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  1. First of all women should not be at these protests, I saw footage of 1 elderly bibi trying to protect her son or something while they were beaten by police. And when in India, Sikhs should take no <admin-profanity filter activated>.. always should be armed and hit back at the police if their hit you. It is the fundamental human right of anyone person to have right of self defence and retaliation if physically attacked. So our brothers in India must learn from their mistakes, learn from 1984, learn art of urban warefare and when protesting make sure that we do not become the aggressors but if attacked we make sure the only people going in the funeral pyre are those who attack innocent Sikh civilians.
  2. Interesting.... Ahmed Shah abdali was close to being very taken out by a sikh assassin when he had camped in punjab after his last raid/attack on Punjab/India with the desecration of harmindar sahib. I think Sikhs should have taken their revenge back in the days of maharajah ranjit singh and totally destoryed his tomb located in afghanistan, that is a befitting reply to creating genocidal ementity with Sikhs. Should the strength of Sikhs rise in Afghanistan one day it they should make it their mission to destory his legacy.
  3. I saw footage of our irate young Sikh brothers slashing doors and attacking passing trains while people were still in them. That is why I agree with bal thackary on this one issue, he isnt making it up. I can show the link to that footage but I dont want to cause embressment to our mumbai sangat. The leaders their should control the youths and tell them what they are doing is anti-sikh behaviour, going around harressing people and behaving like thugs that is the job of non-sikhs not a Sikh of the Guru.
  4. Shiv Sena are side issue, why divert attention from lucha sauda who is the real villan of the piece to marathi shiv sena who have nothing against sikhs. Their agenda is against islamic terrorism and ideology so let them get on with their interests, while Sikhs pursue theirs. Lets not forget that it was secular congress mobs who murdered 5,000 innocent Indian Sikhs in 3 days of congress govt backed state terrorism/violence. It wasnt hindu groups, thats just stupid ISI propaganda wants to cause a rift between hindu and sikhs so that they fight each other while their islamic agenda and domination is furthered. We should not be making further enemies with our potential allies that is true stupidity. "Secular" Brahmin led Congress party = anti-sikh since its founding and creation of india in 1947. Lets know who the true enemies of aspirations of Sikhs are.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWHH6xrzlvI mumbai police brutality on protesters.
  6. Reading this news story reminds me of the evil nature of 1984 anti-sikh mobs in new delhi. How neighbours turned on Sikhs, how tyres were used to burn sikh men to death while the womenfolk raped and dishonoured. But this news story is present day in 2008 black south african murderous mobs turning on foreigners using similar evil savage methods to harm their intended victimes. ===================================== http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/arti...in_page_id=1811
  7. ammu encounter: 5 killed, 12 injured H A Eklavya, 12 May 2008, Monday addthis_url = location.href; addthis_title = document.title; addthis_pub = 'greenpeace'; Views:: 262 Comments: 0 BJP called for a Jammu bandh to protest the killing of civilians by militants. In Kali area of Samba district in J&K, in an exchange of gunfire between the militants and security forces on May 11, five people were killed, while 12 were injured. Rate this article: Rating 0.0 out of 0 votes cast Be a Citizen Journalist Submit News / Articles Rewards & Recognition C - Log: Citizens' Blog Today's Best Stories Delhi: A city ruled by women, unsafe for them! Day of reckoning for men in black Not just B Sc, phase out B Com and BA too! Micro finance sector needs upliftment Most Popular Stories Google offers Hinglish translation In search of an illusive creature Yardstick of progress Vijayawada girl found dead in UK THIS YEAR’S first major encounter between militants and the security forces that ensued on Friday (May 11) in Kali Mandi area of Samba district in Jammu & Kashmir ended in the killing of two militants in a joint operation launched by Army, Border Security Force (BSF) and Jammu and Kashmir Police. Five out of six hostages including three women and two children were rescued while one woman was killed during the cross fire. After securing safe release of the civilians held hostage, the militants fired from an Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL), which was retaliated by firing of a rocket launcher by the state police to pave way for the security forces to storm the house. In an exchange of gunfire, five people including a photojournalist of a local daily and a jawan were killed and 12 others sustained bullet injuries, who are undergoing treatment at Government Medical College (GMC), Jammu. The group of militants first entered into a house in Kali Mandi in Samba, 45km from Jammu and open fired killing two occupants namely Hoshiar Singh and his wife Shashi Bala, while their daughter Bindu and Singh’s mother-in-law were injured in the firing. Meanwhile, security personnel rushed to the area and engaged the militants in a gun battle after they were alerted by a group of villagers, who noticed the movement of the militants. Then, the militants hid in a house belonging to a villager named Suresh Singh, where a woman and two children were trapped inside the house. In the afternoon, the militants killed the woman and threw her body out of the house. Then, the militants holed up in another house in the vicinity taking four hostages including women and children. The whole area resembled a battle scene with heavy firing between the militants and the security forces and the gun battle intensified as militants lobbed grenades and kept firing intermittently, which was retaliated by the troops and soon after more Army reinforcements were rushed to the spot. After killing the militants the security forces launched a mopping-up operation searching the area while the injured were taken to GMC hospital, Jammu. Meanwhile, to protest the civilian killings by militants, the state unit of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) called for a Jammu Bandh today (May 12), which was later supported by other political parties including Jammu & Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP), National Conference, various Sikh organisations and other social and political groups.
  8. Must be a way to sue Kim Bolan for defamation or incitement to religious hatered for her public articles against religious minorities and Sikhs who want self determination (Khalistani's) because she labels Khalistani's all as terrorists whereas vast majority support peaceful agenda, she might aswell label tibetans or tamil seperatists in the same guise but she doesnt because she has a special haterd racial/religious bias against Sikhs. She is a prime candidate for law suit, im surpised why Sikh organisations havent used to law to hit back at her baseless allegations.
  9. Abortion is not justifyed in Sikhism. But my own personal view is if a womans health is in danger or if she is victim of geniune rape then abortion can be allowed. Other than that I dont see any valid justification for killing a baby, because that what it basically is having seen footage and pics of aborted babies/foetus.
  10. Brother you shouldnt have removed the replies because it doesnt show the debate, I sooner have a good debate than seeing the same old politically correct nonsense spewed again and again. I *EDITED* Apologises to rest of sangat for going off topic on some of the replies.
  11. Bhangra = Punjabi music kirtan = Sikh music
  12. I think this topic is very interesting as it shows how Sikhs from countries/areas where muslims are few in numbers... those sikhs hold a favorable view of them and Islam. Yet in countries and areas where muslims number many...Sikhs see the true situation and have had many a bad experience with them. In conclusion Sikhs who have to interact and live in area's where large number of muslims reside are better placed to give a more accurate picture of what happens when large concentrations of muslims are found who in turn start to "islamcise" an area be indulging in seperatist muslim-only agenda on once non-muslim majority area's.
  13. I hope this years weather is better than last year, it was too humid. Nothing beats a sunny blue sky day in central london with a nishan sahibs flattering in a nice cool breeze
  14. In your heart you'll know when you want to be religious or not. If inside you are not ready then no point pretending to be GurSikh outwardly. I see too many people who outwardly are keshdhari and amritdhari yet are weak when it comes to the 5 vices. Being Sikh is about growing spiritually inside first then outwardly it will come in time. bottomline is...It shouldnt be forced upon you....
  15. I think its good sewa to show the film but the producers and people behind the film should be rewarded for their hard work. There should be a way to donate something to them?
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