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  1. i work with kids but cant send them as those pix are something we cant shre without parents persmisson=(
  2. thats a very nice song=) credit should go to the writer first!
  3. u guys pointed out some of the weaknesses of a human kind:) much needed sometimes, because it hard to see them sometimes and our mind gets confused > mix them up thinking its the "normal" way of living. now.. lets point out the goodness/strength we have seen and experienced(felt by being around awesome people) with our own senses(intuitive as well) anyone?=) lets nt forget human beings(us) learn MOST visually. in order to get better "opinion of ourselves", lets write down inspiring things we have seen PERSONALLY:) i'll start, - i have seen humble people...making others feel like th
  4. lets see what the outcome of the protests taking place will be. def i would suggest we take action/ do something that we r passionate about and not be sacrificed as a goat(meaning we shouldn't just take part in protest or anything unless we know exactly whats going on...ex: war) u have to be ur own teacher, search, and then make your own choice. -i do believe that protests do put pressure on the "leaders" or at least make them think twice about the decision(S) they are about to make
  5. wouldve helped to know what they protesting about? =) anyone member of "Avaaz" org?
  6. did i say thank you for wishing me on my birthday!?!?!=)...wjkkwjkwf

    well thank u very much!=)

  7. u only have TWO friends?(jus felt like being a middle school kid lolz)

  8. im sure u can google it but here is what i have learned.. according to hindu calender( there is full moon after every 15 days and the day of full moon is called the EKADSHI that means the first day and the fifth day is called PANCHAMI=) panchami is 5th day of the moon dassmi is the 10th day of the moon hope that helps you=)
  9. wjkkwjkf! awww..hahaha guys just came back on this site... Thank you so much...i was in india..well actually at the airport the day of my bday.. hindi song? no i didnt get it...who is this btw? thank uagain..may guru maharaj keep us all in chardikalla=)
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