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  1. Okay here is a more artistic one of me
  2. This is a pic of me when I went on holliday to the beach
  3. S to the U to the R to the I to the N to the D to the E to the R to the J to tHe I to the T....(that was long!)....hopefully u got my message. :D

  4. I know this is an old thread but I really do believe Kachera should have nala in it. So many people wear elastic these days...I don't think u shud do tht!! Also the nala is wrapped around ure waist and tied in a specific type of knot - its different to shoe lace knot....I'm sure a singh can like demostrate at one of the youth programes but basically u have ure long nala, u tighten it and wrap it around ure waist and bring the end bit through the loop of the knot....Also I think people shud treat kachera as underwear cos sometimes u see ppl wearing stuff under kachera.
  5. I'm sorry - u okay??

  6. So true! Your dilruba looks nice...I know so many people who play dilruba!! Anyways here is a pic of my sitar...Its the same model and make as Ravi Shankar's
  7. cool....so sad that no one else is posting pics.
  8. I cannot find any of my bana pics on my laptop...
  9. Yup same!! Everyone seems to be having it in the show ure picture thread. Maybe admin are doing an update.....admin ji???
  10. aww I reckon its not an alias cos u have it in ure signature as MY flickr... lol.
  11. We all know ure real name now Nice collection tho!!
  12. Admin disabled uploading attachments in this thread I think cos even I got a message saying I don't have the privalege to do this. If you wanna upload then u gots to go to http://tinypic.com and upload there and then paste in the link here.
  13. I didn't realise it was a competition. But veerji just in case its something wrong with my computer....I cannot see ure pic...its all blackened out. The only pic I can see in this thread is from Surinderjit....
  14. This is another pic. I'm posing differently
  15. . nice pic I reckon I look like a peaceful scene
  16. The below 2 videos are the best I have seen in a long time. I wud really recommend everyone watching them
  17. I cannot see any of the gatka pics... I really wanna see everyone's pic! We can get them together and make a members collage...or a mods collage.
  18. awwww u can be my extra special guest of honour!!

  19. Dear Miss Kaur Thank you for your e-mail. I am sorry you were unhappy with our File on 4 documentary on Sikh militancy. The programme was presented by an experienced and respected Sikh journalist and we were at pains from the outset to make it clear that we were focusing on the activities of a minority of people - so I would hope that nobody would be tempted to draw any broader conclusions about the community in general. However the issues we reported are of obvious public interest both to Sikhs and to the wider public. I therefore think we were justified in raising the questions we did an
  20. I wud love to do a sikh quiz. I waste so much time doing stupid personality, what colour ure heart is and other what flavour are u?..........sikhi quiz is just what I need. Can someone design one. Please.... BTW i searched google and did this quiz. http://www.funtrivia.com/playquiz/quiz6538977f020.html That quiz is too easy!! Everyone do it....I lost one mark cos I wrote all sikhs wear turbans but quiz says boys...meh... MULTI FAITH QUIZ - I like this quiz. You learn a lot more due to its descriptions. I got 21/30 http://media.radiosai.org/Journals/Vol_06/01JAN08/quiz.htm
  21. Other things...sunflower seeds are the best. I love eating seeds!! I always take nuts mixed together in prashad style too. lol. So this is some almonds, raisons and MISHARI!! (who doesn't like mishari?) I don't like peanuts....they are like salty and don't mix well with the other nuts....especially that KP brand....but CHANA DHAL is wikid....especially when u add some lemon and make it into a salad. Thats the best salad....yum... Also milkshakes are cool too....some people I know just buy a carton of milk and cookies....I never tried this but apparently its 'heaven'..maybe u can try that..
  22. I would just take roti from home cos its more tasty, more filling and healthier. Honestly its the best thing u will do/ ALSO its not such a big deal as many people make out. At uni - a lot depends on your campus and what selection they have...if they don't have much then speak to them and bring about change via the union! The things u probably need to try out are these - Rice, vegetable curry, naan, samosa's, spinach pie (omg this is so the best. You eat it and feel like pop eye!), soup and bread. Also always buy a dessert eg yogurt, orange, apple to go with it. I really like pineapple and
  23. lol erm ok I lie...wednesday I take off.....friday afternoons I take off too..... So i only go in Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and I can come and go when I want. So normally I stroll in around 11am and leave about 2pm. I take an hour or more off for lunch too! So i only study 2 hours a day. But then thats why i cram...
  24. If you wear a smaller gatra the kirpan stays close to ure body. Personally thats what I would do.... Also I know this is bad but I tend not to mention what I am carrying cos that way no one can make a fuss. Normally this works except one day I went to a job interview to volunteer at a nursing home. I was wearing my kirpan and I tucked it and the gatra into my clothes so you could not see it. I got accepted and then as I was leaving there was this *thud*. Can you believe as I was leaving my kirpan had fallen out???? It looked so wrong....almost like I was hiding a knife to kill all the old p
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