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  1. sat sri akal ji..kithe chali gaye hai.theek tan hia na tu.stupid

  2. where u gone..school exam khatam hoye ja nahi aje

  3. Lat time I saw..u looked more than 98 years old :D

  4. Fateh ji Bhenji last tym I saw u u were nowhere near 98 yrs old :)

  5. ahah so this is wot uve bbeen saying about mee eh hmm y r u so happy...koee hai kyan?? haha
  6. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Bhajiiii !!!! WAHEGURUUUUU!!! these pictures are amazinggg!! honestly when i got to Willenhall gurudwara and Singhs were just about to bring Maharaaj Ji outside from the darbaar...n i was standing on the side... when the singh bhajis and pita jis walked through the doors..waheguruuu..i cnt even explain how beautifull they all looked with baana and beuatifully tyed orange dastara!! ...it was amazing..at that point i really wanted to have a dastaar on myself! thank you bhaji for these piks...u do wkd seva i especially loveee the 12th pic in the se
  7. Im gonna try and get there after my morning 6th form lesson...but i wont be there till about 1pm ...would i still be able to do seva, would there be any seva left that needs to be done?? ..or shall i just sit back and enjoy hehe
  8. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh Jiii !! since i was small i used to get rashes and irritated skin on my wrist after a few days of wearing a karra...my wrist used to turn green sumtyms hehe :S but its only recently that i found a thin..(about 6mm) sarab loh karra to wear..had it on for bout a year or two now and it was a bit itchey at first for a week or so..but after that ive not had any problems.. i found that steel karreh and any karra with metal plating on didnt work for me, watches included!! ..but sarab loh karra has been perfect! Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh
  9. I missed out on the Nagar Kirtan but you missed out on Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji Srinagar Wale's Live Kirtan..hahaha

    it was tooooooo good :D

  10. missed u at the nagar kirtan today..n u missed the paronthe!! hehe..im bout to go get ready for kirtan at thath in bit..but been up since early today n think im gna fall asleep..every1 else toke a nap just but i ws the silly 1 hu didnt lol..well how u been ?

  11. ibhwgVw mhlw 5 CMq ] bihaagarraa mehalaa 5 shha(n)th || Bihaagraa, Fifth Mehla, Chhant: ... qUM vlvMc lUik krih sB jwxY jwxI rwm ] thoo valava(n)ch look karehi sabh jaanai jaanee raam || You are practicing deception secretly, but the Lord, the Knower, knows all.
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