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  1. Wicked Singing! Proper Punjabi Kid! Respect to ppl like him and Babbu Mann for representing us punjabis!
  2. I think this is a wicked song, these are real sikhs, have a listen
  3. Everyone should know that Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale is Shaheed. That is fact, there is proof from so many sources, pictures, eye witness accounts etc. Why do people think hes alive just coz Baba Thakur Singh Sed he is, i have spoken to many singhs from that era (80/90s) all say that *MOD EDITED* All Guru Ka Sikhs believe in Ardaas as most powerful, so when Bhindranwale did ardaas he would defend Darbar Sahib with his life, do people honestly think he was kidding?? they have doubts over sant jis devotion to sikhi, which im sure is much more then any of ours. Shaheed Sant Jarnail Sing
  4. Canada is not bad at all, girls don't go out with muslim, and there are no extremist muslims there where sikhs are. sikh girls there are white washed and will go out with goreh/kaleh not suleh.
  5. y dnt ppl giv the same punishment to the ones who did this. they wud probli run like the sheeps that hindus are
  6. the thing iz normal punjabi janta would listen to babbu mann songs more than anyother becoz he does not see da point in any of these dodgy babas who take money and pretend they r more than our gurus. he is a simple punjabi banda and he is trying to address the quam to he probz we face in a way where everybody is included no matter wot.
  7. is there any U.K. Sikh Motorcycle club? I know Canada have one, just wondering.. also my favourite bike is Royal Enfield Bullet, I've used it lots of times and its a proper classic lol.
  8. Dera Sacha Sauda follower shot dead Rajay Deep Tribune News Service Bathinda, July 28 Four unidentified motorcycle-borne youths shot dead a Dera Sacha Sauda follower after firing five bullets at him near village Chukerian in Mansa district today. A special investigation team (SIT) has been constituted to enquire into the case. According to information available, the Dera follower, Lili Kumar (42), of village Alampur Mandra (Mansa), was on his way back home after appearing in a criminal case at the sessions court. Intercepting his motorcycle near village Chukerian, four unident
  9. manni007 Do u know that in rehat maryada it says that persons professing faiths other than the Sikh faith cannot be joined in wedlock by the Anand Karaj ceremony. And a sikh is defined also as somebody not having any allegience to any other religion, therefore this marriage is not even a sikh marriage. Also Akal Takht have issued two hukamnamas saying that Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji cannot go where proper sikhi etiqutte is not followed. This would be in this case the castle, bahmans are always gonna try and attack the weak ppl in our faith, it has been going on since the beginning. I know many s
  10. This is an obvious frame up it has been done many times by indian govt to make people hate sikhs and think of them as "terrorists".
  11. this video is wicked, so cool, it installs pride amongst sikhs n shows that there are still youth into sikhi. sardars in the vid look 2 cool. only prob is tigerstyle release these vids but spoil with their bhangra vids with kuriye n all that. apart from that brilliant vid.
  12. if u want footage from bluestar times u gotta go to amritsar n ask ppl hu live there if they have any old vids, lots have bn confiscated n destroyed
  13. the ppl hu got all these vids r still in punjab. ibn must have paid that photographer for his pictures. sum ppl do not share their photos or vids publically becoz they r scared of what will happen to them by the govt. the army also brang sum ppl to take photographs but these r biasd ones that only show army as being good ppl. the report on ibn lied aswell. it was atleast 5000 civilians hu died, n also according to numerous reports 3000 army personnel died. to get rare videos of bluestar and of that decade u will need to search around in punjab.
  14. Herd therez some new dera in Windsor has any of the sangat herd anything bout this? can they give any info?
  15. sikhs in punjab have no pride left, out of 20 million there, only 5,000 would be fully ready to face anything. iv seen everytime i go there, people joke about sikhi n no1 cares 2 busy with getting money. badal is the worst he needs to have his head choppd off. then he can put as many tilaks as he likes on
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