govts worldwide. In fact they need to remove the caste boundaries to bring down whatever control Indians have been exercising over their own societies, yet they have never shown any interest in destroying anyone else's. But this is a problem for the West. Though I'm not caste conscious
  12. Not really. It's a planned genocide and these weather control systems are part of it. See this video from 1995. Note that the UN controls the weather system, as per the article listed. Very insightful. Does that mean they also control the AI tech used for worldwide surveillance and electronic harassment?
  13. I understand he's bringing material to the mass Sikhs (and others) which most are not aware of. The fact he acknowledges that the British are mostly responsible for the Silkhs manipulation of history and identity is to his credit. I had put his 'exalting goreean' down to the fact he may be married to or with a goree himself hence his stance. But I would be wary of him because of that. It is exactly these types of people that are used by the Establishment to further their agenda as they are accepted due to this. The system is totally racist. The fact he's had quite a few awards is a
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