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  1. I need some help in finding a UK kirtan jatha for a paath preferably around the midlands. It is for a paath being held in mid November. If someone can help point me in the right direction on how to contact or find one. This seva would be deeply appreciated.
  2. can any one find out the address of Shaminder Singh Shera parents. i would be grateful so some help can be given. many thanks.
  3. someone told me it was so you can tell its dirty but if you change everyday, might not be an issue.
  4. i agree anyone who reads the translation i have posted will be able to come to their own conclusion. i think it is important to make these texts available to all so they available to all!
  5. sorry my translation is not correct if any one can provide me with a right translation please feel free to do so. thank you.
  6. Chritar Twenty-one Tale of Anoop Kaur Dohira The Monarch caught hold of his son and sent him to the prison, And in the morning, through the Minister, called him back.(1) Then he asked the Minster to narrate the Chritars of the wise men and the women;(2) On the banks of the river Sutlaj, there was a village by the name of Anadpur. It was situated near Naina Devi which situated was in the state of Kahloor.(3) There used to come several Sikhs with great pleasure, And after getting their ambitions fulfilled, they used
  7. she knew some iron lentils were on the way to her............
  8. 6th August 2009 Dear Sirs I write to complain in regards to the 'Adil Ray breakfast show' on Asian Network on the 6th August 2009. After I heard the 9am news in which some facts regarding a recently cancelled concert were misrepresented, Mr Ray made some comments which I found offensive and rude. I rang up at approximately 9.40 and was given a very cagey response that someone would be in touch from the show and no information could be given. I was refused name of the person who answered the phone, the name of the supervisor or producer. I informed the lady on the line that I wished to co
  9. one is not enough!! few more need to fall! good to see some young blood out there again!
  10. how do know cause you was his handler? there nothing on that link that states he worked for any goverment agency!
  11. http://www.sikhs.org/meat.htm akal thakat has left it to us!!!
  12. lets find out if its true first before we start getting all worked up! someone post a flyer or further information!
  13. alright....whats your definition of religion? or the proper definition of religion? i cant as i dont belong to a religion Religion means true living. It does not mean running away from the world. It is not a set of rules. It means believing in God and loving His people. i seen this on internet and thought this hits nail on the head!
  14. sikhi way of life khalsa is gods army i dont think en.wikipedia holds the answer what sikhi is.........
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