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  1. Shadow


    Maybe the final days is making us think about Vaheguru more than you possibly know. After all,doesn't Gurbani teach us to always remember death Death is just another path.
  2. Shadow


    People need to learn to show some respect because everyone here is mocking the topic starter without any shame. I actually don’t understand what is so funny.So does everyone here believe the world will continue as normal forever? I think it’s rather the opposite- most people here are still living in their own dreamland. In their sense, there is no sikhi. Because with sikhi there’s justice and this world is getting burdened down of sin and India has proven this today. Whether nothing happens soon or within our lifetime, it will still happen one day.
  3. I'm sorry I never knew you existed in that period of time. How can wearing a dastar be optional for women, not men? That would mean a dastar has no significance whatsoever. Anyway, this is what I believe so I'm not going to say any more to this.
  4. If you believe it's optional for women, it's optional for men too. Personally I believe keski is the kakkar so I think its mandatory for both genders but each to their own.
  5. I strongly believe every man and woman should wear a dastar whether they believe it is one of the kakkars or not. It is a rehat that we shouldn’t wear makeup or jewellery. surmwidk iSMgwr nihN nihN pr qrunI sMig suramaadhik shi(n)gaar nehi nehi par tharunee sa(n)gi Do not wear make-up or jewellery. Do not commit adultery. Rehatnama Bhai Daya Singh Jee
  6. This is a stupid and offensive topic. Admin, please close this topic before the OP continues blabbering on.
  7. I'm surprised you're turning this into an argument. The OP believes meat is wrong and I'm giving my opinion why I believe it is immoral. Do you believe Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh was a fool to argue over meat too. We can eat vegetation because it does not feel pain. Even though there may be some bad karma but it is not as worse as animals who feel extreme pain as humans. sIh pjUqI bkrI mrdI hoeI hV hV hsI] seeh pajoothee bakaree maradhee hoee harr harr hasee|| A goat was caught by a lion and while about to die, it gave out a laugh. sIhu puCY i
  8. Meat eaters still have compassion but we need to understand all living creatures matter since they feel pain and have the desire to live just as us. So, eating meat is immoral because you're putting your desires before another's pain. Plus as a sikh we're supposed to remove our bad karma.
  9. First of all, you shouldn't make this into a big deal. Just do ardas and move on. But Only Five is right, you should get your children to take Chula and why are you allowing your daughter to eat egg? There are plenty of cookies and candies without egg. If you're a strict vegetarian, then you should bring your children up in the same way. That's your daughters decision to make when she is older whether she wants to continue being a strict vegetarian. Although she wouldn't if you bring her up with morals and values.
  10. Although I agree there aren't any sources for those quotes, I don't understand why we would even need quotes from them..picture them next to Sant Jarnail Singh and Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh, they can't even compare to their great minds!
  11. Shadow

    Its Back

    HAHAAH OMG!!! HAHAAHAH I'm sorry but how do you even find those kind of women attractive? I just will never understand you men. lol If this is what you're like now and you dont make effort to change yourself through naam and bani you will only get worse. So, you'll become a horrible husband for any singhni. You should think about how much of a loser you look when you do lustful things. That's rubbish. A real singh/singhni is unaffected by kaam. That sikh should not use their weaknesses as an excuse and justify why it is ok for everyone else to do such a disgusting lowly act.
  12. You should tell your muslim "friend" Gurbani says heaven is the same as hell. And us Sikhs (if we practice sikhi properly) go to Saachkhand, a place much higher than Heaven. Hasn't he told you they believe there are 40 virgins waiting for them in their heaven? How is that pure or heavenly? So they control themselves their entire lives just to engage in all that when they die?! What was the point in that self control is that's where it gets them? Sikhs call those actions lowly and like dust. We engage in pleasures much higher through the dasam duar with Vaheguru which is something a muslim wil
  13. REHAT surmwidk iSMgwr nihN nihN pr qrunI sMig suramaadhik shi(n)gaar nehi nehi par tharunee sa(n)gi Do not wear make-up or jewellery. Do not commit adultery. Rehatnama Bhai Daya Singh Jee GURBANI prhir kpVu jy ipr imlY KusI rwvY ipru sMig ] sdw sIgwrI nwau min kdy n mYlu pqMgu ] parehar kaparr jae pir milai khusee raavai pir sa(n)g || sadhaa seegaareenaao man kadhae n mail patha(n)g || Discarding worldly adornments, she meets her Husband Lord, and she celebrates joyfully with Him. She is adorned forever with the Name in her mind, and she does not h
  14. I dont know where you've been hiding but people do this secretly.
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