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  1. hi, in the last few days a sister of one of my relatives was murdered in india. the body was mutilated and thrown in a well. you will hear more about this in the days to come especially in punjabi press in the uk. the main suspect is from london and is a keshdhari or amritdhari sikh. uk police say they cant do anything until they get contact from india officials. london based guys please keep an ear to the ground - we dont want this guy to flee to some foreign country. im not naming any names. the lady in question was his 2nd wife and has two small boys. hopefully justice will be done. mods please let this one through asap, ban me if im talking rubbish.
  2. surely a kirpan can be bought somehow by anyone? also a paag, kara etc etc. how would licensing help?
  3. totally agree, it shouldnt be one rule for some and different rules for others. turban wearing people should be exempt from crash helmets tho, if they dont want to wear one because that is at their own risk.
  4. golden dawn has been around since he early 90's and yes it has gained in popularity in recent years. i agree everyone should be vigilant against this extremism on the rise in greece
  5. can i be taken of the moderator list as well please?
  6. many things are heavily censored. some content is not allowed for the greater good.
  7. they have been slaves? the whole community? none of them own their own houses? own land? have cars? the majority of them dont go to school? they are not amongst the richest citizens of their country?
  8. what about those people who are allowed to drink alcohol in their religion, you would restrict their freedom to practice their religion? sounds a bit similar to those people who want to introduce sharia law worldwide
  9. ok let me use more direct language: if there were massively more sikhs worldwide then at sometime or another there would be splits into different factions/groups/sects, this would lead to tensions which could easily lead to warfare and killings. christians fought each other and others and so did muslims and probably hindus too. no people are totally out with the risk of war breaking out amongst their population. it is ridiculous to claim one religion is better than an other, with regard to some aspect, because it is always YOUR religion that is better wether you are a muslim/christian/sikh/hindu.
  10. that was very interesting. who is the brother in the video?
  11. there are more and more humans and animals and bacteria and other such things, it is increasing ofcourse there are other planets and possibly their is other life in the universe but nothing that we know of at the moment
  12. they maintain that it is the word of god, that is their sincere belief, it is a fact from their point of view
  13. there is slavery in many parts of the world, you can read about it from many sources. if i remember correctly, india has the highest number of slaves world wide.
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