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  1. fateh jeo. i aint expert. the best way i found is to do simran for sometime before doing nitnem. it really helps to reduce the mind wondering. make sure to keep ur body straight. meaning to keep ur back straight, ur spine straight and ur body relaxed while doing simran. this helps a lot to concentrate while doing simran.
  2. vaheguru jee ka khalsa, vaheguru jee ki fateh! sangat jeo, i come on this website regularly, but dont post much. alright let me keep it small and simple. Are the 5 words of the NAAM MANTRA the post opener is talking about are {{{{{JOTNIRANJAN, OANGKAR, RARAKIRTARANG, SWANG, SATNAM}}}} ???? i heard they dont like telling the naam to anyone, and dont like to hear the naam mantra from non RS. and they chant the this mantra quietly with something to cover their face.
  3. thanks veer jeooo for letting me know of great news.... i am very very excited about it and looking forward to attend atleast one or more of his diwans. I have never met him personally, but he is one of the reason my family is amritari today. Not just my family, but i now a lot other families, who have changed completely. I just want to meet him and say thanks to him for helping me coming into sikhi and for doing amazing parchar. vaheguru vaheguru vaheguru New York is the luckiest place in the world because they have AKJ smagam and Sant Ranjit Singh Jee Diwans around the same time. My goal
  4. vaheguru mom = 4320 jaaps me = 40 jaaps vaheguru thanks for the sewa *waheguru waheguru waheguru thank you jeo, added the kamai!*
  5. mom = 864 jaaps. vaheguru *Waheguru wahguru waheguru, thanks jeo! added *
  6. mom = 2916 jaaps dhan guru nanak dev jee! vaheguru *Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru, added pyaareo *
  7. mom = 3240 jaaps vaheguru vaheguru *waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru, dhan dhan dhan dhan dhan Guru ke pyaare, added jeo! *
  8. mom= 1296!!! vaheguru vaheguru *waheguru waheguru waheguru , added pyaareo! :happy:*
  9. 06/04/2010 With the grace of dhan dhan guru gobind singh jee Mom did 1728 again today!!!! and i did 10. vaheguru vaheguru vaheguru *Oh Pyaareo, Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Dhan Dhan Guru Ke Pyaare!! added jeo! :happy:*
  10. mami jee did 1728!!! sangat jeooo ardass karo mere mamijee laeeee and ardass for me too. vaheguru ji ka khalsa, vaheguru ji ki fateh *Waheguru waheguru waheguru, added jeo *
  11. Pakistani sikhni: This mother is warning people of all the religions and not just sikhs. You are right there are bad people in every religion and not in just one. But it is her duty now to tell and warn other girls(sikh or non sikh) to wacth out from the bad guys. Like the paenji said above the age FIFTEEN years old is very tricky and not controlable. The mother is using the word <banned word filter activated> because thats what she had to face, the mother is warning all the young sikh girls to watch out from these kind of people who wear KARA and other things which make them look more l
  12. This is an emotional video, of a true story in which a mother expresses her pain over her daughter falling into the traps of Islamic extremists! A 15 year old girl becomes pregnant by a 25 year old man wanting a passport to stay in the UK. A must watch and please alert other Sikhs. Credit goes to "Lion Heartz Movement" for the video. For more information you can check out their monthly newsletter blog from this link: http://www.lionheart...s.blogspot.com/ Please Note: By uploading this video, im just trying to make more people aware of what's going on at the present moment. What is being ta
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