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  1. www.sikhunit.co.uk there was a problem with the audio b4 it sounded really low, this has been replaced with higher quality audio and more vidz have been uploaded. please pass on info to ur peepz
  2. <h2 class="date-header">Thursday, 12 February 2009</h2> <h3 class="post-title entry-title"> <a href="http://frontlinepunjabiyouth.blogspot.com/2009/02/can-amritdharis-be-gay.html">Can Amritdharis be Gay? </h3> What is the Sikh attitude to homosexuality? Sikh believe in following the laws of nature. God has created everything in opposites in his divine laws. We have day and night, man and women, water and fire, life and death etc. Sikh also believe reproduction is a necessary part of Gods will. Infact any sexual activity other then to reproduce is seen as a lu
  3. The Sikh Channel Reviewed By Frontline Punjabi Youth Sevadars The Sikh Channel is the first channel dedicated to the Sikh Faith. It is totally devoted to Dharmic seva. b]Positives[/b]: The visuals add to the effect of the Gurbani, helps concentration. The idea of having a channel dedicated 24/7 to Sikhi is amazing. Parchaar can be reached to all of the U.K from one place (that is a powerful tool if used) Negatives: · The writing going across the screen giving pump to the people who donated money (this is anti sikhi) as it is
  4. Interview with Killa from Sikh Unit by Simran Kaur (May 15th 2009– Barking Gurdwara) Simran Kaur: Killa there is two days left until the new album is launched, do you have any words about this? Killa: Big up Gadget boy and ambition and all da manz dat showed support on this project. The album is issued based on a lot of social issues that a lot of Punjabi youth go through. It includes a lot of pain and experience. It isn’t really aimed at religious people too much; it’s aimed at your average person. Other then that I will let the Album do the talking. It is called “Singhs Talki
  5. A Young Sikh Girl was taking her socialogy exam , when a teacher noticed the butt of her kirpan sticking out of her jumper. The Girl was then asked to remove the kirpan as it was against policy for her wear her article of faith and do an exam said the teacher. The girl refused and explained to them the religious meanings, the girl was told to leave her examination and premises if she did not take off her kirpan. The young girl refused as she did not give up or comprimise her religous and may i add legal rights. Two other Sikh Students from the colleage went to protest against the disscussion m
  6. http://frontlinepunjabiyouth.blogspot.com/...-09-attack.html could someone please put the poster on this thread i do not know how to use that facility on Sikh Sangat
  7. i just got an email from the organisers , they said the police has kindly asked them to change the date to the 17th as on the 10th there is a shortage of staff due to a football match. so now the protest will be on the 17th may. for more details see www.neverforgetbow09.co.uk
  8. it has been changed to the 17th may due to the request by police
  9. These twats do bare disgrace of Sikhi saroop publically. They are not alone alot of our boys act like hippys and weirdos and then they have the cheek to complain why our girls are running off with men from other backgrounds? http://frontlinepunjabiyouth.blogspot.com/...ment-group.html
  10. http://www.keertan.org/keertan/Katha/Shahe...ib-12-08-04.mp3
  11. the lyrics are not assocaited to sikhi, but the joker puts pictures of sggsj and harmander singh including other dirty tings http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=A1vfcuacj20&eurl= what can we do about it ?
  12. Introduction A lot of young people seem to be taking Amirt, but they do not seem to have the traits of an Amritdhari. In this essay I will look at why this is happening? After the Shaheedi of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, Sri Guru Gobing Singh Ji Created the Khalsa Army. He describes in Dasam Granth that he was instructed by God to create this Army as Gods army. The Khalsa was to uphold righteousness and justice amongst humanity by any means. Guru Ji wanted so much determination from the soldiers of this army that even death would not put them off the path of truth. He therefore asked his Sikhs
  13. wjkk wjkf, i am a big fan of Sikh unit, i have released that most of the tunes are only available in the east london region, as they cdz are handed out in local nagar kirtans, the wider uk community only has access to a few tunes which are available over the net. so i have copied all the tunes to a cd in mp3 format, and am willing to do the seva of sending them to the sangat. contact me on : harpreets12@hotmail.co.uk email a ad which i can post the cd too.
  14. http://frontlinepunjabiyouth.blogspot.com/...be-stopped.html
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