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  1. is your caste stopping you from doing that
  2. why are you looking at most of the bad stuff jatts have done , what about all the good stuff and to all those people who don't believe in castes , can i ask you a question , if you don't believe in castes go and marry a choodi , a poor person from a low caste and invite all of your family members , i would be alright with this if she was sachay dilon anmritshuk and follows sikh properly and is very spiritual .
  3. also science has kind of proved god exists , but u cant connect with him through the 5 senses , u have to connect with him threw the dasam duar
  4. go on this website it has many good answers to your questions and maybe tell her to go on it to http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/FAQ
  5. ye u shud not marry ny1 from the goth sa ur mother frandmother nanee and so on , as long as 7-8 generations back , it also makes the kid more smart and more dna , the samedna like brother marrrying a sister can get the kid really smart or realy messed up ,
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87jTYfxvKFQ&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yP9QXwZlzE&feature=relmfu all of this stuff is already in DHANN DHANN SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI MAHARAJ ,
  7. ye if u a sikh n wear a hat, then u go in 7 lives of hell , first of all u shud not even be cuttinur hair , we sudbe atleast notcut our hair , look at wat the shaheeds and our ancestors did for us n we jus throw it away or dont care , ungrateful ppl

    Lost Hope

    our GURU JI'S made this way of truth into a religon so it could be continued on , the key to be religous is not to be religous , other religons have sme truth in them , but our way of truth is all truth is you follow it correctly , our religon (way of truth 0 has never started a war with any1 else on the name of reigon nor have we forcefully convert people , we always hepled the mpoor , we fought for the righs of th poorand helpless
  9. wouldn't it be sick , if we got a sikh game made , like COD missions ,AC,or GTA , that way we play games and learnabout our history and others learn to , also playing video games islike the same thing as watching a drama , it pulls u in (maya) distraction .
  10. is is bad to play video games , u waste time , u get addicted and u get no profit , might aswell being using ur timeto do somthin useful to u and others , but can we play a little bit , like if u got nothing to do ,after u do paat , jus play cod or smthin call of duty black ops trailer
  11. ye i hv been in a similar situation
  12. i think its a fake letter , ndian government can jus be writing this and adding his name , or they can be forcing them to write by toture
  13. here in bc , we have katha in english on sundays fo 30 min , it talks about questins and answers and translates gurbai meanings , and we also have another katha once aweek at an academy , its in english an its very good , i alwas want to go hear it , it makes you understand so much , very good and its punjabi and english mix
  14. ye, jus grow it bro , i started growing my hair to last year
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